Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby LaLa

We are expecting our third child in June! We actually found out when I was 8 weeks along, right after we had moved to Colorado. We could not be more excited!! Presley and David have had to go to a few of my early appointments with me while I was working on all their paperwork to stay at the daycare on post. Presley heard the baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound before we had told her that I was pregnant... she quickly picked up on the fact that there was a baby in my belly. She was so excited. The whole car drive back home she kept screaming- We're having a baby! Baby LALA! So, the baby is now affectionately called LaLa. Presley loves talking to her and dreaming about holding her. She tells me all the time how she's going to give the baby a bottle and change her diapers. I am also referring to the baby as a girl and that's mainly cause Presley keeps saying she already has a baby brother, so she now needs a baby sister. I am trying to preach to her that we don't know yet what the baby is and it could be a brother to try to prepare her. Baby David, on the other hand, has no clue what is about to hit him. He will be roughly 19 months when the baby is born. I know I am in for a bit of a challenge with them being so close in age, but I think it'll be so nice to have them close when they're older.

I am finally feeling much better. The nausea and food aversions have lasted a lot longer this pregnancy. I have also been really tired in the early stages this time. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm chasing a 14 month old around the house. But, I finally have my energy back and am eating solid meals.

Here's baby Lala. We find out in just a few weeks what we're having and I cannot wait! I know Presley can't either...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Presley's Christmas Program 2012

Presley's school had a Christmas program before the holidays. She did such a wonderful job singing and doing all the motions. We go to go to her Christmas party after the program. Love you, Presley! You make mommy and daddy so proud! 

Christmas 2012

We had a really fun, busy Christmas. We first flew to Dallas to do Christmas with my family. We started Saturday with the kids opening their presents from Mal and Dal. We lined them up in age order (just like we used to do every year with our cousins when we were little) and had them come downstairs to see their gifts.  
David did not enjoy his mustache.
Mal gave Presley, Bryn and Amelia the hats we used to wear when we were little.
Presley loved all her presents and wore the princess dresses daily!
Presley enjoyed Bryn's dress-up wardrobe as much as Bryn did!
David loved his tiger chair, just his size!
That night, Mal and Dal took us to dinner at their favorite German restaurant. Presley enjoyed dancing with Liam and Bryn to the accordion player. Cameron did not so much enjoy his German, as he got food poisoning and was pretty much out of commission the whole next day. I felt so bad for him, but so glad it didn't last more than 24 hours. 
The next day, we all hung out at Amelia and Daniel's and played games and watched football. That night, Emily and Nick arranged for us all to take a limo ride and look at the Deerfield Christmas lights. It was a lot of fun and even though he didn't feel good, Cameron rallied to join the family. 
 Christmas Eve morning, the girls all did a belly-dancing class. Poor Presley had come down with some kind of stomach bug that night before... I felt so bad for her, but she really didn't want to miss our dance class. She and Bryn were so cute in their tutus.
 Christmas Eve, the kids all set out cookies and carrots for the reindeer. Cameron read the Christmas story from the Bible, then we read Twas the Night Before Christmas, courtesy of Uncle Tim, Debbie and their kids.
The kids were all so excited to get to bed that night. Thankfully, they didn't wake us up till 7:30 the next morning. 
The kids all played with their presents for a while that morning. 
 Her favorite gift from Santa, My Little Pony Pinkie Pie
 The afternoon on Christmas Day, we got snow! It was coming down so fast while the kids were napping, we were so glad it stuck around for them to play. 
 Later that week, we flew to Birmingham to do Christmas with Cameron's family. We opened gifts with D and G that day. Presley loved everything, but I think her favorites are here three pair of princess shoes and her Sleeping Beauty dress.
 Two of her favorite things- crafts and princesses!
 We got to spend a lot of time with Craig, Charelette and Caden. Presley and Caden play so well with each other. They would play Christmas morning where one of them was Santa and the other was Sleeping Beauty or Sleeping Flynn Ryder. They would go to sleep on the couch while Santa would leave a gift. Craig and Charelette got Presley a Rapunzel long hair piece. They also played Rapunzel- Caden would get injured and Presley would heal him with her long hair. They were hilarious to listen to and entertained each other so well!
 Bulldog and Nana drove over from North Carolina for a few days while we were there. We were so glad to get to see them, too. 
Once again while in Birmingham, we just couldn't escape sickness... Presley and I spent a day in urgent care and she had strep and a double ear infection. She was so weak and pitiful, it really came on quick. I am so thankful she bounced back right after starting her antibiotic.
Here's our newest picture of the four generations of David Smith- pretty amazing!
 We got to stay in Birmingham through New Year's. It was so nice to have family to help with the kids and babysit. Cameron and I got to go to a movie and have a nice evening out on NYE with Rachel, Craig and Charelette. We are so thankful we got to spend so much time with both our families and miss everyone so much!