Thursday, November 8, 2012

David's 1 year Birthday

David celebrated his 1 year birthday last Sunday. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by... feels like just yesterday I was in the hospital waiting for him to make his arrival. The past month, he really has become such a social little boy. He loves to be around people, loves to smile at them and wave. He is walking now almost 100% of the time. He adores Presley!! I mean, loves to be around her and she dotes on him and takes such good care of him. It's great to see them start to play more and more every day. He is such a sweet, happy little man. I can't imagine life without him!

He is napping once a day, around 11:30 for 2.5 hours. He goes to bed at 6:30pm and gets up around 7am. His eating is great- almost completely on table food. If he had more than two little buds for teeth, I would give him all table food. His favorite foods are waffles, eggs, blueberries and doughnuts. He got his first dunkin doughnut on his birthday and loved it. He looked at us like, I can't believe you've been hiding these! We are slowly transitioning to whole milk instead of the formula.

At his doctor's visit, he was 18lbs, 13oz, 28.5" and his head circumference is 18.5". He is growing well and starting to eat like a horse. He loves to snack on puffs and mum mums. I've been trying to take him to storytime on the days while Pres is at preschool. He is not a fan, I mean, arches his back and cries when we walk in the room. I don't know why he doesn't like it. I got him to sit there today and listen while he ate puffs. I'll continue working on this, but he may win this battle...
He loves these cat ears, puts them on himself all the time! 
Walking around Old Colorado City
 Birthday morning... coffee and doughnut
 Celebrating his birthday at the zoo that afternoon
We were so glad Lea and David flew out for his birthday weekend!! We had a great time with them exploring some new things in Colorado. So glad they were here to make David's birthday so special!!
 His toy from Lea and David that he loves!
 Eating the icing off his monster smash cake. He didn't really like the icing, but he loves the cake pieces.
Happy Birthday, my sweet man!

Friday, November 2, 2012


We had a great first Halloween in Colorado. We carved pumpkins, trick-or-treated, and Presley wore three costumes over the span of our halloween events. 
Presley posing with her spider and monster pumpkins from the kit Uncle Tim and Debbie sent us.
And modeling the cool glasses Rere sent in her package. They LOVED these!!
 Taking an afternoon wagon ride
 Presley requested Cameron carve her a pumpkin with a kitty face this year and he did a great job!
 Posing in one of her "Olivia" outfits
For Boo at the Zoo, she wore her dancer costume. For storytime on Halloween day, she wore Belle. For Halloween night, she told us she was unsure what she was going to wear since she had already wore her two favorite costumes.
 She ended up wearing the dancer again... and it looked great! David was a doggie and looked precious!  We went door to door and David and Cameron stayed back in the wagon while Pres and I walked to each house. After the first house, she declared "this is my favorite holiday ever!"  She would run back to the wagon and David would start bouncing up and down with her excitement.  It was so cute to see how much fun she had! Can't wait for next year when David can join her. 
 Presley started preschool Thursday. Her teacher said she had a great day and she seemed to really enjoy it. I am excited to get her back in a routine and to help her make some new Colorado friends, as she calls them. This is her teacher, Mrs. Patterson. She got to take something to show and tell and she chose her Ariel doll.