Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 month shots :(

Presley got her 4 month shots today :( Shots are never fun, but she handled it like a big girl. She got 3 shots and 1 was orally. She's so funny because she's learned how to purse her lips REALLY tight when you give her an oral medicine. She's a smart one, our Presley! She's 13.3 lbs, 23.5 inches long and 16 in head circumference. She's dropped from being about average to being in the 39% for her weight and head. She's on a great growth chart and things are looking really good. She smiled at all the nurses and the doctor right up until the shots.... Here's her bandaids.
Otherwise, things are going great. She still plays a good portion of the day. Tomorrow we're meeting some friends at Newborn Storytime! I'm sure it'll be interesting with all the little ones, but we'll see how they do. Here's some current pics of Presley:
Taking after cousin Liam, we're trying to get her to love books!
She kept trying to watch TV instead of reading...

Playing with her blanket after napping.

And I looked over the other day while I was rocking Presley and noticed, Marge is also enjoying the bumbo chair!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4 months old!!

Ok well not quite, but she will be four months old on Monday and we cannot believe how much she's grown the past few weeks!!! She is talking more everyday and she's really taken an interest in all of her toys recently. It's so great seeing her face light up when she sees some of her new favorite toys! She loves the Little Piggy that Mallie and Dallie got her, the Mickey Mouse that her Great-Grandma got her from Disneyworld and the caterpillar that Julia, Mark, Max and Olivia got her. I'm sure her favorities will continue to change on a daily basis, but those are the ones that really make her smile when she sees them these days. She's at such a fun stage and we are really enjoying every day with her! Here's some pictures of her playing.
Emily- this pic is for you. She's mastered tummy time after having a rough start :)

Here she is reaching for some toys on her play mat....a true action shot!
This is her big girl chair we just opened the other day. (She looks a little boyish in this outfit, but it was orange and blue so it was a must in her wardrobe.)

Oh and my big girl in her bumbo!!! She used to look so tiny in this chair and now she fills it out quite nicely. Liam- thanks for letting Presley borrow your chair :) She loves it! I put her basket of toys next to it and she loves to hold on to the basket.

Here we are celebrating Cameron's birthday. He was out of town for the actual day so we had a party when he got back from El Paso last weekend.

Oh I forgot, this is another favorite toy- her butterfly. We are in the process of moving Presley upstairs to her room to sleep and taking her out of her pack and play in our room. My goal is to do this next week... I mean, she'll be 4 months, so it's time. I just moved her up to her bathroom to take her baths this week. She has all of a sudden started really enjoying bathtime. She plays with all her toys and just sits back in the big kid tub we got and smiles while she plays. She's such a happy baby- if you can't tell, we are just so in love with her and slightly obsessed! I'll get some bathtime pics to put up here soon. She gets her 4 month shots next week :( That will not be a fun day, but she's a tough kid. We are staying busy though. We just joined a new playgroup in our area and with football starting up here soon, her Saturdays will be spent in training with daddy :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Vacation 2009

We had an awesome family vacation this summer!! We went to the beach with all my brothers and sisters, cousin Liam, Mark, Julia, Max and Olivia and John, Shannon and John Thomas. We had a great week with everyone!! Unfortunately, Cameron had his 2 weeks of Guard duty, so he didn't get to make the trip :( We missed him a lot!!! There's lots of pictures below of our trip...
Here's our awesome house that had beds for all of us!
Presley watching everyone play in the pool.

We celebrated Christmas in July and Presley wore one of Cameron's t-shirts from when he was little. She and Olivia got matching outfits.

We celebrated Liam's birthday while we were all together...unfortunately, Presley fell asleep before we broke out the pinata.
Presley loves the beach! She's been twice since she was born....she is one lucky girl.

Uncle Nick and Presley

Too much fun at the pool - this is the life.
Presley loves her some Amelia.... through all her seperation anxiety issues. Amelia was the only one she could consistently go to. I think it's cause she looks like me :)

Nick was a hit with all the kiddos.... this is my cousins Max and Olivia. They were great with Presley. Olivia would sing her songs and Max would help change her diapers :)
Presley got a new beach outfit from her G before we left for our trip.
Olivia at the beach.

Mom and Dad babysat one night so we could all hit the Red Bar. It was a lot of fun.

Nick looks pretty comfy driving two kiddos in the minivan :) hehe