Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Birthday and Baptism pictures

Here's some pictures from Emily's camera. I apologize in advance these are not in order.  I should just hire a photographer to follow me and the kiddos around... I never have my camera handy, but I am so thankful Emily and Lea captured so much of the weekend!
David's photoshoot with Emily
Playing at the park with Liam - she couldn't find him while they were playing hide-and-seek so Emily told her to use her eyes.
Pretty girls
Pres and Emmalyn, her best friend here, decorating crowns
Mallie and Dallie with their grandbabies
He LOVED this bear from Tim and Debbie
Presley's friend, John Anthony, dressed up big for the party! He looked so cute!
The godparents
Our photoshoot with the kids
Opening her jewelry box from Meha and Daniel... a great gift!
Cinderella came to the princess party
Morning playtime
Opening presents (in a tiara of course)
Emily snuck in and took this picture of them sleeping one night.... she's so much like me! Doesn't stay in one spot throughout the night and she talks in her sleep! Sorry, Liam. I think she kicked him while Emily was in there.
Caden looking cute at the party
Swinging like a big kid
Cameron won Bryn over!
Love this backpack from Aunt Rere
Sweet Bryn
This is what Bryn got just about every morning they were here... no wonder he won her over in just 3 days!
Sweet babies!!!
Cameron took us to the motor pool to see the tanks up close. Liam was so cute. He kept asking all kinds of questions.
Her birthday bear from Tim and Debbie
New book from Alex and Tippy
Love how Bryn squeezed into the big kid table! She really does think she's 3, too!
My sweet goddaughter
So sweet
Craziness is having 4 kids in a bathtub
Pres and G
Asking Em to be his godmother
Such a fun weekend! Now, to plan her Ariel birthday party for next year :)