Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Update on California

We are doing really well and having a great end to the summer. We've been finding lots of fun stuff to do here on post and even ventured out to the city a few times. You know you have good friends when they stop on their way back to post for doughnut holes for your 3 children! The kids are obsessed with Dunkin Donuts and haven't had any in about a month. They were so excited when they woke up in the morning and saw the brown bag.
 Modeling one of our cute Olivia outfits.
 The kids love the little carousel and jet at the PX.  I had left Anna in the cart, but she squawked and fussed until she was on the third horse.
 The kids made a tent in their playroom and Anna crashed the party.
 Trying on Daddy's equipment.
Finally got to sit at the vanity and brush her hair and play music.
 Her "kisses" face. She demands kisses now by making this smush face and calling a specific person over. It's funny how she picks out a certain person and demands they return her kisses.
 She crawled up to Pat the other day in the kitchen. She has really come a long way from being such a mommy's girl. She has embraced all our friends and lets everyone hold her. She's also doing so much better with her walking/pulling up. She sits on her knees and digs things out of the toybox. She practices walking by holding her hands and is doing great. 
 David LOVES motorcycles and was so excited to sit on Mark's the other night.
 He also loves his new Spiderman outfit we picked up the other day.
 Anna loves to have her hair brushed. She has precious ringlets all in the back of her hair. She will crawl over to you holding Presley's Barbie's hairbrushes and plop down in your lap while you brush. 
 Digging through the kiddie cabinet
 We actually had rain the other day. Presley has been in Vacation Bible School all week, so I let David go splash in the puddles while we waited to pick her up. We found a new park while the weather was overcast that he loved. 
 Anna loves to put things in bags or containers these days. She will sit and collect all kinds of things in the closest container. Then, she loves to dump it out and start on over.  Quite the busy girl! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

California Babies

The kids got to fly FIRST CLASS with my parents on their way out to California. They enjoyed seats that reclined into beds, a full breakfast menu to order from, personal movies/music, the works!! Needless to say, our next flight in coach with the kids is probably going to be disappointing. 
We stumbled upon some treasures while unpacking. The kids were great sports while we finished putting everything together and loved seeing all their toys again. 
Taking a break from hanging pictures to enjoy a beer and a cup of water on the front porch. So thankful to mallie and dallie for flying with the kids out here and all the help unpacking, tearing down boxes, hanging pictures and finding a place for everything.
Breaking in the new sidewalk. 
Reading a bedtime story with Mallie
We ventured out to the new park at 8am to beat the heat! It's gotten up to 115 since we've been here so we don't get to play outside too often.
We LOVE the splashpark! 
And also love our new bikini from Meha and Daniel
David has had us tell him a blue choo-choo story for months now. He was amazed when there was a blue choo choo at the splash park.
We went bowling one afternoon.
Our good friends from Fort Hood, the Weaver's, area also stationed here. It's been so nice to get to hang out with them again. We see them almost daily to go swimming or have dinner together. Sam gave David these GI Joe dolls that belonged to be her boys. He loves them and plays with them constantly.
We've done lots of painting and craft projects when it was really hot outside. 
This one is blurry, but Anna loves to give kisses right now. She will smush her lips together and make this noise, mmmmm, till you give her a kiss. It's really sweet.
We went to the Costco in Victorville, which is about an hour away. We stopped for lunch at In N Out before heading back to post. It was a nice outing one Saturday. 
David helped Cameron build some shoe shelves for my closet. 
 Another day at the splashpark
 We have a great field right across from our house and it's a perfect square to scooter around. 
 The princess in her step 2
 We really enjoy our new library and go to storytime every week. They have a great selection of books and kids' movies! It's been a nice activity for us.
 Cameron stayed home with Anna last night while I took the kids to see the new Planes movie with Mark and Samantha. They loved it so much, especially since they got to stay up late.
 Presley is such a little mama! She helps me in so many ways. Today, she fed Anna yogurt at breakfast.
 We took care of Mark and Sam's dog, Cobalt, today while they went out of town. The kids love this dog so much and had a ball playing with him.  They don't know it yet, but the Weaver's just dropped off doughnuts to thank them. They will be really surprised in the morning!
 I took Presley swimming today while Cameron stayed home during naptime with Anna and David. I've been wanting to get her back in the pool to continue to build on what she learned in swim lessons earlier this year. She did so great! She swims underwater, comes up for breaths across the pool. I really just supervised and was there when she got tired. I'm so proud of how far she has come! We have a great pool here on post that she loves!