Sunday, October 31, 2010


We ended the weekend with Presley's first trick-or-treating tonight! She did great- Friday definitely was the warm up cause she was ready to get some candy tonight. She paraded around the neighborhood with Cameron in her witchy woman costume. She kept a close eye on all her candy when they got back to the house and she helped mommy hand out candy to the other kids. She was a little skeptical at first about handing out the candy to a pumpkin other than her own, but then she went with it. She also LOVED walking around with dallie to see all the decorations. We had a really great weekend and are so thankful for all the friends we've made in Texas that love Presley so much!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fun

We had a great weekend!! We went to the pumpkin patch Friday morning with our playgroup. All the kids dressed up in their costumes. It was so cute to see them all running around. Presley has two costumes this year: Minnie Mouse and Witchy Woman. We wore Minnie Mouse that morning and she was SO excited. She looked at it and said "Halloween." I was so worried she wasn't going to keep on a costume this year, but she loved the dress (not so much the ears). Here she is taking a pic with Liam before we left. Then, again with Mia, her BFF.

One of my FAVORITE pics of the day!

Liam with the 2 Minnies.
We actually got a good pic of most of the kids on the hay. Pretty easy when you give them all a granola bar to snack on.

Picking out our second pumpkin.

Alison, Jackson, Liam and Emily on the hay ride.
After naptime on Friday... love the bed head!
In our second costume later Friday night for our next event- Scare on the Square (Trick-or-treating in downtown McKinney). Presley liked getting things in her pumpkin, but did not enjoy people getting that close to her. She did not let that pumpkin out of her sight after she got some candy. We tried to drop it off at the car before we ate dinner and she was not having that.

Waiting to eat... sooo hungry!

This morning, Mommy went with Presley and daddy to get doughnuts. This has been their tradition every Saturday since football started. Cameron gets up with her, dresses her in one of her many Auburn cheerleading uniforms and takes her to the doughnut shop behind our house. Presley loves this tradition...not sure if its the doughnuts or the train and Mickey and Minnie that sit in the shop. She was so excited to be there this morning. She wanted to take Baby this morning too. It's a good thing Mommy still has an extra car seat for Liam because Baby got buckled in too. This next picture is her dancing while waiting in line. They now know her there and give her extra doughnut holes while waiting. She can eat 6 doughnut holes, then comes home and devours a few bowls of cereal. She is still living up to her nickname, Piggy!

Another great fall Saturday! Go AUBURN!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

18 Month Stats

We went to the doctor this morning for our big 18-month appointment. She weighs 21 lbs, 10 oz- definitely going to be a peanut, but she's on a great growth curve for her. She recognized the office as soon as we started walking back to our room. She slowly teared up and even cried when they weighed her. She pulled herself together though and thanked the doctor and nurse when they gave her a treat after her shots. She is growing up too fast for us!

Yesterday, she walked past the bathroom and told Cameron "potty, dadda, potty." So, he took her and set her on the potty and she WENT! We were both shocked and gave her handfuls of treats. Since then, she has peed on the potty 3 more times! Mallie bought her lots of big girl underwear yesterday and some decorations for her big girl bathroom. I'm not totally convinced she's ready to jump into this completely, but we're going to keep sitting her up there for a few days and maybe try the underwear this weekend.

I'll post some pictures soon. Just wanted to document this.

Monday, October 25, 2010

18 months

Presley turned 18 months on Sunday. She is so grown up and independent. We could not be more proud of her. She is quite the "little lady." She has very good manners (when she wants to use them) and is becoming a big girl. We went to the zoo on Sunday with the Sheehan's (Mia's family). We had a great time. We haven't gone to the zoo since May. It was amazing to see just in those few months how much more she enjoyed it this time. The best part was feeding the giraffes. They stuck their neck over the fence and you could feed them lettuce leaves and pet them. It was awesome.

The girls also LOVED the carousel!

Alex and Amelia's birthday was also on Sunday!! The kids (minus Emily and Tippy) all went out Saturday night to celebrate. We cooked dinner at Mom and Dad's house then Sunday night with everyone. It was a great birthday weekend!
Tonight, we carved our Halloween pumpkin. Cameron got creative this year... it looks great! We're excited for the weekend and to see Presley all dressed up!! She loves going outside to light up the pumpkin.
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween at the Arboretum

Presley and I went to the arboretum today with Kerry and Caroline. We had a great time!! The kids area was great- the girls enjoyed running through the maze and really running around the whole area. We had a fun picnic for lunch, then a good nap on the way home. I guess it's the age, but I couldn't get a great picture of Presley sitting and also looking at me. There's some really cute ones though of her on the go! That's pretty much how she is these days so I guess this is appropriate.

Caroline was posing for this picture! Too cute!

Ready for night-night...

Don't like having dirt on my hands...time to go!