Friday, November 22, 2013

Catching Up

We had our first snow this week! We got 1-2" over 2 days and the temperature dropped 38 degrees. We didn't even play outside in it because it was in the teens with a wind chill in the single digits! We stayed home one day and Presley did lots of Thanksgiving crafts.  Otherwise, we've been busy running errands, planning Thanksgiving, and doing lots of Christmas shopping.
I just wanted to do a quick update of some phone pictures:
Here is David after nap one day. He plays so well in his crib when he wakes up and has acquired quite the collection of stuffed animals. His favorites right now are Goo-Goo (Goofy) that G bought last time she was here and Bear that Grandmom bought him from the zoo.
 David enjoyed carrying this mini-Santa at Hobby Lobby one day.
 One night when Cameron worked late, I attempted to bathe all three kids at the same time. Not my best idea... it didn't save time or go very smoothly, but the kids enjoyed it. 
 Cheering on our Tigers last Saturday as they defeated Georgia in an unbelievable game! This outfit was one I bought David in Georgia. 
 My sweet man!
 Anna has started teething/drinking out of my water bottle. 
 My beautiful girl!
 My beautiful big girl!
 David loves to help me with Anna's baths. He was making her laugh one day this week for me while Presley was at school.
 During our big snowstorm yesterday, we didn't leave the house. We had movie and popcorn time after David's nap. David doesn't sit still to watch full movies yet, but he watched a good 30 minutes of Madagascar 3.
 We braved the cold and snow today for Presley's Thanksgiving feast at school. She dressed as a pilgrim for her feast. I think they underestimated how much she could eat... she had 3 muffins, 3 chicken nuggets, applesauce, popcorn and juice! Quite a feast! Hopefully, my Thanksgiving cooking will be enough for her!
 Sweet siblings at Presley's party today. David loves going to her school.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mallie and Dallie Visit

Mallie and Dallie came to Colorado the weekend after David's birthday to celebrate with us. We had a wonderful, long weekend with them. We actually didn't do a whole lot, but it was nice to hang out at home and Mal helped me finish some errands. They got in from Denver around lunchtime Friday and we all ate together then did David's presents. The kids were so excited to have them in town.
 He got a new fireman suit.
And a new backpack. He loves talking about school and always wears Presley's backpack. Now, he has one of his own.
 We watched the Auburn game early Saturday.
 Then, Mal, Presley, Anna and I went on a "date." Presley was so excited to go to a new Italian restaurant where she got salad and noodles and of course, dessert! We had a great night out while the boys stayed home with pizza and football.
 Sunday morning, Mal and Dal treated us to brunch at the Broadmoor Hotel. I have been wanting to go to this since we moved here. It did not disappoint! It was absolutely delicious!! Presley definitely got her money's worth-  I think she had 4 plates of food, a smoothie, OJ and water.  It is a beautiful hotel and had a beautiful view!
 Anna was not very good at brunch... she was overly tired and wouldn't cave in and sleep. I finally ended up putting her on the floor cause she loves to stretch out and she was finally happy. 
 Our date night in Old Colorado City with the girls.
 David helped me make pumpkin bread Sunday morning. He loves to come in the kitchen when he hears me cooking these days. 
 I pulled out Anna's jumperoo the other day. She isn't sold on it, but hopefully she'll love it in time. It's a good distraction for when I'm downstairs running on the treadmill. I did run my first 5K since having Anna today. It was a little harder than I expected- partly because it ended up being 3.6 miles, not 3.1!! and because I have only run 2 miles on the treadmill these days. I have yet to run outside or on an incline and this was a tough course, but I finished and that is all I wanted! 
 David now wears his backpack on days that Presley goes to preschool. He really wants to go to school these days... maybe next year!
 My big boy is still sleeping great without his babu. He has acquired a lot of stuffed animals, though, and takes roll call every night before bed and nap.
 One night when Cameron worked late, I attempted to bathe all 3 at the same time... this won't be happening agin. Anna was not amused and the other two were not happy to be squished in their half of the tub. It actually took me a lot longer than normal too to get them all through, so we'll stick with the two big ones first, then Anna. It was worth a shot, though!
 And finally, I will end with today- Auburn played Georgia today, it was a huge game for us! Anna was ready in her gear, as were the rest of our kids. Presley is convinced her Aubie hairbow is magic and helps Auburn win so she was sporting that today, too! Auburn pulled out a huge victory in the last few seconds of the game! It was unbelievable. We had our friends over and Cameron screamed so loud, Presley hid in the bathroom, the babies (Cora and Anna) were screaming and Sammy was clinging to his mom crying saying he wanted to go home. It was hilarious and awful at the same time. We are so proud of our Auburn Tigers! Presley and David have quickly fallen in love with Auburn just like their daddy! They love Aubie and love shaking their shakers during the game.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

