Sunday, August 16, 2015

Anna at 2

We had Anna's 2 year well visit a little late this year since we were moving during her birthday. We had her Doc McStuffins birthday party in Texas on her birthday, but I wanted to post her stats and what she's up to these days. Her weight is 26lbs 3.7oz (41%) and height 33.6inches (39%). She is such a joy to our family! She keeps us laughing and loves to play with her siblings. She is full of personality and thinks she's 6 most of the time. She wants to do everything David and Pres can. She still naps once a day, but times usually vary depending on the other's schedules. She eats all day and if she's not eating, she's telling me she's still hungry. Her favorite foods are noodles, blueberries, cheerios, doughnuts, and brownies. She's a very sharp little girl. She will butter you up if she knows you have a treat treat or something she wants. She will give you hugs and kisses and love on you. She gives the best hugs! They are tight and very snuggly! She loves having a book to read at nighttime. For a long time, we read The Very Busy Spider, now it's Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear. She also gets a story about daddy or Pres or David. These always make her laugh. Then, she gets big one hugs, baby hugs, monster hugs and kisses on both cheeks. She is a creature of habit and guides you through this routine every night! She loves to dress up, play pretend make up with Presley, color, play with Presley's Palace Pets, anything Minion and watch TV. She loves movie night and will stay in her place on the couch snugged with her stuffed animal. She loves Presley to help her- get her dressed, take her potty, put her shoes on, anything. She doesn't like to be by herself and is usually right by my side. In theory, she wants to go to school and wear a backpack like her siblings, but as we drop them off, she tells me she just wants to go to school with Mommy at home. One day I will send her to preschool, but for now, we have fun getting our one on one time. She's a trooper and usually runs errands with me or rides in the stroller while I jog. She loves to watch me exercise at home and try yoga moves or push-ups on my mat. She is a sweet little girl, with the best curls I've ever seen! She has crazy bed head in the morning and likes to snuggle for a while after waking up. 

Her favorite sayings right now are "You share with me, come on, you share your water with me," "You look so beautiful in your dress," "I a big girl, I beautiful," "Dat make you sad, dat make you so happy"
 My beautiful cheerleader!
 The diva!
 This little monster keeps me laughing! Love you so much, Annabug!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to School

We have been in full swing getting into a routine in our new home. The kids both started back to school and are enjoying it so far! 
We had our first visit from the Ice Cream Truck in the neighborhood. I think I get more excited than the kids, but they were happy with their purchases.
Watching a movie after the ice cream truck! Good night!
D and G came in town for Cameron's birthday. It is really nice to be close to family again. It was fun to have them in town to celebrate.
 I took the kids to the gym on post the other day and Anna stared at me while I ran. She was not amused, but I got in a workout and they got to play.
 Afterward, I let them play in the game area which they LOVED!
 I painted Presley's nails before school.
 Anna spent Cameron's birthday snuggling up to him to make sure he was going to share his brownies with her.  She asked him numerous times if he was going to share with her. Smart girl!
 He enjoyed opening his birthday presents.
 A new garden flag and some beer specially from Colorado.
 David has been Cameron's big helper in the yard. He reminds him every night and helps with the sprinkler.
 Us girls stay inside and read.
 Birthday brownies!
 This kid has been on a pancake kick! He wants them every morning and gets so excited when we make them.
 The morning of Meet the Teacher, we played at the indoor playground for the first time. They loved it and have been begging to go back. They were both so sweet and helped Anna through the entire course. They are the best brother and sister!
 That afternoon, we got to meet her new teacher. This is her new desk. She's already made several new friends. Her favorite is the Art Class and Spanish. I'm so proud how she walks in every day and tries to make new friends and enjoys it. She's grown up so much and I'm so proud of her.  She's become confident and such a wonderful little girl.
 Hugs before we drop her off
 David missed her so much! He was so quiet and sad... we tried to cheer him up playing Old Maid and some other games. We went to the library. He perked up, but he was so happy when she was home. He had waited all day for her to play jets with him. It was really sweet and she played with him most of the afternoon. I'm so glad they're close. It was really sweet to see him wait for her anxiously.
 We got to go meet his teacher the next day. It helped him having his own activities during the day. He was so happy trying to scare me with the pretend bugs in his room.
 We went to Birmingham last weekend for Rere's wedding showers. On the way home, we stopped in Auburn for Fan Day. The kids loved meeting Aubie and the cheerleaders. 
 It's so exciting for Cameron and I to share our love of Auburn with them. We love driving them around campus and telling them stories from where we lived and where we walked. 
 Snuggling while Presley is at school.
 Then, it was David's first day at preschool.
 David loved his school and was so brave walking in to the new building. I could tell he was a little nervous, but he walked in and had a great day. He had his first soccer practice that night. He has been looking forward to an activity of his own for so long. He did great, listened so well to the coaches and had a great time. He is a natural and was able to control the ball really well. We were so proud of him!
 Then, we have this diva! She is so funny and has no interest in leaving me for school just yet! Which is good since I'm not sure I can handle an empty, quiet house all day. 
 Don't think she misses her siblings too much...
 After I pick up David, he reads Anna a book for her rest time then we play war, Old Maid and Go Fish. He is a creature of habit, and this is our new routine. I love watching his face light up during our games, mainly Old Maid! He loves when he gets the Old Maid, but enjoys it even more when I draw it from him. He facial expressions are the cutest! I love how excited he gets!