Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More FAST walking

There's another video below of her walking back down the hallway. She is cruising SO fast these days and is not happy with crawling anymore. She wants to walk all the time- which is building some new muscles in mommy and daddy's backs. She is getting braver every day and will just randomly let go while standing. We've gotten our fair share of bumps and bruises the past few days, but she's really balancing well without holding on to anything.

She's also developed a little bit of an attitude...not sure where this came from, but our perfect angel is showing a new side! I am pretty sure it's the age, but hoping it's a phase too! Here's some pictures of Presley in her Easter dress. We meant to take pictures at the Easter playdate today, but when she wasn't eating, she was throwing a tantrum...

We had a sibling spring break trip last week and I forgot to put up a picture. Alex couldn't go, but we went to Austin for a night while Amelia was in town for her spring break. We had a great time!! We got to shop, get manis/pedis and enjoy a nice dinner.
My little cruiser...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walking...with help

Presley loves this stroller that Emily and Nick got her for Christmas. She has gotten really fast cruising down the hallway. I can't believe she's going to be 1 soon.... we are hopeful she'll be walking by her birthday. She is pulling up really well on all her toys, couch, etc.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Caitlin's 2nd Birthday!

One of my best friends from college, Liz's, little girl turned 2 last week! I cannot believe she's so grown up already. We went to her party this weekend and had so much fun. Presley LOVED the Pump it up gym and played really hard! She loved chasing daddy through the obstacle course. There's some pictures below from the party. The first pictures are one playdate last week- we did tutus and ties again cause we loved how cute all the babies looked dressed up!

Presley was quite a little flirt at the party. Luke was trying to give her kisses and she would just giggle and move away as he got close. It was hilarious to watch them! Then, Presley leaned over and kissed Gavin and right in front of Luke! We were all laughing and when one of the other moms said her daddy's not going to like hearing this, Presley shook her head no! She can really turn on the charm when she wants to :) We love all our little friends. It's so cool to see them all interacting with each other and recognizing each other now. This one below is her egging Luke on to kiss her.... we are in so much trouble!

Here she is taking a small break at Caitlin's party.

Crawling through the obstacle course with dada.
Thank goodness Dave was there with his camera! All my pictures turned out like this- fuzzy cause she was so busy and constantly moving.

Happy Birthday, Caitlin!! Thanks for inviting us to your party- we had a blast!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mia's Birthday!

Presley's best friend, Mia, had her 1st Birthday party this weekend. It was so cute. It's so crazy to think Presley will be 1 soon. Here's a picture with some of our friends from the mommy group- Ashley and Mia, Amee and Madee, and Elaina and Carter.

Presley loved Mia's new baby doll!

She is SUCH a good eater these days. Emily has been encouraging me to give Presley more table foods (and she needs them, she is 10.5 months now). She LOVES spaghetti, just like both me and Cameron. This is the best spaghetti mess she has made so far! She got to have dinner with cousin Liam last night. Needless to say, they both went straight in the bath after dinner. They love to bathe together now...we'll have to get that on tape one of these days.

Presley all of a sudden started shaking her head no one day when I told her to stop doing something. She repeats so much of what we do these days!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ties and Tutus

Presley is just starting to really play with dolls. She got this doll from Cameron's Grandmom and brought it downstairs the other day from her bedroom. She has been playing with this doll non-stop today! It's her new best friend!!
We have the most fun playgroup! Today, we had a Tutus and Ties playdate. Presley hasn't worn her tutu from mal and dal until today...it was precious!! She wore it with the tights from Craig and Charelette. All the babies looked so cute in their outfits. The boys looked like little men. We had a great time!
It's so funny to see all the kids interact. Gone are the days we sat in a circle at playdates with out little one right in front us the whole time.
Sweet Caroline giggling.
You can't really tell, but two teeth popped up this morning (Finally)!! Pardon the cheese in her mouth in this pic...she was too eager to play to finish her lunch.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mia and Madee's 1st Birthday

We went to Mia and Madee's first birthday party today! It was so much fun!! I can't believe how big all Presley's friends are getting... they really grow up too fast. Here's some pictures from our day.

It is so hard at this age to get a picture!

Presley and Cousin Liam not too happy with their hats :)
Happy Birthday, Mia and Madee! We are so glad we got to join in your special days!