Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas

Presley has been so into Christmas this year!  I love living the holidays through her. She requests Christmas songs every night while I'm cooking dinner, requests the Christmas station on the radio every day and begs to go look at lights as much as we can. She has even taught David how to dance while she sings Christmas carols. She turns on the tree every day and stares out the window at our neighbor's house and their 20 blow-up things in their yard.  We can't wait to see all our family next week. 

 We did get our first real snow last weekend. It was only a few inches, but she was so excited to play in it. With the wind chill being -5, she did not stay out long!
 We have fires just about every night. David loves helping and watching Cameron set it all up.  He is pretty much all around obsessed with Cameron. When he comes home at night, David chants "dada, dada..."
We went to the Electric Safari at the zoo last night. While it was cold, it was not miserable. We all had fun, but Presley especially loved all the lights. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

So, I overlooked quite a few pictures from Amelia's camera. Thankfully, she took some of Thanksgiving Day, our hike and other details from our weekend. Thanks, Meha!! 
Here we are about to board the Royal Gorge to the North Pole!
 Presley modeling her vest and hat she made at preschool for Thanksgiving.
 Mom and Dad brought the kids sleds. They are having a ball just playing with them inside. We've only had two days of dusting snow so still waiting to play outside with these.
Yes, I had high hopes of using my fine china, but didn't really want to wash it before use or after, so we opted for Thanksgiving holiday plates! Presley made some precious napkin rings and a turkey centerpiece for us.
 Mom and Dad brought up the bounce house for the kids to play in all weekend. They had a ball, even when it was deflating.
What holiday would be complete without a princess sighting!?!
 We went to Red River Canyon to hike one day and show them some views.
Thanks for all the pictures, Meha! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012


We had an awesome Thanksgiving this year. Mal, Dal, Amelia and Daniel all drove from Texas to Colorado to visit. We are so thankful they made the long drive up to celebrate the holiday weekend with us. We planned quite a few activities and were pretty busy their whole stay. I don't have any pictures from Thanksgiving Day, but we had a great meal. Cameron smoked a turkey and a bison brisket. Everyone picked a veggie for the meal, along with cranberry sauce, rolls, etc. David and Pres enjoyed their meal at the big dining room table with all the adults and got to eat off their special dishes Mal and Dal give each child for their Baptism. I wish I had taken some pictures of the dessert Presley made- pilgrim hat and turkey cookies. Cameron also whipped up a pretty good pumpkin pie (on his first attempt!) 

Friday night, after Thanksgiving, we went took a train ride up to the North Pole. It was in a little mountain town and the train went up into the mountain. It was so cool, unlike anything we've ever done! We had a ball, Presley was so excited when we got there and she saw all the lights. Santa got on board our train after we made it to the top to the North Pole and took pictures with all the kids. 

 These were our elves... Kookie and Sparkle. Presley did warm up to them after a while.

David's progression of pictures with Santa...
Cameron really enjoyed the accordion player. He played all kinds of Christmas carols the ride back down the mountain.
David stared out the window admiring all the lights.
The elves read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to all the children.
We are so thankful they all made the drive up here. Can't wait to see the rest of the family at Christmas!!
 The next day, we went to the zoo. It really is one of our favorite places to visit so far in colorado. It's built into the side of the mountain.  Presley LOVES it!
Daniel and Cameron rode the sky lift to the top of the mountain. 
 Mom brought up some of my old dresses from when I was little. Presley was so excited to get to wear one.
 She also loved her "elf" outfit from G. 
 Ignore the hair... here she is decorating her tree for her room.
 We decorated our Christmas tree later that weekend. David didn't get to stay awake while we put the ornaments on, but this is the one shot I got of him with the tree.
 Presley loved placing the ornaments and examining each of them carefully.
 These are some extra pics I had from my phone. David is quite the active little boy these days. He only likes storytime if he's eating through it and Presley is there for him to watch. After a failed attempt at storytime one day, I decided to take him to the mall play area cause I needed to get some Christmas gifts and he just needed to move. To say he loved the play area is an understatement. I haven't ever taken him anywhere like this before, but he climbed non-stop for 30 minutes. He even bullied some big kid out of his way in the tunnel.
 Our weather has been awesome!! We have been able to play outside every day. The kids love having a yard and a new park we can walk to.
 Here we are right before our pictures with Santa.... 
 And the final product....what you don't see is that I'm holding Presley's hand in this picture. Poor David is probably wailing because he sat on Santa's lap for a good 3 minutes while I was still coaxing Presley to get on his lap. After the picture, she said, "Santa was very nice. Baby David was crying and he's not going to get any presents since he was crying on Santa's lap."