Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sibling Photo Shoot

I am SO grateful to my sister, Emily, for taking pictures of the kids while we were in town last week. She did an amazing job!! There are so many that I love!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
This is David's signature move... he always teeths on my chin!
My beautiful girl!
So grown up...
This one makes me laugh cause she loves to comfort him when he's upset 
and he just looks annoyed haha... and we're done!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dallas Trip

The kids and I flew to Dallas for 10 days just to get in another visit before Presley started back to school and to celebrate Nick and Liam's birthdays! We had a jam-packed 10 days. It was really fun and I'm so glad we crammed so much into our trip. 
I was a little nervous flying with David at this age cause he just wants to crawl everywhere, but he did great on the way there and back. Here he is waiting to board.
 When we got to Texas, my mom surprised Presley by setting up our old My Little Pony playhouses and toys. Presley LOVED "Ponyland" as she called it and she was in this room a lot of our trip. She also pulled out a bunch of my old dance costumes. Presley loved dressing up and putting on shows for everyone.
 Liam got his big birthday present from my parents early... it was a Green Jeep! He was really surprised and Presley and Bryn loved driving it around my parent's culdesac. I think I only took video of Presley driving. She would just push the gas at first, then immediately let go. After a few turns, she improved drastically.
 Pres and Bryn were BFF's this trip.
 All the girls went to a tea with Mallie one afternooon. Presley loved dressing up, packing her a purse to take, pouring tea for everyone and getting everyone lumps of sugar. I ended up with 5 in my first cup, then we started watching her more closely... She had a great time!
 We also got to go to the circus while we were there with Mallie and Dallie!  We all had a great time!!
 Pres and Dal spent lots of afternoons in the pool when he would come home from work. She had perfected her cannonball. Dad showed her one day the place she could jump and drew an X with water on the rock. Ever since he did that, she would dip her hand in water and draw an X before she jumped. 
 We went to a really cool city pool one day with some friends from playgroup and Emily, Liam and Bryn. I'm so glad my mom kept David home while we went with the big kids cause it was a little chaotic and tough to watch just these three!
 David is getting faster and faster at crawling and even climbed two stairs at my parent's house! He loved the low windowsill and mini blinds/shutters. He also tried lots of new foods while we were there and is getting a little better with real food mixed in with his rice cereal or oatmeal.
 No trip to Texas is complete without a visit to the zoo! She requests we go every time we're visiting. She also requested we pack bologna sandwiches for lunch when we went...
 I took David on the carousel ride and he is obsessed! He rode it earlier this year with Cameron and he still loves it. He cried when I took him down after the ride.
 One night at dinner, he did SO BIG for my mom. She was beyond thrilled... he has also started waving and clapping for himself when we say YEAH, David. It's hilarious!
 On Liam and Nick's birthday, Nick took the big kids to see Stuart Little with their playgroup friends. Presley loves movies, and especially loves snacking during movies.
Banging blocks together
 Dallie put Presley to bed every night, told her stories, read her books- these two are great playmates. She loves him so much and got so excited every night when he got home from work. He is so great with her and spends so much quality time playing with her and doing anything she wants.  I know she had a ball playing with him!!
 Liam had a Batman themed birthday party last weekend. Emily did such a great job, everything turned out really cute and the kids all had a blast! (David slept through the entire party!!)
 Some villains showed up to Liam's party, so all the kid super heroes had to throw water balloons to get rid of the villains...
 I'm awake... and just in time for presents!

Us big kids got a night out at Rick's to celebrate Nick and my birthday. It was a lot of fun to get to spend some time with my siblings (minus Alex and Tippy) and enjoy great food! Thank you to Meha for arranging this.
 Here is Presley dancing around in my old costumes. I'm so glad my mom kept all these for her to enjoy! I can't wait for her to start dance classes again, she loved them!
 David and Dallie crawling around the house.
 Putting on a circus... she gave all of us face paint like animals from the circus. She refused to take this outfit off all night!
 Late night party at the Barker's house...
I love this picture cause this is what Presley and Liam used to do. 
 I don't know how, but Mallie managed to get Baby David to let her rock him to sleep twice! I know she loved it and he obviously didn't put up much of a fight.
 We were all exhausted from our trip when we got home last night.. Presley stayed up late almost every night and didn't nap most days. When we checked on her last night, this is what we found....think she was excited to be back in her purple bed with all her animals.