David's 2nd Birthday and G and Rere visit

David had his second birthday on Monday this week. I can't believe he's already 2! He is such a big kid. He is always so happy, we call his grin the perma-smile. When he wakes up from a nap or enters a room, he just grins at everyone. He is a really sweet kid and still loves on Anna so much. He is always concerned when she starts crying and will do anything to help her stop. He is still sleeping in his crib. He goes to bed at 7pm, wakes around 7, then takes a 1.5-2 hour nap around 1pm. He is my big helper during the day, especially when Presley is at school. He loves when we go back to get her and knows when we're pulling in to the parking lot that we're picking her up. He loves to open and close doors, climb the steps, climb in his car seat and down by himself (mama, do, do he tells me know when I try to help him). He wants to do everything himself. He tries so hard to reach the sink on the stool like Presley does, but he's still pretty small. He is a smart boy and very talkative lately. He loves to line up his cars on the couch or the fireplace. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins right now. He likes Batman and recognizes him on t-shirts and things now. He still can eat 2 whole glazed doughnuts ("the big ones" he calls them) whenever he goes to Dunkin Donuts with Cameron. He is a good eater all around. His favorite foods are pizza, any type of fruit, fruit snacks and noodles! He is obsessed with noodles lately and gets so mad when they are still cooking. He is in his chair, usually waiting on me to finish up dinner at 4:30 most days. He doesn't eat a huge lunch so I think he is probably pretty hungry by dinner time. He loves to play outside at the park or just taking walks in his car. He loves jeep rides with Presley on our street and loves in the afternoons when I run on the treadmill and they play downstairs in the basement. He loves to help unload the dishwasher and do/throw the laundry out of the laundry basket. I love his little personality! He is very much a creature of habit and not a fan of change. With all the change in our lives right now with a new baby, etc., he is adapting well he just doesn't like initially. 

His doctor's appointment today went well. He is still really small for his age. He weighs 21lbs, 9oz, height is 32.5" and head circumference is 19.5". I love you so much, David! You make us all laugh so much during the day. You have a great personality and are such a blessing to our family! 

We were so lucky that G and Rere got to fly in for the long weekend to celebrate with us. This was also Rere's first time meeting Anna. They quickly bonded! Rere rocked Anna to sleep most nights and they snuggled in the chair together before bed. 
 Presley and David were eager to help G unload all the presents she brought them from her bag. 
 David is very into reading books now, especially the Look and Find ones.
 We went to breakfast at the Pantry Saturday morning, then took Rere to the zoo. The pond was already  iced over. The kids loved watching the ducks walk on the ice to get the bread.
 David now waves the Auburn flag when we're in the car. He's slightly obsessed with Auburn already! Just like his daddy!
Presley showed Rere all over the zoo. She's a great tour guide!
After the zoo, we went home to watch the Auburn game. Rachel, Cameron and I got to go out that night downtown while G babysat! It was so nice to be able to get away for a little bit. I'm also so thankful Anna was so good for G. She is such a mama's girl, so I was a little worried she would just scream the whole time, but she did great!!
 After David's nap on Sunday, we celebrated his birthday. He woke up to see all his gifts on the fireplace.
 He loved the life-size Elmo balloon Cameron picked out for him. He kept hugging it!
 We got him a ride-on mater toy that was a big hit! He's actually really good at steering it, too!
 Playing with the cars and motorcycles from G and Big D.
 That night, we went to the brewery for dinner. Big man had pizza and french fries, dinner of champions! Then, we came home for brownies for dessert. He doesn't really like cake, ice cream or most sweets, so brownies is probably his favorite dessert right now. 
 Tuesday, we all went to Presley's dance class then took Rere and G to the airport. We were all sad to see them go, but thankful for such a fun visit! We can't wait to see them and the rest of the family over Christmas!