Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 months old and the circus

In reality, baby David is almost 3 months old already! Where does the time go?  He is doing so well. He is still sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at night, eating every 2 hours during the day, taking a bottle well when we give him one (trying to give him one every 2-3 days) and starting to play. He can kick and push off of people really well and is getting good control of his head.  He still goes through 18 diapers a day, no joke!  He's such a happy boy! He follows our faces now and smiles back when we talk or smile to him. It's so sweet! I love that he's starting to respond back to us. He LOVES to watch Presley and loves when she talks to him.  I feed him every night at 9:30 for the last time and rock him to sleep. I know this may be a ad habit, but I love getting to rock him. I really think he could take or leave the paci. Sometimes he chomps on it, but most of the time he prefers to suck on his wrists or hands. His whole sleeve will be wet with drool by the time he's soothed himself to sleep. He is starting to take some naps in his bed; otherwise, he naps on the couch on the side of his head.   Here's some recent pictures:
Presley sleeps with all of these princess dolls in her bed, along with Minnie Mouse (a given) and her owl blanket from Aunt Tippy.  The dolls often look like there was a fight in the bed...
 He does SO well with tummy time... 

We went to Birmingham last weekend and went to the circus with the family and Charelette's family. It was a lot of fun! Presley loved it! She's starting to drop her naps (only napping 3 days a week) and had to skip it this day to get there on time.  She started jumping and dancing like crazy when it first started. 
 What 2 month old wouldn't want to go to the circus!?! He did great except when he needed to eat, the noise was a little much. Otherwise, he slept through most of the circus.
My sweet chubby boy! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

David's 2 month appointment

I was not shocked to see that he weighed 11lbs, 4 oz (26%) and 22.5" (14%) and head circumference 40cm (34%).  He's growing great and hitting all the milestones for his age. So proud of you, baby!

New Years Eve 2011

Emily and Nick had a Roaring 20's themed New Years Eve party. It was a BLAST! I was a little worried to leave both kids... Presley woke up from her nap that afternoon with a double ear infection. Mal was generous to keep a sick toddler and an infant who was still waking up every 3 hours through the night to eat. We had a blast and Cameron and I got 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep! It was glorious!

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!! It started off with Presley's school Christmas party. Her teacher dressed them all up like elves and they sang a song to the parents. We then went to Birmingham for the week of Christmas. It was a lot of fun!! Bulldog and Nana came to town.  Then, we went to Dallas for the week after Christmas. It was Baby David's first airplane ride. I was really nervous, just with all the germs around, but we did well.  We had a lot of fun in Texas. We started off exchanging Christmas gifts with all the kids and mom and dad. 
We went to Callaway Gardens before we headed to Birmingham to see all the lights. Presley loved it! Her favorite part was the frog jumping in the water.
 Here she is at her Christmas party with Emmalynn.
 Lea set out a craft table for Caden and Presley. It was Rachel's table when she was little. They loved it! 
My little man on Christmas Eve!
 First sink bath at G's house
 First time meeting Bulldog! We've been so excited to get all the "David's" together!!
 Meeting Nana for the first time.
 The Lion King move...
The four generations of David Cameron Smith! We've been talking about this picture for months!
 Our sweet family of 4 on Christmas Eve. 
Putting out the oats she got from school for the reindeer to eat.
Christmas morning
 Wearing one of Cameron's outfits from when he was little.
 Uncle Wade worked really hard to win Presley's attention.
 Hot-tubbing with Dallie. She woke up that morning, looked out the window and said "it's a nice day for the pool."  So, Dallie heated up the hottub for her to "swim" in.
Here's all the pictures from Emily's camera. With 2 babies, I didn't hardly have a free hand to carry my camera around. These are a bit out of order for that reason.
The family all got to finally meet Baby David.
Had to post this one with her eyes...haha
Brynnie kind of let me hold her... it took a few days for her to warm up.
The mountain of presents.
Loving her Cinderella doll from her godfather, Nick.
And here's the tea set...
Learning to share it with Bryn...
Everyone opening up gifts.
Playing  Guess Who, Cars version
Here's our cheesy couples pictures...
We let Presley and Liam sleep in the same bed for our Christmas Eve night. It was so sweet to hear them soothe each other. We had forgotten Presley's minnie mouse in Birmingham and she was so upset. It was awful to hear her cry for Minnie and no other animal soothed her. Liam was so sweet telling her Minnie was on vacation and would be there tomorrow. 
 In their fort
 Me trying to get Bryn to let me hold her... not going well
 At the zoo
Thanks to everyone for all the presents and memories. We had so much with both our families and were so glad everyone finally got to meet Baby David.