Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Shower #2

We had our second baby shower this past weekend- Amelia was nice enough to let me and Presley combine our showers so it was a Diamonds and Diapers shower. It was a blast! Thanks to Aunt Julia, Aunt Shannon and my cousin Brittany for hosting it for us. I haven't been to Louisville in a while and it was so fun to see all the family. It snowed too while we were in town- so fun to see since we've only had ice in Texas. Lea and Rachel flew in town, too. They got to feel Presley moving a few times- she's quite active these days. I just went to the dr. yesterday. We're 31 weeks, so only 8.5 more. She's already almost 4 lbs! I can't believe she'll be here so soon. We're close to being ready for her arrival. We took a tour of our hospital last night during our Childbirth class. We got to see two babies that had just been born and they were SO precious. It made me so anxious for Presley to get here.

This is Shannon, Amelia, Brittany, Julie (our hostesses) and miss Olivia! It was so fun playing with her and Max this weekend.

Here's me, Lea and Rachel.

Here is Amelia snuggling with her new mixer!

Here's an updated belly pic. My stomach has popped out so much all of a sudden. It's a scary thought considering I still have 8 weeks, but she is definitely getting bigger. I can feel her constantly laying across the bottom of my belly.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our First Baby Shower!!

We had our first baby shower this past weekend, thanks to our great hostesses Emily, Elizabeth and Mary. My college friends Abby and Kristin flew in to surprise me and boy was I surprised!!! I am so glad we finally got to catch up and meet Abby's new little boy, William! Thank you all so much for coming!! It was such a fun weekend together. My sister, Amelia, also flew in for the shower and for Dad's birthday on Saturday. And, my cousin Brittany flew in Friday night!! I haven't seen her in forever and that was so fun!! Debbie and Lindsey both came in town too to visit and see baby Liam! It was great to have all the family and friends here for the weekend.

It was so much fun and Presley got so many wonderful things. Thank you everyone for all the thoughtful gifts!! She got some precious clothes, a giraffe lovie (that Grannie would have loved!) some toys, blankies, grooming kits, diaper bag, her crib bedding and mattress, a lot of the essentials! (Oh and Brittany got her this precious Auburn cheerleader outfit! I'm sure she'll have this on Sept. 5 and every Saturday until she grows out of it.) We are so lucky to have such great friends and family.

Here's Amelia and Brittany listening to my stomach and feeling Presley's kicks.

Here's Liam on the right and Abby's little boy, William- they're new friends! It was so cute watching them play with each other.
We are 29 weeks along, so we've been really busy getting ready for her arrival. We start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. Everything is looking good so far. Presley is about 3 pounds now.

We started our childbirth preparation class this week, too. While Cameron is less than thrilled, I'm glad we're going. We're doing the infant care, infant CPR, breastfeeding and basic childbirth information. We totally had to watch a video last night, but hopefully that was a one time deal. We really are getting closer to her arrival- We'll keep you posted as she continues to grow and send more nursery pictures soon!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

One More Addition

I had to send out one more picture of the new rug in Presley's nursery!! Thanks Mal and Dal for this shower gift we got early :) I love it! Her room is really coming together. I also got her a precious lamp with pink polka dots on the shade today. I can't wait to see it all complete. Now, we just need to find the rocking chair and the nursery will be done. We still need a lot for the baby in general- high chair, clothes, crib mattress, pretty much all the necessities, but I'm sure we'll do a lot more baby shopping in the next 3 months.

Presley's Nursery

Cameron and dad painted Presley's nursery yesterday and it looks great!! It's like a minty, light green color and it looks so good with her bedding. It's a work in progress, but here's some pictures of the paint. We got her a dresser last weekend and put her crib in there already. We also got all the Care Bears my sisters and I had from growing up. I'm going to put them all in a hammock in a corner of her room. I think today I'm going to go get her a cute pink lamp and we'll start looking for other trinkets to give her some more pink! (Just what Cameron wants to hear).

We started our third trimester yesterday, 28 weeks. She will be here before we know it!! I am having my first baby shower this coming weekend in Dallas. Emily, my friend Liz and her mom, Mary are all throwing it for us. I'm really excited!! Also, my cousin Brittany is coming in town and I haven't seen her in forever and we'll get to see Liam again!! It'll be a fun weekend. I'll post some pictures from the shower.