Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween and David's Birthday

Halloween was a busy day for us! We got up early and headed to Auburn for the Ole Miss game. The kids really enjoy the games and they wore their costumes this time.  We got there early to tailgate with the Gibbs. David and Landon enjoyed playing football in the field. 
It's so fun to meet up with old friends
 Anna took a good nap after halftime, which turned out to be a blessing since we were out later than planned that night.
 We left in the Fourth Quarter to make it home in time to Trick or Treat on post with some friends.
 I had to document David's family portraits of all of us. He drew these during the game. We each were on a separate sheet of paper.  Here we are in order. Love these!
 Ready to trick or treat! Presley was Snow White, David was Iron Man and Anna was Queen Elsa of Arrandale... (yes, the full name was what she told people).
 This stud trolled the neighborhood with his giant cooler. He was quite a hit with the other dads!
 Our big group
 G and D came back from the game to spend Halloween with us.
 They all loved it! By the end of the night, Anna rode in the stroller and had G take her bag up to each house.
 She was done...
 Scoping out their loot!
Next thing we knew, it was David's birthday. The day before, we were out picking up some last minute stuff for his party and went to Barnes and Noble for his Kid's Club birthday treat.  Anna enjoyed all the perks of David's birthday, too!
 Playing the ipad while Presley had ballet.
 He is so cute! Love this little man so much!
 His birthday morning! We had cinnamon rolls that morning for breakfast. He loved the candle and everyone singing to him. He is such a happy, playful little boy. He plays hard and crashes at night. He doesn't nap much anymore. He asks me everyday (whispering so Anna won't hear) if he can skip his rest. He loves to help me do stuff while she's resting- baking something, getting dinner going, or playing with me. We often play cars, basketball, Auburn football, play outside or a card game. His favorites are war and the Old Maid. He just loves to play! He is enjoying school and has learned a lot this year. He is getting very good at drawing letters and knows how to spell his name. He can count past 50 and writes his name. He is interested in coloring now, more than ever. He will color and loves to show us his creations from school. He swaps out the new ones for the old ones on the fridge after he brings them home. He plays VERY well with other kids and, especially loves playing with older kids. He takes good care of Anna and loves teaching her things. They giggle a lot and she thinks he's very fun! He rides his bike like a wild man and takes a lot of risks at the park. He takes off the moment we get there and doesn't come visit me much except to grab water. He loves being outside and loves playing with Presley. They will play really well for hours together. I hate interrupting them. They will get very into their imaginative scenarios and create a huge game. They both love playing legos together and reading. I cannot imagine life without my little man! He is such a blessing to us! He is so sweet and just wants to play with us so much! He is a huge reminder to me not to be distracted with housework and to take the time to play with him. I know too soon he won't want to play like this with us so I'm trying to take every chance I can to soak him up and play! 
Watching him blow out candles is the funniest thing- he's working very hard to get better! Love how he pinches his cheeks.
 His construction cookie cake for that night.
 Anna and I took cupcakes to his school party. All his friends sang to him after lunch. 
 Anna enjoyed hers!
 That afternoon, we toured the fire station with Presley's Girl Scout Troop. David loved it!
 After the fire station, we headed home for pizza party (his request) and presents.
 Loved his gift from Presley! She got a treasure box item from school and picked out something for David so she would have a gift for him. She has the sweetest heart!
 He loved all his presents. 
 Some of them went to Show and Tell the next day at school. 
 His preschool pictures
 We had his birthday party this weekend. We did a construction theme again. He requested a bounce house this year, which was a big hit!
The kids bounced for almost 7 straight hours! They started before the party and bounced most of the time while their friends were here. The bigger girls colored in there for a while and the boys played some football. Then, they all went back in and played duck duck goose. 
 Hammering and sawing styrafoam.
 Opening G and D's gift. Giant hot wheels race track!
 Minion glasses from Uncle Craig and Aunt Charelette
 Playing ball with Uncle Craig
 Sweet little girls
 Happy Birthday Boy! He had a wonderful party!
 Cousins enjoying cupcakes
 The next morning opening more presents and enjoying his toys