Monday, June 27, 2011

Kentucky Visit

Presley and I drove up to Nashville, then Kentucky last week. It was a great trip!! I didn't get any pictures of Pres with kiki, but she had a ball at their house. Kiki and Pres watched So you think you can dance one night and had a ball dancing to the songs. She loved playing at Kiki's and eating all the fruit she bought for her. Thanks for everything, Kiki. Next time, I have to get a picture of you two!!

I don't get up to Louisville too often, so it was wonderful to go for a week and see all my extended family. We stayed at Mark and Julia's house. Max and Olivia were the BEST babysitters all week! They are Presley and Liam's best friends now. Presley seems like she has grown up so much these past few weeks. She's talking really well and really starting to understand things better. She amazes me sometimes with what comes out of her mouth. Here they are playing follow the leader.

Eating a cupcake at Uncle Kevin's house.

The girls all in their matching jammies with Mallie.

She got her first barbie doll from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Toni. She got the Sleeping Beauty one and told Mallie it looked like her.

We didn't get to see Cameron for Father's Day, but we did get to celebrate with Dallie, Pop and Mark. I wish we could've seen Cameron, even just for the day. He is such a wonderful father to Presley. She loves him so much and he has taught her so much in 2 short years. He truly has devoted himself to our family and is a better father than I could have ever imagined. Thanks for all you do for our family! Especially, sitting in the desert heat in El Paso for 9 weeks straight! We miss you and can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Presley loves vents in houses... she is often sitting on top of them or putting her hair over it so it can blow in the wind. Here is Barbie's hair blowing in the wind.
Olivia did Presley's hair "like a princess" one day. She looked so pretty with her tiara. Needless to say, we are in a total princess phase right now. She loves playing dress up in her princess dresses and watching princess movies.
Cameron sent Uncle Tim his sniper suit he made back when he was in OBC at Fort Bliss. Here is Max decked out in the suit. Liam is trying to find him...
Pres followed everything Sam did this afternoon. It was hilarious to watch her mimicking him.

Playing with all my cousins at Uncle Tim's house. It was so nice to be around all these people again!! I have missed them all so much and wish we lived closer and could hang out like this more often.
We took the kids to a splash park one day. Bryn loved it!

Mal, Debbie and Tim babysat one night so all the cousins could go to dinner. Tim made a boat out of this rubbermaid and the kids were entertained for hours!

At dinner

We also met my cousin Jill and her triplets at a bounce house one day! We had 10 kids between 4 adults... a little crazy!

We drove to Birmingham this weekend on our way back down to Georgia. We got to have a birthday party for Caden and played with D, G and Rere and see all their pictures from their trip to Italy. It was a nice night!
We had a birthday party on Saturday near Columbus for one of my best friend's from college, Abby's, 3 kids. It was so nice to get to see her and all their family!! I wish they lived in Georgia still so we could hang out weekly, but we have gotten to see them more lately than ever so I'm not complaining... here's one of the birthday boys, William.
Presley did not nap all day so she was pretty worn out after partying...

Bulldog and Nana stopped by on their way home from Florida last night. We had a wonderful visit. Bulldog read Presley numerous books before bed and Nana brought Presley lots of treats. It was a wonderful night. I'm glad we're close enough to be able to get to see them more than once a year now.

Our travels aren't quite over, but we will get to see Cameron this weekend. I know Presley is SUPER excited to see him. She has been talking about him a lot the past few days. I do feel like we've traveled a little too much cause tonight she was telling me she wants to go home... I had to tell her we are home. I know she's enjoyed being surrounded by other people, especially all the kids. We've had some really good trips, but are anxiously awaiting seeing Cameron this weekend then shortly after that for good!! Thanks to both our families for everything the past few weeks, especially Big D for taking care of Marge and Phil so Presley and I could travel! It has been a huge help not to worry about them or leave them at a vet's office. I know they've enjoyed being in Birmingham and playing with him.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our day with Caden

Lea and David kept Caden today so we had a big day planned! It all started off great! The kids played in their jammies while watching cartoons this morning.
Then, we went to the Galleria to ride the carousel. We got there a little early, so the kids got to do a little shopping,
play in the train,

and ride the escalators (several times).
Then, the carousel opened! It was the longest carousel ride of my life, but the kids loved it.

We stopped for a snack at a table in the food court after our ride when Caden fell out of his chair. It was so sad and he ended up at the ER with a fractured elbow. I am glad he's doing better now, but it was so sad to see how bad he was hurting earlier. We are praying he gets a good night sleep tonight and that his arm heals.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Texas Trip

Cameron had to leave for a long temporary assignment so Presley and I headed to Dallas for 3 weeks. We stayed with Emily and Nick for the first half and my parents for the last. We had a great trip! It was so nice to see all our playgroup friends and my family again! Presley and Liam are really cute together right now. They weren't fighting quite as much as usual and they have so many common interests (Lightning McQueen and dinosaurs in particular) and they get so excited to share that with each other. Presley really got to play with Bryn, too! Bryn is starting to really play with toys and interact more with the bigger kids. It was so sweet to see Pres and Liam smile and play with Bryn.
Here's Pres and "Brynnie" (as she now calls her) in their matching outfits.

Pres and Liam took private swim lessons together while we were in town every afternoon. They not only LOVED swimming, they actually learned a lot from their teacher.

Pres is sitting on the seat in the train with our old playgroup friends at the new indoor safari park in Plano.

Hanging out at beach area with Meredith and her kids, Jackson and Emma Kate.

Pres and Jackson had the same idea... eat snacks pretty much the whole time!

Presley's buddy, James. They play so well together. I know she's missed all our playgroup friends! It was so nice to jump right back in and get to play with everyone.

Bathtime with the cousins at Mallie's house.
These were our water wings when we were little. My mom kept them and Presley and Liam swam so well with them. I am thrilled to be able to let her go in the water when she has these on and not feel like I have to hold her. Cameron got to fly in for Memorial Day weekend and we spent the whole weekend pretty much out at the pool.

Picnic lunch after swimming all morning.
Presley was such a big helper with Baby Bryn. She'd bring her toys if she got fussy or sing to her in the car. She even helped wash her hair!
We went to Mia's pool one day and played with Mia and Cate. These two girls have always made each other laugh and played so well together. It was great to get to hang out with Mia and her mommy. We sure do miss them!

Uncle Nick taught Pres how to play tee-ball...
then they mowed the grass.
Since they share so many interests, Pres and Liam even have matching Lightning McQueen pj's. I don't have a picture, but Emily does on her blog. These are their dinosaur pjs.
Here's an action shot from swim lessons.

Blowing bubbles...

Pres got sick the weekend before we left town. Liam came over to comfort her and play. She definitely perked up when he came.... especially when he brought doughnuts.

Dancing while Uncle Alex plays the guitar
Having a snack before bed with Dallie.
Kristy, James' mom, got Presley some princess accessories for her birthday. She LOVES them and now wears her tiara, watch and princess hairclips all the time!

Our visit ended with a champagne toast because Amelia and Daniel got engaged last weekend! We are so happy for them and excited for their future. Congratulations!