Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mid-November 2016

Presley had a Veteran's Day program at her school. This was really the first year she's asked a lot of questions about Veteran's Day and Cameron's job. We talked a lot about his deployments and what he accomplished. It was very neat to explain to her what all he had done and for her to see how important it is to honor all veterans. She already had such respect for our country and I am very proud that she understands the importance of respecting veterans and all military. 
Anna was so cute waving to Presley and Tori while they were on stage.
 She picked out her red, white and blue outfit.
 And wrote this sweet letter to Cameron
 This picture was after Cameron's first deployment- truly one of the happiest days of my life!!
 We transitioned right into Thanksgiving. David had to write and draw on a feather what he was thankful for.  This is all his classmates feathers put together to make a turkey.
 We went over to Fort Stewart to visit the Denney's who we haven't seen in way too long! It was an awesome trip, so fun to reconnect and see all the kids interact. 
 They all got along so well, especially parker and Presley.
These two little boys will be trouble together in a few years. 
 One of the sweetest group of kids! They all played so great and really enjoyed each other. It was so fun to see them all together. 
 We came home and decorated the house for Christmas. It's one of our favorite things to do together. The kids love listening to Christmas music and helping pull everything out.
 David had a program and luncheon for Thanksgiving
 And crashed on the way home!
 We took some Christmas pictures at Oxbow Meadows one afternoon. 

Early November 2016

November was also a busy month!! We had David's Baseball end of season party. The kids all had a great time and were happy to get their trophies. We had a great team of coaches this year and are so grateful for the positive example they set and encouraging way they coached the kids. 
 He loves his trophy and has shown it to everyone!
 Running errands with mommy and had to stop in front of the Christmas tree at Walmat for a picture... her idea!
 David wanted a Ninjago themed birthday party this year. He helped me make the ninja cookies to take to his class. They actually turned out really cute.
 Birthday doughnuts
 Pizza lunch and cookies at school
 Big birthday gift from Uncle Tim and Aunt Debbie. He loves the Hot Wheels garage!!
 We celebrated dinner that night at Buffalo Wild Wings. David loves sports right now- especially football and baseball. HE loves watching football with Cameron on TV and reading across the bottom which team is playing each other and reading all the scores. He will say Auburn is versing LSU today. It is adorable and he has quickly taken an interest in conferences all football knowledge. He loved his first time at BWW and watching all the TV's that were playing football. He is such a little boy. He is into all boy things and plays so hard all the time. He is a great student at school, a very good listener and such a loving boy. Every night after being tucked in, he will come and tell me, mama i just love you so much and tell Daddy i love him too when you go back downstairs. He showers me with hugs and kisses all day. He loves to sing and can be heard singing to himself almost all day. The boy can eat and burns through food very quickly. He crashes at night hard when he finally gives in. He loves his sisters and plays really well with both of them. He is such a wonderful kid and I couldn't be more proud of him!
 Opening presents after dinner
 He wanted rick krispie treats for his dessert
 His big item on his list was this air craft carrier
 He loves legos and builds the sets almost completely by himself. He is good at following the directions and loves playing with them after he's built them.
 He got to have another birthday celebration the next morning at the Auburn vs. Vanderbilt game with all the Smith's (except Rere and Lee). G brought him a cookie cake and we all sang at the tailgate.

 We had his Ninjago birthday party the next afternoon with our friends
 Instead of a bounce house, he asked for a piƱata this year. It did not disappoint. 
We love you so much, David! You make us laugh and bring so much happiness into our house everyday!