Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not so close, Santa

Presley's Friend, Luke, got a special visit at his house today from Santa! It was the cutest party! Presley and all her little friends got to meet Santa together for their first Christmas. Here's a recap of what Presley thought...
Kind of intrigued at first
Then quickly scared and not happy
We tried mommy holding her...
Then again, Santa one-on-one...
Then, sneaking Santa up behind us. Seemed to work the best.
Here's all the moms and babies. Presley kept turning around in this picture any time she heard Santa speak, just making sure he wasn't getting TOO close again.
We even tried to take her picture in Santa's chair with her friend, Madee...NOPE!

Poor baby... what a traumatic day for her!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Seriously, Presley's schedule is WAY busier than mommy and daddy's social calendar. Our little one is quite the social butterfly. She has 5 Christmas parties (between this week and last week). Today, we had a lunch playdate with her BFF, Mia. It's so cute cause you can tell the girls recognize each other now. Mia is 9 months old and we have so much fun spending time with her and mommy, Ashley.
Here's Presley, Mia and their friend, Gavin. He's precious and just a little younger than the girls.
Presley is almost 8 months old. It is so hard to believe how grown up she is already! She is starting to pull up on things to stand and getting close to crawling. She's such a happy baby. She definitely talks in her sleep (like her mom) and she just noticed she can see herself in the spout in the bathtub. She now talks to herself when looking at the's hilarious! We are really excited about her first Christmas.
She loves sitting on Cameron's shoulders- although the other day she was licking his head while she was up there. We are excited to see everyone next week for Christmas! Hope everyone has a good Christmas and safe travels!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Busy Busy

Presley is now 7.5 months!! I cannot believe how fast she is growing up. She eats 2 "meals" a day. Her favorites are apples, pears, sweet potatoes and carrots. She LOVES her oatmeal and rice cereal, too. She loves to play all day. Her favorite toys right now are a truck, her nativity scene (particularly the sheep and Mary) and her xylophone. She makes us laugh every day. She's such a good baby and I have loved staying home and playing with her every day. She hasn't started crawling yet, but she can scoot backwards like a champ. She just rolls right now across the floor if she needs to get to a certain toy.

We went to Killeen this week to see Libby and Baby Parker. Presley did GREAT in the car... I think 2.5 hours is going to be the longest she an commute. She was just starting to fuss as we pulled into Killeen. She hadn't seen Cameron since Tuesday, so when we saw him Friday afternoon, Presley just lit up and started squealing. It was so cute to see how excited she was to see him.

Emily, Nick and Liam are officially Texans! We went over yesterday to play with Cousin Liam. Presley LOVED his crazy coupe! She was supposed to get one for her birthday, but she may get an early present.
Here she is reading a book Cameron's grandmother sent... she is starting to really enjoy reading. Her favorite book is a book of colors. The red bird is her Favorite- we sit on that page and she touches his fur for hours.

We could listen to her laugh all day long!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Presley's First Thanksgiving

We stayed in Dallas for Thanksgiving this year and had a great first Thanksgiving with Presley. We missed everyone in Birmingham and Emily, Nick and Liam who stayed in LA. Presley had a great day- she got to eat some sweet potatoes and rice cereal for her "big meal". We even went out at midnight to Toys R Us and battled to get Presley some toys. We got what we wanted, but I don't think we'll be doing that again...
Presley had her first big shopping experience with Amelia on Wednesday (and really every other day Amelia was in town... this is just the first of many I'm sure). She LOVED Amelia's purse. If she was fussin, we just let her touch "Sabrina" and she'd smile. Daddy is in trouble. We also celebrated Mal's birthday Saturday. Cameron made a low country boil and it was really good. We are already planning our next time to make this when his family comes to town. Presley trying on Amelia's hat.
So tired after her Thanksgiving party with her little friends.... We had a great, long weekend. Now, we can't wait for Christmas :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun Times

Now that we have the swine flu behind us, we have been having a fun November! Presley's schedule is super busy these days- between playdates with friends, malldates with friends and holiday parties, we're having lots of fun this fall. Emily and Liam came in town last week. It's so funny to watch them interact now that they're older. Although, it was a little rough at first (Presley pulled his hair and he bonked her with his toy hammer), they're figuring each other out. Emily and I went to a really fun Mommy's Night Out this week with my new friends. Libby and Baby Parker came up to visit this weekend, too! Parker is getting so big and is such a good baby.

Presley and Parker had matching PJ's!!

This is Presley's new bathtub Emily brought Presley.
Parker sleeping on the couch- we still love her even though she's a UGA fan.
Libby and Presley hanging out.

The girls in their Rival Gameday outfits.

Presley and Liam reading a book together.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our lil pumpkin

We are so excited for Halloween this year! Presley has two costumes- this pumpkin and her tiger one I posted a week ago. Here's her pumpkin that Amelia got her. It fit her perfectly. She wore it to her Halloween playdate yesterday. Her schedule is so busy these days, it sometimes tough for me to keep up! I did have to cancel her Halloween party today because I am still not feeling good.

Presley is now 6 months old!! I cannot believe what a big girl she is. She went to the pediatrician on Monday and here's her stats : 15lbs, 6 oz and 25.5" long. She has grown 2 inches the past 2 months!! Not sure where that came from, but we'll take it. She's playing a ton these days and LOVES to babble and talk. I swear she's saying "da da da" now. I don't think she knows what it means, but just mumbles it a lot.

Aunt Rachel made these cute letters for Presley's room this summer when she was here visiting and we just got around to hanging them. They look GREAT in her room!! Thanks, Aunt ReRe. Presley misses you!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


We have had a busy few weeks! We've been doing lots of playdates with all our new friends. Here's a picture of all the little ones at Mia's playdate- Babies and Halos. They all wore white. Presley was a little hungry during picture time, so she wasn't making the best faces.
Cameron's parents and grandmother came in town this weekend for her baptism. We had a great weekend and Presley even let them all hold her. She loved playing with them and already misses her family. I'll post more pictures when I get copies of the ones they took. I didn't have many on my camera.

Presley caught her second wind when we went to dinner on Friday night. Here's our little party animal.

Her Baptism was this morning at our church. She looked beautiful in her gown. She wore the same gown me and my sisters all wore. She didn't even cry too hard when the preacher held her during the ceremony. Thanks to everyone for coming this afternoon and celebrating her Baptism with us!! We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends!

This is the book Bulldog and Nana sent her for her Baptism. It's a book of prayers, but she thought it looked pretty tasty this afternoon.

Cameron carved our pumpkin for her tonight. It has got to be the thickest pumpkin ever created, so we went with an easy design. It looks great though and Presley had a good time watching him carve it.
I will definitely post some more of the pictures from this weekend. We had a blast and are so glad everyone could come visit us!!