Sunday, April 28, 2013

Presley's 4th Birthday

Presley has had almost a month long celebration for her birthday, including visits from lots of family!  Last week was her actual birthday and she finished out the month long celebration with a bang!  
Here she is showing off the new cutie she made with her new game from Emily and Nick.
 She got to take cupcakes to school Tuesday and be the Birthday Line Leader/Special Helper.
 Of course, David had to try the hat on...
 In the middle of all the birthday action, she has been doing lots of testing and x-rays for her GI issues. It seems like we've battled this ever since she was two years old.  We're hoping to get a resolution when we go back to the doctor in a few weeks. She was a champ while giving blood and doing the x-ray. She was so proud of herself for being so brave, and so was I! 
 Grandmom and Martha came to visit on Tuesday night. We spent Presley's actual birthday on Wednesday with them touring Garden of the Gods, doing a fun lunch out and a birthday dinner and presents at home. 
 Martha did lots of crafts with Presley, which she loved. They made playdoh the first day. David loved cutting out the shapes and running his truck over them. 
 When daddy got home from work, we did presents. 
Cameron made Presley a special closet for all her dress-up clothes, tiaras, shoes, boas, etc. She has been talking about one of these for a while now. She said it was "amazing" when we revealed it to her. She looks in the mirror all the time and loves picking out her dresses from here.
For her birthday dinner, she requested pizza and salad.
 The next day, we dropped Presley off at school and took Grandmom and Martha to our favorite breakfast spot in the mountains. David enjoyed his french toast with a fork... he's getting better.
 Later that afternoon, we went to the zoo. David walked the entire thing again. 
Friday morning, Grandmom and Martha got to watch Presley at dance class.
 Then, we celebrated her birthday with friends Saturday at our house.
 Presley wanted a Cinderella party this year. Everything turned out really cute and she had a ball running around the yard with all her friends. We were so thankful for awesome weather!
 We were all exhausted after the party and spent the rest of the day watching daddy plant flowers in the yard and playing outside.
 We had a great visit with Grandmom and Martha and are so glad they came out to see us! I think that is all the company we'll have until June when Baby Lala makes her arrival. I am 33 weeks now and feel pretty good overall. I still need to wash all the baby clothes and blankets before we're officially ready for Lala (or Cinderelly as Presley now calls her) to make her arrival. Everything is unpacked and almost set up, though. We are definitely excited for June to get here so we can welcome our new baby girl!

Monday, April 22, 2013

G's Visit

Cameron's mom came out for a long weekend visit to see the kids and celebrate Presley's birthday. We had a great time with her and only wish she could've stayed longer. 
Here is Presley playing teacher (like G and Meha) at the library after storytime.
 David is so into books now, we started getting him some of his own from the library... he is OBSESSED with his truck books!
 David and I ran into the Oscar Mayer weinter mobile in the Walmart parking lot one day while Pres was at school. 
 G flew in Thursday and we went to a yummy new restaurant after we picked her up. Presley was so excited, she's been counting down till G's visit. Friday, G went to dance class with us and Presley made sure she watched her the whole time she was in class through the windows. Afterward, Presley wanted to take G downtown to her favorite pizza restaurant that also has a castle play area for the kids.
 G brought lots of goodies for the kids to play with. David especially loved his new light-up ball!
 We let Presley open some birthday presents early from G, D and Rere. She loved everything...
 especially the Dora Rockstar costume she has wanted since we saw it in the store. 
 Trying on all her new dress-up clothes and accessories!
 Saturday morning, Presley woke up sick. Think she (and I) ended up having a stomach bug. We had to cancel our plans to go to our favorite breakfast spot in the mountains and just had a lazy day hoping she would get better in time for Disney on Ice that afternoon.
Luckily, she bounced back in time for the show. She got all dressed up, including gloves, sticker earrings, tiara, purse, the whole bit!  She has been waiting for this since we saw the first promo commercial in January. 
 The show was great, and Pres was a little sad when it was over. Luckily, the circus is coming soon and we'll probably go to that.  We were sad to see G have to get on her airplane and head home :( We all miss her and appreciate all the help while she was here, especially since I ended up sick too on Sunday. Can't wait to see G and D again when the baby comes!!