Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ice Festival and Family Snow Day

Last weekend, we went to Cripple Creek for their annual Ice festival. Different teams gather and carve objects/people out of ice. They all follow a theme. It was really neat to watch them carve and see all the completed statues. They even had a sculpture you could sled down and one that was a maze. We didn't do the sledding one after watching people fly off it! Presley loved running through the ice maze and even sat in a chair out of ice. It was a neat festival. We didn't realize quite how far away the town was or that we would basically drive up and around a mountain (the Ute Pass) on our way there. The drive was amazing, so pretty, a bit scary at times, but well worth it! From someone who has never lived around mountains and lots of snow, it really never gets old!
We got to enjoy a long President's Day weekend with Cameron being off Friday and Monday. By Tuesday morning when he went to work, the kids were both sad and looked for him all day. Thursday, he had work cancelled all day due to the snow. We got between 6-8" at our house. Cameron went out to shovel and I took the kids out to play for a bit. Our awesome neighbors had a snow blower and some extra hands so they came over and helped him finish shoveling the driveway and sidewalks in no time. Presley played a good bit, but the snow was so high that David could barely walk in it without falling over. He was so mad when I brought him back in. He loves to be outside, no matter the weather!  We've heard that February and March get the most winter weather out here.  Thankfully, the sun melted a lot of the snow later that afternoon so we were back to dance class and our regular routine Friday. Today, we got blowing snow, they call it. It's tough to say how much has already come down this morning, but we're supposed to get between 1-6". It's coming down so heavy right now, it's crazy to watch.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow and Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day! Presley is really into holidays and that just makes them so much more fun! She got packages and cards from all our family. She loved doing Valentine's Day crafts and even told me I should have decorated the fireplace for Valentine's Day.... maybe next year. Anyway, we got a big snow storm early that week so we stayed home on Monday and did Valentine's crafts (thank goodness for pinterest!!!) and played in the snow.  We actually haven't played in the snow too much because the wind chill will make it like 5 degrees outside. However, this week it wasn't too bad at all so I took her out while David napped. She had a ball, especially when I told her you can eat snow. 
I need to go buy David some snow boots so he can join us next time.  Presley has always been so helpful to me- setting the table for dinner, randomly cleaning all her toys up, helping David. However, one night at dinner, I was cleaning up the dishes and he just was fussy so she went over and started feeding him, all on her own. I was so amazed and he loved it, cleaned his whole plate! I know how much I appreciate all her help, but on this day, it really meant so much to me! She is such a wonderful big sister and is so excited to have a baby sister to teach.
 I didn't get any great pictures from Valentine's day morning, but here's some snapshots of them with their presents. David got a new, squishy football, some cheetos and small toys. Presley got a new drawing pad, some princess candy and new valentine's socks.
 David and I went to her school for her Valentine's day party later that day. She, again, was so sweet to him. He didn't want any of the treats I had packed for him and began eating right off her plate of food! Thankfully, she started tearing up little bits and handing them to him, she didn't even get upset. She loves how much he enjoys being at her school and waves to him each time we drop her off. They are such sweet siblings.
I just have to post this picture to document our doves.  After my grandmothers died, my mom randomly would see two doves sitting together. Since we moved to Colorado, we have two doves that sit outside our backdoor of the kitchen all day, almost every day. We always say it's nana and granny hanging out together. It's so nice to see they found me in Colorado and are watching over me and the kids. I always wished my kids and Cameron could have met my grandmothers. They were such wonderful, sweet women who taught me so much. I miss them terribly, but it's so nice to think they are together in heaven with grandpa and getting to watch my family. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Lala is a...


Or as Presley now refers to her, Baby Cupcake.  We had our ultrasound Tuesday afternoon and had pink cake balls made for Presley and David after dinner. She was so excited!! I don't think David will have any idea what's happening till the baby arrives. Presley does ask every time I go to the doctor if the baby is coming out today. We can't wait for Lala (or Cupcake) make her arrival!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

David at 15 months

David had his 15 month check-up this week. He is 19lbs, 19oz (3%) and 29.5" (also 3%). He is a little peanut, but growing on his own good curve. He eats everything in sight - his favorite foods right now are blueberries, bread, muffins, donut holes, cheese, cheerios, bananas, and yogurt. He runs to his chair when I tell him it's time to eat.

He loves to play basketball, push toys around, play with his dishes and play on his car ramp. He loves to drink out of the water fountain at Presley's school, climb the stairs while we wait on her and walk around instead of being carried. He's such a funny kid and I love watching him play and try new things every day. We started going to a storytime on Thursdays while Presley is at school and he is actually enjoying it now.  He loves to do the hand motions.  Some of his new words are Mal, Mar (Marge the cat), lala (baby lala), doggie, plane, book, bird, train.  He loves to play outside and do laps throughout the house.

He loves to make Presley and me laugh during the day, especially at dinner time. He eats/demands dinner around 4:30 every afternoon.  He still gets his paci, but only at nighttime and naptime. He is starting to enjoy throwing "babu" in his bed when he gets up. He still goes to bed at 6:30 and wakes up around 7-7:15.  We are in the process of weaning his morning bottle.  Here is my little stud.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mallie's Visit

We were so excited for Mallie to come visit us!! Presley had tons of activities planned and we stayed busy the first few days. We picked her up in our sweet new ride... we traded in my car and got a Toyota Sienna to make room for Baby Lala. I'm still not an expert at parking, but it is so nice to have all the room.  Presley loves that her door magically opens for her.  
 We have had awesome weather and been going to a new park every afternoon. David is such a daredevil and just takes off.
We picked Mallie up in Denver and headed to the Acquarium. We got there just in time for the mermaid show, which was awesome. She was in awe of "Ariel."

We went to a new place in the mountains for breakfast one morning. It was such a beautiful drive! 
After breakfast, we headed to the dinosaur museum. Presley loved it!
 This picture is kind of dark, but this was our drive back down the mountain. 
 The rest of her visit, she helped me shuttle Pres to and from dance and school and just get things done. She was so helpful and it was so nice to get to spend the days with her. Presley and Mallie made oatmeal cookies together and banana pudding. Cameron and I even got a dinner out a really cool restaurant downtown.
 We even squeezed in a trip to the zoo to meet the baby giraffe that was 11 days old.
Presley got a new mermaid costume from a shopping trip one day. 
 We walked around downtown Manitou one day and let the kids go crazy in the arcade and game area.
We even had a trip to Barnes and Noble where David played with the train table, got some new transportation books that he loves to read in the car and a new Clifford stuffed "doggie" that he adores.
She even got to go to my ultrasound to find out what baby Lala is, but that is another post...
 We loved our time with Mallie and are so sad that she had to go home. Can't wait for the next trip when Dallie comes, too!