Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Abbi and Tim's wedding

We recovered from Rere's wedding and unpacked, then repacked to head to Kentucky for Tim and Abbi's wedding. In between, we had a fun playdate at the park, tried on Halloween costumes, had a picnic lunch with beautiful weather, and went to Presley's Fall Festival at school.
 Anna and Pres loved the cotton candy, but David said it tasted like hair.
 Cameron had to go to the field unexpectedly, so the kids and I headed to Nashville Thursday night. We stayed at Alex and Tippy's with all the Barkers. It was a great night and I'm so glad I got to finally see their house. 
 They loved playing with Lady and Copper. 
 Friday, we woke up, ate breakfast and set out for Uncle Tim and Debbie's house in Kentucky. 
 They got David a new hot wheel set for his birthday and he loved it!
 Julia and Olivia babysat Friday night so we could attend the Rehearsal Dinner. It was a great time and we were so thankful we could be there for Tim and Abbi's big celebration. Love spending so much time with my siblings and cousins.
 The kids were so off schedule and crashed!
 Mallie arranged a doughnut birthday party with construction plates the next morning and David had a ball! He got some great gifts.
Thank you to everyone for their gifts and making his morning so special! It was nice to be able to celebrate with our cousins for once.
 These two are two peas in a pod. They hung out on their phones most of the weekend. They play really well together.
 Presley loved Olivia!! She let her braid her hair and wouldn't take it out till she had to shower for the wedding. I am so thankful my kids are getting to spend time with Max and Olivia and getting to know them. It makes my heart happy.
 Then, it was wedding time!  The kids were all in the wedding and did so wonderful! They looked great and walked down the aisle so perfectly! It was beautiful!! Thank you, Tim and Abbi, for including us and them in your special day! We are so glad we got to be there to witness this happy occasion. 
 Six of the Seven grandbabies
 Hanging at the kids table during the reception. Such a great idea!
 Playing with Uncle Nick
 A little corn hole
 Watching the Bride and Groom's first dance... waiting till they could get out on the dance floor.
 These kids danced for hours! David was tearing up the dance floor with everyone. Then, he started break dancing across the floor. His signature move is the flamingo where he hops on one foot. Anna got upset when she couldn't do it without help from me.
 So grateful for we got to spend so much time with my extended family, Barkers, Tippy and Alex and my parents. It was a wonderful weekend and well worth the drive from Georgia. We made it back with just three stops and several movies in one day. Cameron was so wonderful and had the house cleaned, groceries in stock and dinner cooking when we got home. It was so great to be home and see him!
 Munchkins watching a movie before walking down the aisle
 On the see saw at their new favorite park
 Miss everyone in Kentucky so much!! And our family in TN and TX!! It was a great weekend

Rere's Wedding

David has mastered spelling his name and can write it now! I am so proud of the progress he has made. And I actually have to thank Presley because she has been working with him on spelling and learning his letters and he took to her teaching him better than me teaching him. He is so proud of himself!
 We ventured out to Cracker Barrel one night for dinner and the kids loved playing the peg game.
 Wild man in the car.
 Presley couldn't be any sweeter. One morning, I dropped her off and she turned and hit her head on a metal pole out front of the school. I felt so bad for her, but she was fine. She wrote this note that day while at school and brought it home to me so I wouldn't worry.
 She also made these notes for me and Cameron. I cried when she gave it to me. She has the sweetest heart and is the kindest child I've ever met. She is so selfless and such a blessing to us. I love how sweet she is to her siblings and parents. I could not be more proud of her and love that she is my daughter!!
 Wild man getting ready for Halloween
 One afternoon while Anna napped, we lined up all his trucks to go watch a car race. He drove them in to the track one by one then we had to move the line along. He is still so into his trucks and cars of all kinds. Love how he plays!
 We had observation week at Presley's dance class.  She is so graceful and a beautiful dancer. I love watching her do ballet. She has a gift!
 The next night, we have Girl Scouts. She is really enjoying Girl Scouts and was helping sort recycling with her troop.
 Anna running in a field after we exercised. 
 We have been looking forward to Rachel's wedding on October 3. I loaded up the kids and went early because we wanted to be there to attend her Bridesmaids Luncheon Friday morning.  Presley got to attend while the other kids napped. She wore one of Rachel's old dresses and looked beautiful.
 Her charm she pulled from the cake.
 Mom and Dad came in town for the wedding and helped with the kids a lot. They took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania 2 while we got ready for the Rehearsal and dinner.
 Keeping the kids entertained while everyone rehearsed.
Grandmom and her Great-grands
 G and her grands
 Not the best, but a family picture
 Sweet cousins
 It was so great getting to spend time with Nana and Bulldog and for them to see the kids.
 David and Bulldog played a lot together
 At the wedding
 They looked so beautiful 
 With the beautiful bride
Sweet brothers
 Keeping Anna warm
 Such a handsome little man
 These two had a lot of fun together
 So glad they are such sweet friends and pen pals
 Love my little family
It was a beautiful day and we couldn't be happier for Rachel and Lee!
 The next day, we got to celebrate Big D's 60th birthday and hang out with Cheryl, Bulldog, Nana and Nancy.
 Four generations of David Cameron Smith
All their great-grandkids