Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Week in Colorado

We've officially been in Colorado for a week. We're finally unpacked!! We could not have done it without my mom's help... she's been here a week and my dad even flew in for the weekend. They were so helpful with the kids, going through boxes, you name it... Thanks, Mallie!! 
We've been eating out at some really great restaurants (partially cause we didn't have pots and pans for the first five days). We have found some of the freshest, best food right near our house! So far, we really enjoy Colorado! 
 Now that we finally have room, Presley got to play with her present from Uncle Craig and Aunt Charelette. She is OBSESSED with it! Thanks so much for the great gift!! She played it for probably 2 hours straight.
 We went to Boo at the Zoo last weekend. The zoo here is really cool, it's built into the side of the mountain. I'm sure we will spend a lot more time here...

 Dallie brought Pres a special treat... Madagascar 3 on DVD. She was so excited and got to have a picnic Saturday morning while watching her new movie.
 The weather has been awesome, mid-60's and 70's. Some days, the winds are really strong, but it's not every day.  We are supposed to get our first snow Thursday so we're trying to get in as much play time outside as we can right now.
We had so much fun with Mallie and Dallie! Can't wait for our G and D to come in a few days!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

We have a Walker!!

David is officially walking!! I am late posting about this since we just got settled and our internet turned on. He was taking a few steps the past three weeks. Then, the first week of October, he started getting brave and going from the couch to ottoman. Now, he will take several steps to one of us. He will also just let go while standing and take off... he is fearless!  We are so proud of him and excited for this milestone!! He still has no teeth, but that's not getting in his way of growing up...Way to go, Baby David!!

Keep reading below for more blog posts. I'm finally caught up!

Family Photo Shoot

We are SO lucky that Emily is such a great photographer!! Since Cameron was in town, I asked her to take a few more family shots with the four of us. She got some great ones, I loved so many of them!! Thank you so much, Emily!!! 


We are finally in Colorado and getting settled in our new home. We started packing up late September. The kids, cats and I went to Birmingham for a few days while Cameron supervised the packing, etc. Then, the kids and I flew to Dallas where we met Cameron. We stayed there for 2 weeks while Cameron came up to Colorado to finalize our housing plans. Throughout this move, we have been so thankful to have so much help from all our family!! My dad flew in and drove my car from AL to TX, G, D and Grandmom helped so much with the kids while we were in transition, and my mom drove with me, the kids and two cats from TX to CO (even staying in a hotel overnight). We could not have done this move without everyone's help!!  Here's some pictures of our time in each state...

Having a ball at the zoo with Caden.
Wearing our binoculars to feed the ducks and look for fish. 
Grandmom and I took Caden, Pres and David to the Science Center one morning.
David got his first haircut at 11 months old while we were in Texas.
We had lots of playdates with our old playgroup and Liam and Bryn while we were in Texas.
We went to the pumpkin patch one morning with the Barker's and Mallie.
The slumber party was a success!
Playing in pony land :)
We even got to squeeze in some playtime with our old playgroup! We decorated pumpkins and celebrated Ashley's birthday one Friday morning. We miss hanging out with all the kiddos and their moms, but it's so nice we get to still see them all when we come back in town.
And finally, he was so glad to get out of his car seat when we got to the hotel.... Mallie and I drove from Dallas to Amarillo (6.5 hour drive). We stayed in a hotel with the kids and cats one night before finishing the drive the next day (about 6 hours). The kids were amazing the whole road trip! Presley got crazy/silly the last hour of the trip, but was so good the whole time. She read books, ate snacks, sang songs and entertained David. He did WAY better than I would have thought! When we stopped for gas or to feed him, all he wanted to do was play. He would stand at the steering wheel and look out, talk to people, he was so happy to be out of his car seat. He didn't like being put back in, but he didn't fuss too long. I couldn't have done it by myself, that is for sure! Mallie handed them toys, picked up paci's countless times, even gave David a bottle leaning backward over her seat! It was an eventful trip and we are so glad to be settled for a while!