Saturday, July 31, 2010


We took Presley to the circus today! Cameron and I both had hoped she would enjoy it, but we never thought she would LOVE it! She danced, cheered, and studied everything that went on. She loved the horses, dogs, tigers and especially the elephants. She laid her head on my shoulder a few times, but would pop right back up when a new song or animal would come out. It was very entertaining to watch her take the circus in. This will definitely become a family tradition! Thanks Mal and Dal for our tickets!! We had a great time and can't wait till next year!

We got to go an hour before the show to get a closer look at the elephants, dogs and clowns. Presley did not enjoy the clowns up close, but loved the elephant.

She has started sitting on the stoop at the bottom of the stairs. This has become her and daddy's spot. She will pat the seat next to her and say "Sit" for dadda. Momma only gets pushed away if I try to take daddy's seat! She has quickly come into her personality. She keeps us very entertained!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

15 Months Old

Presley turned 15 months old on Saturday. It is unbelievable to think how fast time flies! Last summer at this time, we were in Destin and Presley wasn't old enough for sunscreen! She still slept most of the day and played with a few toys. These days, she's the busiest little kid I've ever seen! She plays hard all day and eats the rest of the day. Here's her stats from the doctor's visit:

Weight 20lbs, 7 oz (14%)
Height 30.5" (51%)
Head Circumference 18" (44%)

Her weight has slightly increased since her 1 year visit, but she's definitely going to be petite. I think she's got Cameron's super metabolism... Most of you know this, but she eats constantly all day. Her favorite phrase is "Nacks, peas" (snacks, please). We didn't give her any shots at this appointment because she had a little head cold and wasn't feeling herself. She did tell the doctor "Hep pease" (help please) and "da do" (thank you). I think she can honestly say 20-25 words very well. She's also started to repeat everything she hears. We've really been working on please, thank you and help. She's also really good at picking out family and friends in pictures! She gets G every time and loves to say "Max."

Presley has also developed a love for horses. She points to them if we drive past a field of horses and says "Hosey." She really likes to watch them race on TV. Lucky for us, we have the horse racing channel. She'll stand at the TV and say more horse when she wants to watch them. She gets so excited when they race. Not sure if we should worry about this hobby yet...

Here's some recent pictures:
We're going to circus on Saturday, so I'll post more pics after that. I don't know who's more excited... Cameron or Presley!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Miss Independent

Presley is becoming quite independent lately. She's wanting to do more things by herself and without mommy's help- going down the slide at the park, using a spoon to feed herself, getting in and out of her ballpit, getting down off the couch, etc. I'm sure this is all normal and I'm glad she's showing me that she's ready to do SOME of these things herself. Here is her first time using the spoon all by herself. She's growing up TOO fast!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This video just cracks me up!! Her little personality is shining these days. Her Aunt Rere made her this tutu and another one. She is obsessed! She will stick her belly out when she wants to put them on... it's hilarious! Thanks, Rachel! Presley wears them daily.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Caden's First Birthday!

We went to Birmingham last weekend to celebrate Caden's first birthday!! We had so much fun seeing all our family and friends. It had been too long since we'd been back for a visit. Lea spoiled all of us, especially Presley. Presley ate pretty much the entire time we were there. Her G had stocked the pantry and refrigerator with all her favorite foods and she wasn't leaving till they were all gone! It was ridiculous how much our little girl packed in her belly every day. It took about 1 day for Presley to find the pantry. She would grab G's hand when she was hungry and walk her to the pantry for a snack. G was so good and would let her pick out what she wanted from the pantry...Needless to say, we all had a great time! Lea and David spoiled me by washing Presley's bottles every day!! It was WONDERFUL! Wish we were still there!!
This is popsicle #1 of 10 (in 5 days!)

D set up a pool in the yard for Presley and Caden all weekend. She loved it!

Caden's first popsicle!

Lea bought Presley this Elmo she found at Toys R Us one day while we were shopping. It was the first time going somewhere where Presley was begging for every toy... I have a feeling this will only get worse with her age.

The Birthday Boy!!

Caden had a bug-themed party. It was TOO cute. Charelette did an amazing job with all the decorations and video of pictures from his first year. Poor Uncle Craig was sick most of Caden's party and the weekend, but at least there is lots of video for him to watch. We are just thankful he's finally feeling better!!!

G and D gave him this recliner, just like his daddy's!

When it was time to open gifts, you would have thought it was Presley's party. She got up there, front and center to see what Caden was opening.

D taking Presley on a wagon ride. She loves her D!

The aftermath of blackberries followed by a popsicle.

Aunt Rere made Presley two tutus!! They are adorable and Presley now LOVES to play dress up. She put on both tutus and her bumblebee wings (from Caden's party) the next morning over her pj's. I'm so glad my mom saved all my old dance costumes and dress-up clothes. I think she'll be in them before we know it.

We miss you all so much!! Thanks for a great visit and all that you did to make it easier to travel with a baby. It really was such a easy trip for us. Can't wait to see you again in just a few weeks!!