Sunday, November 29, 2009

Presley's First Thanksgiving

We stayed in Dallas for Thanksgiving this year and had a great first Thanksgiving with Presley. We missed everyone in Birmingham and Emily, Nick and Liam who stayed in LA. Presley had a great day- she got to eat some sweet potatoes and rice cereal for her "big meal". We even went out at midnight to Toys R Us and battled to get Presley some toys. We got what we wanted, but I don't think we'll be doing that again...
Presley had her first big shopping experience with Amelia on Wednesday (and really every other day Amelia was in town... this is just the first of many I'm sure). She LOVED Amelia's purse. If she was fussin, we just let her touch "Sabrina" and she'd smile. Daddy is in trouble. We also celebrated Mal's birthday Saturday. Cameron made a low country boil and it was really good. We are already planning our next time to make this when his family comes to town. Presley trying on Amelia's hat.
So tired after her Thanksgiving party with her little friends.... We had a great, long weekend. Now, we can't wait for Christmas :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun Times

Now that we have the swine flu behind us, we have been having a fun November! Presley's schedule is super busy these days- between playdates with friends, malldates with friends and holiday parties, we're having lots of fun this fall. Emily and Liam came in town last week. It's so funny to watch them interact now that they're older. Although, it was a little rough at first (Presley pulled his hair and he bonked her with his toy hammer), they're figuring each other out. Emily and I went to a really fun Mommy's Night Out this week with my new friends. Libby and Baby Parker came up to visit this weekend, too! Parker is getting so big and is such a good baby.

Presley and Parker had matching PJ's!!

This is Presley's new bathtub Emily brought Presley.
Parker sleeping on the couch- we still love her even though she's a UGA fan.
Libby and Presley hanging out.

The girls in their Rival Gameday outfits.

Presley and Liam reading a book together.