Sunday, March 29, 2015


We have had the best springtime weather! We have been very busy with school activities and just general life. It's been a fun start to our spring!  David had a Spring Fling party at school that Anna and I attended. His teacher always includes Anna in all the activities and Anna loves going to school with him. Here they are painting waterfalls.
 Playing with colorful cool whip
 Building a tower. He loves showing off to us during his party. He loves showing us all the things he has in his classroom.
 We go to a daily mommy and me workout class and the kids love it. They play with their friends while the mommies exercise then do crafts afterward or go to the park.
 One Saturday, our workout group took the kids on walk to the fire station then a picnic. It was a great time, the kids all had fun.
 They found a low tree they could climb. They thought they were so cool!
Playing at a new park
 Group photo
 This spunky little one keeps me on my toes. She loves to accessorize, just like Pres did. Pres is so sweet to hear and always lets her wear her sticker earrings and purses.
 One of the days with just the two of us, playing at the park after working out.
 Enjoying the chocolate Easter bunnies Grandmom sent.
 David reading to Anna before she went down for her nap. He was so sweet to her, asking her if she could see the pages, etc. "You see this, bug?" I love that he just calls her bug, shorter version of Anna Bug that we sometimes call her. He loves her so much and enjoys playing with her while Presley is at school. They play trucks and stay outside together while I make lunch and really do enjoy hanging out together.
 David is slowly phasing out a daily nap. I let him get up and we played trains, 
 helicopter racing outside, watching Mighty Machines and finishing off his chocolate bunny. I enjoyed our short time with just us two.
 Easter egg hunt one day after exercise group. They were thrilled with their loot. David kept saying "I won the bunny."
He also carried Anna's basket for her. It was really sweet.
 Lunch at school with one of her besties, Heidi.
 I love these action shots our instructor took. Anna hates when we do sprints and when I run "away" from her in the field so I often end up carrying her while I run. Interesting for both of us... David loves to chase me and try to beat me. He does push-ups and every other stretch or move we do. I love seeing him try to do the exercises. Then he will normally tell me, My belly/legs/other body part is tired.
 We had a minor accident Friday night. David rode his bike into a concrete water fountain at the park. We went over to the ER just to make sure his vision was fine and thankfully, he is all good. He's just a little bruised, but looks better than I would've thought after that night.
 That same night, Presley had her Frozen musical performance. Her dance class danced to the Trolls song and did a great job! She loves performing. I hope she keeps up dancing for as long as she wants to. She has a natural talent and looks so beautiful when she dances!
 Heidi came to watch Presley perform and also shared her m and m's with Anna and David.
 We had bought her flowers earlier that day. David could not keep the surprise and told Presley as soon as she got home from school. He then asked if he could give them to her that night. 
 Then, he wanted to smell them :) Sweet man
 Her spring school pictures
 This kid cracks me up! He was building a school.
 Very into their movie one night.
 Doughnuts after church...