Thursday, June 19, 2014

Family Pictures

For Mother's Day, I got the best family photos taken in Colorado before we moved. I love each one of these and the beautiful mountain background!
He is SO grown and SO sweet!!
Probably my favorite family picture ever
Sweet, sweet girl
She's so beautiful!
They are all so precious
Love my active little man!
I don't think we've had a great picture like this since our engagement photos.
One of my all-time favorites!!

Catching Up: Memorial Day Weekend

We are in the middle of our PCS to Fort Irwin so I haven't had the computer to keep up with the blog. Anna is getting so big! I don't know where the time has gone. She is sleeping through the night, eating great solid food (especially Ritz crackers, any fruit, all meats and soft veggies). She takes one nap a day from 1-3pm. She loves to be with David and Presley and they love entertaining her.
 David tested out the jumperoo one day.
 Presley was very into decorating for Memorial Day. She drew flags everywhere! We had a party with some people from Cameron's unit. 
 Too bad I didn't get any pictures from the squirrel that kept watch over the guys playing cornhole or the beer pong that moved from outside to our garage when it started hailing. It was a fun last party with all our good friends at Carson. We went to play putt-putt at our favorite place for the last time later that weekend.
We went to the zoo for the last time with our friends, Kendra, Lane and Karlee. I'm really going to miss this zoo! We have loved getting to go so often and interact so closely with all the animals.
We walked up right as the elephant was playing around in the water.
 Petting a wallabee
 Riding on the train
 Getting her face painted like a butterfly
 Used up the last of our movie gift card to see Rio 2. I took all three of them by myself, but thankfully they behaved really well and this movie kept their attention for the most part.
 As we were coming out of the movie, the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony was ending with the flyover by the Thunderbirds. The kids thought it was very cool cause we had a great view. They literally circled us! It was a pretty cool experience.
Lots more posts coming... re-visiting all these pictures really makes me miss Colorado!