Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dallie's 60th!

Cameron was finishing up his rotation so me and the kids packed up, drove to Vegas and flew home for Dallie's 60th birthday weekend! It was a lot of work to pack and get us all there, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything. We had a wonderful time with our family. The cabin we stayed in was really nice and perfect for all of us. It had a hot tub for Dallie, firepit for Daniel and plenty of woods and playground for the kids! I don't think David spent any of Saturday in the house. He was outside throwing sticks in the fire, whacking the tree with a stick, going on a search for Big Foot and playing at the playground. He had such a big time and loves to be outside.
 Found his first big stick
 Sweet Nono checking on Anna.
 Unfortunately, Anna got sick halfway into our car trip up to OK. She had a rough night Friday, but recovered Saturday mid afternoon. She had a good time once she was feeling better and got to play with her cousins before we headed back out of town.
 Playing Headbandz. David was hilarious at this game. He would either look at his and guess it right away or look at all ours and use those as his guesses. My favorite was when we were trying to get him to guess airplane. We said Something you see in an airport and he guessed Dallie (since Dallie always picks us up when we fly in). It was too cute! He made us all laugh during this game.
 Presley did great and asked some really good questions to get her clues.
 Anna finally had some energy to play outside.
 The boys
 Loving the fire
 Amelia showing off her gymnast skills
 Then, David had to try...
 Celebrating Dallie's birthday!
 David and Dallie snuck some cake while waiting on others to come back to the table.
 The big kid crew on a hunt for Big Foot
 Tugging on Alex's beard.
 When we got back to civilization, David had to get a haircut! 
 We enjoyed a nice, adult only sushi dinner and a Target shopping spree before flying back home. It was a great trip and we were sad Daddy couldn't come with us. 
He was kind enough though to meet us at the airport in Vegas and help juggle the kids and luggage back to the car. Uncle Tim and Debbie were vacationing in Vegas so we stayed and had dinner and a treat with them before driving back home. I never thought I'd be bringing my kids through a casino in Vegas at such a young age, but we had a great time catching up with Tim and Debbie.
 We ate at Rainforest Cafe. The kids had a ball. They loved watching the animals move and talk.
 Afterwards, we walked across the strip to the Hershey Factory for dessert. They all shared a big brownie, which Anna crawled across the table to get more of! She loved it and I don't think Tim minded feeding her!
 Anna overlooking the strip.
 Walking back through the MGM.
 Presley was so excited to wear her new clothes the next morning to school.
 And everyone was happy to be playing at the park with all their friends again.
 Wednesday she had a Sock Hop and had to wear crazy socks to school.
 I am so glad she had so many great friends at school. I love watching her play with all her friends.
 David joined in at the end.
 Her class
I'm so glad we got to be there for Dallie's 60th! Glad he had a great birthday full of smores, playing outside, and relaxing in the hot tub! We love you, Dal! Happy Birthday!