Monday, April 27, 2015

Presley's Birthday and D and G come visit

Big D and G came to visit us for Presley's official birthday! She has had quite a full month of celebrating already. Right before they were set to arrive, David sliced his tongue. We still don't know exactly what he cut it on (he keeps saying the sink.... but it's rounded) anyway, he was in the bathroom washing his hands when he hurt himself. Off to the ER he went with Cameron while me and the girls finished up getting dinner ready.   I was going to add the picture of his tongue, but it's pretty graphic. One of his worst injuries to date... I am happy to report that it is almost completely healed! 

 The kids were beyond excited to see Big D and G. They brought lots of fun prizes.
 The next morning, we went to the commissary to pick up Presley's birthday treat to take to school.
 Then we went and had lunch with our birthday girl.
 After naptime, we went back up to her classroom to celebrate with her school friends and teacher. 
 Anna loves Heidi so much!!
 I don't know where the past 6 years have gone, but I love this little girl so much. She made me a mommy and makes me so proud everyday! I am in awe of the sweet person she is. She always tries to do the right thing and help people. She loves her friends and family so much! She always wants everyone to feel included and loves to be surrounded by friends. She is an excellent student, graceful dancer, and so much fun to be around! I love you so much, Presley! 
 After school, we all came home to play and open presents.
She got the nerf bow and arrow from Meha and Daniel. She has asked for this toy for months!! She was so happy when she opened it.
 Colored pencils and drawing paper from Aunt Tippy and Uncle Alex. She has already filled up one of the notebooks! 
 Some clothes, new bathing suit and Pony puzzle from the Barkers.
 Bracelet maker from Aunt Charelette, Uncle Craig, Caden and Adee.
 Sophia dolls from Grandmom
 The big boy who helped hand her gifts and clean up paper
 New outfits from D and G and some more new toys!
 After presents, it was time for the four-course meal she had planned. First course: Guacamole
 Second course: Caesar salad. Third course: Chicken parm
 And the fourth course came with a movie: Apple cake
 She told us it was the best day ever, which made me happy. I am glad she had a great birthday surrounded by family. The next morning, Cameron had to go out to work so we took off for the city with D and G. We went to target then took the birthday girl to lunch at Olive Garden, her (and my) favorite. We all had a great morning. Our waitress even sang Happy Birthday to Presley when they brought her some dessert. She was very excited and felt very special. We were so sad to see D and G leave to head back home, but we had a great weekend with them and were thankful they made the trek out to see us! It was really nice to catch up!
 The next morning, Anna woke up not feeling well. 
 Presley helped me make a little bed for her on the couch and took great care of her.
 She even let her try on her big girl underwear, which Anna thought was so cool!
 Sweet little sisters.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Ball 2015

My parents flew in to watch the kids while we went to Vegas for the Ops Group Ball. Before we left town, Cameron took Dal out to the box for a morning. They had jetboil coffee and dropped coals for lunch before heading back home. 
 We all went to pick up Presley from school that afternoon.
 Then visited the coyote before returning home.
 The kids had a ball playing with Mallie and Dallie all weekend. We were so appreciative to get a weekend away to hang out with our friends.
 Hitting the road to Vegas!
 Drinks with friends before dinner

 Walking down the strip Saturday morning.

 All dressed up for the ball
 Cabbing it over to downtown Vegas
 So excited to see our munchkins when we got home!
 One more round of games before Mallie and Dallie head to the airport
 And one more movie... these two love each other so much. He is so sweet to her.
 We celebrated Mark's birthday last night. It's been so great having such great friends here. We sure are going to miss them!!!
 Today was beautiful and cool out!!
 David- delivering the mail
 This kid- cracks me up. "That one, mama, right there"
 And I never posted this picture- our beautiful kids with Mark and Sam on vacation.