Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Six Pack and Guys + 5

Ok, this is going to be a long post.... we have been super busy! First Alex Wassel, my other brother, came in town to visit Presley (and of course to visit my brother, but that's beside the point). Here's a pic of Wassel meeting Presley.
Then, all my 5 best friends from Auburn came in town! We had a BLAST!! We had to divide up since there are so many of us now! It was the best reunion ever, though! It had been over a year since we'd been together and in that time, we'd grown by 2 more babies! I finally got to meet Pollard who is just adorable. He is my friend Lindsey's little boy. He is the happiest, smiliest baby that I have ever met. We also got to see Hannah and William again. They are Abby's little ones and they are so much fun! Hannah is 2 and she is already such a big girl. She loved Presley and did such a great job helping with her. William is just too cute for words. He has the sweetest little face and smile. Presley is already well acquainted with Caitlin, Liz's little girl. Since they live here in Dallas, we've decided they are future BFF's. Kim and Kristin along with her boyfriend stayed at our house and we had a ball. We joked that they were the perfect group at our house since Presley doesn't make too much noise yet.... hopefully they still want kids in the future after this baby crazy weekend. Liz's house was baby central. It was so fun to see all the kids interact (well not really Presley, but the rest of them). I can't wait for the next reunion!!!! Cameron had his first Father's Day that Sunday while everyone was in town. We had arranged for all the guys to play golf that Saturday and we had a breakfast for them Sunday afternoon. Presley gave daddy a picture of her for his office and a pair of Auburn shorts. She also gave him 2 plane tickets so he can take her to an Auburn game this Fall. He's going to pick out a game, then we'll book a trip. Here's some pictures from our weekend. Abby bought all the kids matching outfits and we took them to the pond for a mini photo shoot. We have the CUTEST babies in the world!! (PS- I had to copy all these from my friends' blogs cause I couldn't get them downloaded....sorry they are repetitive :)
We are such a big group now!!! I can't believe how quickly we've grown from the original 6 pack!

Here's the guys on their golf outing for Father's Day.
I just love this picture Abby took of Presley.
Here's all the kids in their matching outfits Abby bought them!! SO CUTE! It was so hard to catch a good picture of them all. I would like to send a shout out to Hannah, though. She did so good with Presley!!

The three girls!

The boys in their matching outfits.

So after our super fun weekend with the Auburn girls and their families, we headed off to Longboat Key, Florida for my cousin Brittany's wedding. We were very nervous about taking Presley on her first plane ride, but she did great! I was SO relieved!! She didn't really cry much, I'm sure the people next to us were relieved. Presley got to see cousin Liam again and meet Uncle Nick. Here's a video of her touching the sand for the first time. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay out at the beach too long because it was just too hot for her. I do wish I had gotten a pic of her after the wedding....her hair was standing straight up from all the wind off the ocean. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time with all the Renfro clan! We are so excited for Brittany and Sam!!
The fam at sunset
Sorry, Brittany, Presley slept through the entire ceremony...
Here's our little family at the Rehearsal Dinner.

The Bride in the hospitality room with Presley.
Presley in her dress for the wedding :) She did look so precious all weekend!
Getting some sun with brother! Note: we went in shortly after this if you can't tell from her expression...
The beautiful bride with Presley at the reception.

Here's a video of Presley's first time at the beach!

Well, to wrap up, we are relaxing today after our fun-filled two weekends! Poor Presley came back from the beach to her 2 month doctor's appointment today. She was a big girl and got 3 shots. It was so terrible to watch her get poked, but she is thankfully feeling alright tonight. She's been talking and smiling a lot this afternoon. Sorry this is so long, but we've just been so busy I've been way behind posting all our pictures. She's going to be 10 weeks old this Friday! She's growing too fast, but we're having so much fun every day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Presley has lots of visitors

We have had another great week. Presley turned 6 weeks old on Friday. She's such a big girl! She's really holding her head up better and just growing before our eyes. She's almost a full 10 lbs! Presley has continued to be on the go! She's been doing lots more shopping and lunch dates with Lea, Rachel and Mallie. Cameron's Dad, Big D, came in town last Tuesday. She also met Aunt Liz and Caitlin, her future BFF. Here's some pictures of all our fun this past week.

Presley also enjoyed her first baseball game this weekend! We went to the Frisco Roughriders ballpark. She had a good time at her first sporting event.

Here's Aunt Liz and Presley snuggling.

This is Liz's daughter, Caitlin.

Presley also did her first 5K this weekend. We did the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Plano. Presley wasn't too excited about being in her car seat/stroller for that long of a period, but I'm hoping she'll grow into enjoying these long strolls.

We're going to miss G, Big D and Aunt Rachel!!! They left for Birmingham this morning and Presley is already wondering why she's sleeping on the boppy and not in someone's arms.... Anyway, thank you for coming out and spending time with us! We had a blast!! We've got more company the next few weeks and are so excited. Presley will get to meet Grandmom and G'dad, all my Auburn girlfriends and their families, then the extended Renfro Family at Brittany's wedding at the end of the month. It's going to be a fun next few weeks!!