Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anna turns 15 months

We had Anna's 15 mos checkup this week. She is 20lbs, 9oz (18%), 29 3/4" (29%) and head circumference of 18.5" (80%).  She is growing up so quickly. She loves to talk and has many words in her vocabulary. My favorites are shoes, sushi, muffin and love you. She can point out her hair, eyes, mouth, tongue, ears, nose, belly, toes and fingers. She will stand up in the middle of the room and just balance for a good minute, but still isn't taking any steps. I think it will be any day! She loves to walk holding our hands and pushing her walker. She eats most foods. Loves her desserts, though- brownies, cookies, it doesn't matter. She also loves doughnut holes and muffins for breakfast. She still takes one nap a day at the same time as David. She is starting to enjoy our jogs in the stroller more and more. She loves to read (and also pull out books off the shelf). Her favorites are any touch and feel books, Bubble Bubbles, Elmo Loves You, Frozen story and Quack Quack.  She loves to talk on the phone- whenever I'm talking to someone, she demands the phone to speak.

She loves to play at the park, especially slide. She also loves to ride in the Step 2. She goes to bed at 6:30 and wakes up around 7am. She's such a joy and makes me laugh daily! She still doesn't have many teeth, but it's the funniest, cutest smile I've ever seen! She has a snaggletooth up top, with one of her front two teeth and both her bottom two teeth along with four molars. She's slowly getting a mouth full. She sleeps with Big Bird and Elmo and hugs both of them when she gets into her crib. She's so precious and definitely keeps me busy during the days. Love you, Anna!!
We changed her to the convertible car seat. I moved the infant one in the house and she keeps sitting in it!
Such a big girl drinking from a cup!
LOVING on Elmo
Trying on mommy's ankle weights
Anna loves to color
David and I found a restaurant when we were in town that had baby turtles out back.
 Modeling their new pj's from Grandmom
 Posing with our Disney chain... the countdown is on!
 We've been cheering every weekend for our Auburn tigers in all our new AU gear
 This coyote was just walking down the street the other day while David, Anna and I were on a walk with our friends. CRAZY!?! 
 I love how Presley brings our stories and everyday things to life. I've been telling them bedtime stories every night about Princess Presley and the dragon and Prince David saves the day by defeating the dragon... there's a different spin every time. Presley drew this picture the other day of the story. I love her details and how she brings our discussions to life.

Busy Days

We have been pretty busy this Fall. Between school for the two older ones, Cameron in and out, ballet and some little local trips, it's been a great Fall. We are FINALLY getting cooler temps. By cooler, I mean 93, but I will take it! The 100+ temps were really tough! We have so many great parks on post the kids love to visit.

Cameron brought the kids chem lights. They loved playing with them in the dark and had them on their dresser as they went to sleep that night. 
 Cameron took David to the motor pool when he needed to do some work on his truck so I gave the girls a bubble bath. Anna was in heaven!
David loved all the Army vehicles!
 The kids continue to take pictures with my phone for me to find later...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We are in a good routine now with a month of school under our belts. Presley is doing great.  I drop her off outside at the kindergarten gate and she walks herself in, puts her backpack in line, then plays till it's time to head in to her classroom. She's made a few new friends and really enjoys library time, computer lab and being in her classroom. 
David continues to make us laugh, especially with his sleeping positions. He is enjoying his Tuesday/Thursday school days and making some new friends. He loves to tell Anna she's not old enough to go to school. It's been great having Cameron home and not on rotation. He's been able to take the kids to school and pick-up Presley so the other two don't have to be woken up from their naps. 
 Anna and I usually run after we drop off David and Presley, then I take her to playgroup on post. They have lots of toys for her to play and crawl in and out of. 
We had a note sent home telling us that Presley was going to receive an award at her school assembly. She received the Citizenship Award for her class. I couldn't be more proud of her. She is an outstanding student and helpful to her teachers and classmates. 
 Anna and David stopped by to visit Cobalt one day.
 Cameron bought David a brand new excavator. He LOVES this new toy! He loves construction trucks of all kinds.
 We celebrated Presley's award with snowcones Friday afternoon and a pizza party that night.
 So proud! She received a medal, certificate, sticker, coyote dollar and a free subway kids' meal. She was so excited and we are so proud of her!
The Weaver's brought the kids surprises the other day. Each child ate lunch with their gift. 
I went for a run and came home to this... Anna had fallen asleep while Cameron was brushing her hair at 9:30am.  She loves to get her hair brushed. 
Calling herself Simon while wearing these glasses
Taking the babies swinging at the park after dropping off Presley at school.