Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catching Up

This post was from Aug. 23:  Cameron has been in the field for the past two weeks so I've been getting adjusted to single parenting with an infant. We've definitely had our chaotic moments, more this week than last, but overall, I think I'm managing well. I usually just put off the extra stuff till they are all in bed. Anna goes down by 9 so that's when I race around and finish up laundry, cleaning up dinner, shower for myself, etc. Both David and Presley were in tears when Cameron left last week. He got to come home on the weekend, though, so they were really excited to see him. Now, Presley has a calendar and knows when he'll be home again.  We have been busy while he's been gone. Enjoying lots of play time outside before it gets cold again. Anna loves being outside! Presley has made up a new version of Mother May I that she draws with chalk on the driveway and her and I usually play this in the afternoons.
David still LOVES wearing helmets and is starting to learn how to ride Presley's bike.
I guess since Cameron isn't home, the kids weren't getting their regular Dunkin Donuts fix, so they asked to go there one morning.
This was one day... I just had to take a picture because they both just kept screaming. Poor Anna, hers was cause I had coffee that morning and it just turns her stomach upside down. Not really sure why David was so upset...probably the incisors he's finally cutting!
He has been in a biting phase lately, so in addition to time out, he has started losing a toy.  He lost his new motorcycle and his car ramp one day and he was so happy when he got them back the next day.
He watched some bigger kids at the park one day playing in the sand pit with their trucks and he wanted to play with them so badly! I let him take a truck this week to the sand pit and he was in heaven! 
Sweet Anna napping in the Bjorn at the park.
We had a visit from Wayne this week while he was in town on business.
We are having fun, but we are so excited for Cameron to get home this weekend!! We may need to tag-team naps cause I know he's not sleeping much in the field. At least it's not snowing on him there right now. Presley thinks it's crazy that he's sleeping outside. During her prayers tonight, she prayed for all the soldiers who were sleeping outside that they would stay warm and that Daddy would have a good day at work tomorrow. Such a sweetheart!

Anna's 2 Months

Anna had her 2 month check up yesterday. She weighs 10lbs, 9oz, 22.3" long and 15" head circumference. She is just at 50th% in every category and growing well. She is rolling over, cooing, smiling tons! She loves making eye contact and "talking" to people, especially Presley and David. She doesn't like to be held as much as she enjoys laying on a mat and kicking. I think this feels good on her stomach to just stretch out. She's had some fussiness due to gas lately. I've started the mylicon drops, but I realized it's only when I drink coffee that she gets it really bad- where she'll scream for hours. So, I've quit drinking coffee and all caffeine for now. Hopefully, she will grow out of this because there are some days I really need it! Thankfully, I am not a daily coffee drinker.

The cutest thing she does is hold her hair. She will get a grip on it when she's trying to go to sleep or when she's starving and starts eating. It's so funny and cute. Presley used to rub the top of her sleep sack when she was tired, it reminds me of that. I just love that it's her hair! She hasn't lost any of it and is actually starting to get lots of new baby hair right on her hair line. She may be getting a haircut way earlier than our other children!
Trying to catch a pic of her smiling
Brother giving her hugs
 As many pictures as I have of her sleeping, you would think she slept all day. This is not the case! She cat naps during the day. They are usually no longer than 15 minute naps. She is sleeping pretty good at night. She goes to bed at 8:30 or 9, then usually gets up around 1 or 2 for the first feeding. It's usually every 2 hours after that. She still eats every 1.5 hours during the day. She is a very mellow baby. She will let me shower, dry my hair and get dressed before she really gets fussy in her chair. She just doesn't like being in her car seat for long periods of time. She loves when Presley sings to her and talks to her. Presley is the best "babysitter." She is so helpful with Anna and tells everyone all about her baby sister.  
Anna falling asleep during tummy time
 Best picture I could get of her holding her hair while eating.
We love you, Anna! I can't imagine our world without you!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cameron's Birthday

Cameron's birthday was last Sunday. My parents planned a last minute drive up to Colorado to visit us. We had a lot of fun! Cameron smoked ribs on his new smoker the first night. We tried out a new breakfast restaurant in the mountains Saturday morning then played in the penny arcade that afternoon.  Cameron and I enjoyed a nice dinner out that night at a new steak restaurant.  
David is obsessed with motorcycles right now and screams whenever he sees or hears one.
 Opening presents from family.
 Mallie got in lots of snuggle time with Anna.
Sunday we had a nice dinner out and went bowling. David wanted to share his french fries with Anna...
Mallie bought David some new shoes to play with since he loves all Presley's dress-up shoes. He loves them and usually has them all on at least once a day.
 Cupcakes for daddy's birthday!
 Anna has been so smiley lately!  She is 8 weeks old today. Still a very happy baby! She cat naps during the day and wakes up 1-3 times a night, it just varies. She has been waking up for the day at 6:45 lately. Needless to say, I am  becoming a daily coffee drinker!
 David continues to entertain us on a daily basis. His vocabulary is really expanding and he's becoming very talkative. He calls Presley "pre". It's really sweet! They play so well together. as I mentioned, David's favorite things lately are motorcycles, shoes, hats, watching "ball" (either baseball or Auburn football highlights), he loves race cars and playing his race track, playing train table at Barnes and Noble, coloring, playing ipad,looking at pictures of bikes, tractors, tanks or dump trucks on my phone, watching dada or dallie videos on my phone, shoveling rocks outside and reading his motorcycle or dump truck books from the library. He insisted on wearing Presley's new helmet and shoes out of Target this week.
new boots
 He is starting to be more interested in tv
 Rocking his helmet all day!
Presley continues to be so helpful! She fetches diapers, wipes from upstairs and always offers to get me something if I forgot it. She is still very into arts and crafts. She loves going to storytime, watching movies, going to Focus on the Family to play and going to the splash park. She is still a wonderful eater and asks every day what's for dinner. She is really into board games lately, especially Candy Land. She also enjoys doing pre-K and Kindergarten workbooks I pick up for her. She also loves Barbies and pretend play, ususlly which involves me being the bad witch.