Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anna ~ 5.5 weeks

Anna is growing so quickly! She is five and a half weeks old today. We go back to the pediatrician at 2 months for shots and a weight check. I know she's gained some weight, though. She's growing out of all her newborn clothes and wearing the 3 months or 0-3 months. She's still got a beautiful head full of hair! She is starting to love her baths, though, especially when I wash her hair. She is now in a sleep sack since she was breaking out of her swaddle at night. None of my kids were swaddled for very long. They all like to sleep with their hands straight above their heads. She is sleeping pretty well. She goes to bed around 9pm and usually sleeps till 1am, then eats every 2-3 hours after that. She gets up for good around 7 or 8am. I can totally handle her schedule right now. She is getting a bottle every day or two. She naps well during the day and is still sleeping a lot between feedings. She is eating every 1.5-2 hours. 

She has also started smiling. I haven't been able to get a picture yet, but they are the sweetest smiles. It's usually followed by her cooing and talking quite a bit.  She makes great eye contact with us and seems to know when she's smiling.

I thought it was funny when I pulled up the recent pictures I've taken of her- they were all of her sleeping! Guess she sleeps more than I even realize!
Anna was born on Tupac's birthday so Rere sent her a Tupac onesie. What's funny is Nora was born on Biggie's birthday, so we got some coordinating pictures of them both in their gangster gear when the Barker's came to visit.
She loves her wubbanub pacifier and will crane her neck to get to it if it falls out. She has also started rolling! She rolled from tummy to back twice now. The first time I didn't even see- I had set her on the couch while I was making lunch and Emily was sitting next to her and watched the whole thing. She rolled the next time when I sat her on Presley's bed and I was amazed as I watched her instantly roll over. This definitely changes things! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 2013

We have been doing really well. It's definitely chaotic at times with three kids, but we are all happy, getting fed, showering at least every other day and doing a few activities. We had a fun Fourth of July. We had some people over and Cameron smoked ribs. It was nice for our friends to meet Anna for the first time. Presley and David had a ball all afternoon- running in the sprinkler and eating at their leisure. After everyone left, Presley was so sad (and really tired) and said that was the funnest party.
 Their cute Fourth of July outfits from G!
 This is Anna's future BFF, Cora, our friend's daughter. They are just 5 days apart.
 The weather here is just wonderful. We sat outside Saturday morning while the kids played in the sun.
 One of our new favorite activities is putt-putt. 
 Anna is continuing to grow as a good rate. Her cheeks have filled out quite nicely! Her hair is just precious- it gets so curly after her bath.
 These kids still love noodles and spaghetti of any kind. David loves putting the ziti through his fingers and eating them that way.
 I've also learned that David is very much a creature of habit! We used to do pj's after bath downstairs. Now that Anna is here, it's just easier for me to dress them upstairs. David was so upset with this change and insisted on walking downstairs in his towel (after I had already put on his jammies) like we normally do. 
 My pretty girl! This is one of my favorite outfits from Presley.
 I planned a Family Day for Cameron's company this past Friday at a local park. Presley had a ball playing with all the other kids on the playground and running around all morning. I had to bathe them right as we walked in the house they were so dirty and dusty. David loves to be outside and chased around his balls all day.
 Anna started doing tummy time and David and Presley love doing it with her. Presley cheers her on while David just lays next to her and says Night Night.
Attempt at picture of all three in their coordinating outfits.
 Since I can't take them to a pool by myself (and there's really not many public ones in Colorado anyway), we found a splash park today that was a lot of fun. David hadn't really been to a splash park since he was like 6 months old. He didn't like when it would suddenly shoot up in his face. He loved collecting water in his bucket, though.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


All our company left and Cameron returned to work last Wednesday. Things are going pretty well for us at home. I haven't planned too much, which seems to have worked out for the best! Presley finished up the last two days of Vacation Bible School (Cowgirl camp as she called it since it was cowboy themed). She absolutely loved it and was sad when it ended.  I was pleased that I was able to get her there and picked up on time with all the kids in tow! The night D and G left town, there was a BBQ at the church for all the VBS kids and families. It was my first outing with all three kids by myself, but I knew how beneficial it was for us to go because it got her mind off all our family leaving. She and David got to pet a horse, had their faces painted and ate hot dogs and watermelon picnic for dinner. It was fun, even if we were only there about an hour. Colorado summers may be my favorite time of the year in any city! It is amazing to sit outside and not be hot! I am so loving this weather and wish we could be outside all day, every day!!
 Anna is doing great and is still adored by Presley and David. She now joins in Presley's stories and songs before bed. Presley loves telling her a story and talking to her.
David is quite the little protective brother. He wants to "help" me with every task in regards to Anna. He loves to hold on to the stroller, car seat, hand me diapers when I'm changing her, throw her diapers away, bounce her in the bounce chair and give her back her paci (sometimes a little too forcefully) when she loses it. I do have to keep a close eye on him since he's such a big helper, but he's so sweet and has the best intentions when it comes to helping her. 
 After dropping off Pres at VBS, mommy needed coffee so we made a Dunkin run! David now eats "the big one" instead of donut holes. He loves his big donuts!
 Anna got her first bottle at 14 days old by daddy. He's given them all their first bottles. She was starving and I don't even think she noticed it wasn't me nursing her! She still eats every 2 hours and does not like to be late on her schedule.
 My 3 babies!
 These two have been playing so well together! It makes me so excited they will always have each other as siblings. 
We are enjoying our downtime this summer and watching the kids all bond with Anna!