Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year. Presley's class had a Mother's Day tea last week. Her teacher put so much work into this party. I didn't get many action shots since David also attended, but here's some before pictures.
We each got a napkin with our child's handprint and an antique crystal tea cup
 We planted a flower in a pot that each child had decorated with their thumbprint
 My sweet girl sitting across from me during the snack
 On Sunday, I had a really great day with my babies and Cameron. He went out that morning and got us Dunkin coffee (yes, I've become a coffee drinker usually just on the weekends when he goes out to get it). I got to go on a nice run without pushing the stroller (for some reason, it is just a lot harder for me to push the stroller while running), then we all had brunch at the Conference Center on post.  It was a really nice day!! Cameron vacuumed and cleaned my car for me and got me an iPhone, which I love. Presley keeps asking me who I'm talking to when I ask Siri a question. It was a really nice day playing and just hanging out with my family. I really love being a mom- it makes me so happy to be with my kids every day and I am so thankful that I get to stay home and play with them. I wouldn't trade this time with them for anything. I love knowing why Presley says certain things and getting to watch her and David experience everything for the first time.  I am so proud of my kids. They are the greatest blessings in my life and make me happier than I ever could have imagined. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

David at 6 months

My sweet little man is already 6 months old! He is changing so much every day. He is sitting up so well on his own. He is such a funny man- he has started growling if we take the remote control or my phone away from him. It's hilarious. He loves to hate this book, Quack Quack. He likes to chew on the corner but gets so aggravated with it if he drops it or can't turn it the right way to fit into his mouth. He weighs 15lbs and was 25.5" long. His percentiles have dropped quite a bit which is surprising since he's eating jars of food now and still nurses every 2 hours. He eats a bowl of rice cereal every day for lunch and a jar at dinner. So far, he really doesn't like peas or green bean casserole- literally chokes them down. He really like everything else and will even eat them cold out of the fridge. He is sleeping really well, goes to bed at 8pm, wakes up around 4am to eat and back to bed till 9am. I really can't complain except the random night he gets up at midnight to eat again... that is a tough. He is still napping so well in his crib which is a huge accomplishment for us!! He has been battling allergies or some kind of virus last week, but seems to be doing better. I'm really thankful he's been pretty healthy so far. By this point, Presley had battled an ear infection, swine flu and several little bugs.  Here's some pictures of my little man... love him so much!!
 Melts my heart...
Love you little man... you're growing up too fast!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Derby 138

First, I have to mention that David said his first word last Wednesday night. Cameron was changing him back in the bedroom and told me that he said, "Dada."  The next morning when I was taking Presley to school, he said Dada clear as day! He's growing up too fast. He has started to eat a full jar every night at dinner... I can't wait to see what he weighs Friday at his 6 mos appointment.

Last weekend, Cameron and I got to go to the Derby with Mark, Julia, Mal and Dal!!!  I haven't been in years and Cameron has never been so we didn't really hesitate to make it happen. We had a wonderful time!!  Thank you so much to Mark and Julia for inviting us, styling me and just everything that weekend. We had a blast!  I am so thankful we have such wonderful in-laws who so willingly babysat both our babies all weekend (along with Caden Saturday night).  David even got up twice a night just to party with G instead of his usual once a night.
I am so not used to wearing a hat which explains why my head is tilted or you can't see my eyes in some pictures.
 The Boys celebrating their win on one of the races

 The Derby winner I'll Have Another.. can you tell how amazing our seats were!?! We were right by the finish line. It was awesome!
 After the races, Mark took us to the backside to visit Silver Max. He won a big race the day before at the Oaks. His stall is surrounded by other horses who won that Saturday...
and Little Mike 
The backside is pretty cool.  It was really neat to see all the stables and see the horses up close like that on such a big day.  Thank you, Mark and Julia, for everything!! It was a once in a lifetime trip!! We had so much fun!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Field Day, Disney on Ice and my 6 mos old boy

Presley's school had Field Day last week. They all wore tie-dyed shirts with her school colors and participated in games in the field outside the church. We weren't positive she was going to be able to go cause I had to pick her up early from school on Thursday. She had cold symptoms, but was complaining her ear hurt at school. She did end up having an ear infection, but seemed much better by Friday morning. She loved all the games and always loves seeing her friends from school.
 Relay with an egg in a spoon
 David hung out with Cameron most of the day.
 Bean Bag toss
 Digging for sea creatures, as Presley calls them
 Picnic lunch
 We went to Disney on Ice Saturday night. She LOVED it, I mean more than the circus, which is saying a lot! She was mesmerized in the beginning and jumped up and down during a lot of it. As we were leaving, she was asking when we could go back. 
 For a baby who squirms non-stop, he was also mesmerized during the first half of the show. He didn't move in my lap for almost 45 minutes... gotta be a record!
 She was wired after the show... being silly in the parking lot dancing to her princess songs.
 Cameron wore his grandfather's Mickey Mouse shirt. It was really sweet and Presley got a kick out of him having Mickey on his shirt.
 David will be 6 months old in 2 days. It makes me sad how fast he is growing up. We had a big milestone this week- most of you know I rock my babies to sleep. Well, I've been rocking him and not putting him in his crib for his naps. I was putting him in there, but since we went to Charleston for Amelia and Daniel's wedding, he's been really clingy and I've just been holding him. Well, this week we've finally gotten him to nap in his crib!! It's been wonderful and much needed for both of us. He is even doing a lot better when other people hold him. The Rish's came over this weekend to cookout and he let all of them hold him. I think we're over the worst of his separation anxiety/clinginess to me. On another note, he is doing so well eating his baby food. We've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, pears and bananas. He doesn't like the bananas, but will eat all the others. I don't even have to trick him to open his mouth anymore. I started feeding him rice cereal when me and Pres eat lunch and a veggie or fruit when we eat dinner. He just opens his mouth right up while he stares at whatever we're eating.
 Presley had her 3 year well visit on Monday. Her ear infection is already cleared up, which is really good. She has passed all her 3 year milestones. She weighs 29lbs (34%) and is 3ft, 1" (50%).  She is doing well with all the motor skills for her age and they were pleased with her diet and how well she took direction from the doctor. She is definitely a big kid now and she gets excited about all the big kid things she gets to do. She picks out her jammies and underwear everynight, gets herself up and down to the potty, can put on most of her shoes, puts her dirty clothes in the laundry and rides her bike pretty well. I think her favorite thing to do right now is paint. She paints little patches at a time, wets her brush and changes color till she's covered the whole page. She gave David a bottle for the first time yesterday. I wasn't able to get a picture (since I was watching and helping), but she was so proud of herself. She tells me now if I have to run do something and leave him playing on the floor that she will babysit him. She's such a big helper!  She loves to hold him and make him laugh and he could watch her all day. He stares at her in the car and talks to her the whole time we're driving.  I am so blessed to have two wonderful children!!