Thursday, July 23, 2009

Presley's First Trip to Birmingham

We have had a busy few weeks.... Cameron's been traveling a lot for work and Presley and I have been staying pretty busy back at home. We made a quick trip to Birmingham last weekend when Cameron's grandfather passed away. It was a tough trip, but we were so thankful we were able to be there with all the family for the services. The funeral was really nice and it was amazing to see how many lives Gdad touched!! People of all ages came to show how much he meant to them - we were truly in awe of how many people showed up to the visitation.

I guess the positive in all of this was Presley got to meet all the family and we got to meet her new cousin, Caden! It was a good weekend with all the family and we can't wait to go back to visit everyone again.... we can already tell Presley and Caden will be getting in trouble together before we know it!
Presley with Bulldog and Nana.
Cameron and Caden in their Auburn gear.
Presley with her G'ma.


Presley and Aunt Rachel.

Presley with Aunt Mel.

Presley with Uncle Wade and Aunt Melanie.
So, Presley is 3 months old tomorrow!!! She is getting so big and doing so great with her head control, we decided to test out her bumbo chair. While she's not quite there yet, she is close to being able to sit in it. It's so funny how much extra room is in the chair, though.
Before we left for Birmingham, Presley got to experience her first movie in Dallie's movie room.... as you can see, she enjoyed herself!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

We had a nice Fourth of July with lots of visitors. Aunt Jane was here, Amelia and Candace, Libby, the Scholz's and Alex came up to swim and play! Presley even joined in and got in the pool!! Even though she doesn't like bathtime AT ALL, she liked the pool ok. She even gave a smile or two! Here's the video of her being dipped in...
I forgot in my last big post to tell everyone that Presley and I got to ride back first class from Tampa. As you can see, she really enjoyed the extra room in our chair! She loves to stretch, especially after being stuck in her car seat for a while.
Presley is now 11lbs, 2 oz and 22.5 inches long. Her head circumference is average, guess she doesn't have a Bacon sized melon like Liam after all. We are so excited because Craig and Charelette are beind induced on Wednesday and Presley's cousin, Caden, will finally be making his arrival!! We are so excited for them and cannot wait to meet Caden!!