Sunday, April 10, 2016

February 2015

February came and went fast! We have made some really great friends in Georgia who loves our kids as their own. It's a great community of people. Anna loves Ms. Jenny and Mr. Bob.
 Presley's BFF Tori
 The girls got to have a slumber party on a school night... big stuff!
 David's Valentine he made at school. 
 We have loved the mild Georgia winter. 
 Smoothie and game time for me and my little man
 Headed in to Disney on Ice

She's the craziest 
 He loves to help me sweep and cook
 Pretending to shoot
 Presley's Thinking Day with Girl Scouts. Their country was France
 Dr. Seuss dress up week at school. Crazy hair and sock day
Trying on the new shirts that came in the mail from G
 Timeline poster project for school
 Presley's art teacher entered her painting in an art show in Columbus. She was so excited and we were so proud of her and her beautiful painting of a cardinal bird.
 Olive Garden one night... this boy at his whole spaghetti dinner and 4 breadsticks!
 Waiting for surprises when daddy got home from his trip to Vegas
 I could listen to them play together for hours... they have big imaginations.
 Before ballet class
Dress in your favorite color day... blue
 Future profession day- vet
 Hot Dogs with Dad at David's preschool. He was so happy to have his daddy there.
 Dress up book character day- Bad Kitty
 My helpers decorating our fruit pizza
 Presley's school had a ball and daddy got dressed up to take her. They had a wonderful time. "Best night of her life." Her future dates have a lot to live up to! She danced with him and her friends, got some candy, played in the Photo Booth. It was a great event she will remember forever!
 She drew this design after her ball dress
 With friends- the Hefti's and Pough's
 Photo Booth time with Tori