Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Presley's Home

We got to come home from the hospital on Sunday. Presley is doing great at home! The first night was a little rough with both mommy and daddy not getting much sleep, but she is doing a lot better! Thankfully both sets of grandparents were able to stay and help us all get settled at home. Things are going well- here's some pictures of the past few days. We did go to our first pediatrician visit on Tuesday. Presley, our little piggy, is back up to her birth weight after being down 5 ounces just on Sunday when we left! She sure made it up quickly and I'm so thankful she's a very good eater. She cracks us up with all her faces and how she just loves playing with her hands. It now makes sense why we never thought she slept when she was in my tummy- she probably was sleeping but she loves to stretch out! We are very smitten with her if it's not obvious yet..... we just stare at her pretty much all day! Can't wait for everyone to meet her.

This picture I just took this morning- she loves to be stretched out and is already so lady-like crossing her legs :)

Daddy has perfected the swaddle/baby burrito as we like to call it.

Presley and her G snuggling.
This is not where she sleeps, I promise! She loves to stretch out and just happened to do it after we had changed her diaper. She loves to be comfortable.

I love how she's holding her hands in this one- she hates when they're swaddled in her blankets cause she just loves to move them and stretch them out. Here is her first trip in the car seat coming home from the hospital.

Presley and Big D.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Presley is HERE!

Presley made her arrival last night at 9:35pm April 24. She is doing wonderful!! She was 7lbs, 6oz, 20 inches long! My favorite part is her full head of dark hair. She does favor Cameron too as her hair looks curly and her eyes are big and blue! We're so blessed and just loving on her all the time! She loves her hands and playing with her tongue. Thank you for all the prayers and support! We can't wait for everyone to meet her!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

39 weeks and counting....

Here is another belly pic at 39 weeks. We had an ultrasound on Thursday and everything looks good, she's still head down ready to go if she ever decides it's time. They did estimate she is 7lbs, 9oz!! We were told all along she'd be smaller, but she must be eating good these past few days! We got to see her cute feet and the back of her head on the ultrasound. Her cheeks were pretty visible and are plump and round looking, our little chunk! We think she has a little bit of hair, too. We really hope she'll be arriving sometime very soon. We're getting pretty anxious to meet her!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well, Easter has come and gone and we think Presley is still just having too much fun inside my belly. We were hoping for her to make an early arrival, but it looks like she's going to be closer to her due date. (I'm 38 weeks now). We had a great Easter weekend, though. Our friend Libby came up to visit on Friday. We shopped and played all weekend. We had a good lunch at mom and dad's today and managed to play several card games this afternoon. Presley got a cute Easter bunny hat from her daddy we were hoping she'd get to wear, but that's alright. Hopefully it'll still fit her next year.

Here's an updated belly pic for those who've been asking. Just when you thought it couldn't get much bigger and further out, she definitely is still growing! We go back to the doctor Thursday and get another ultrasound. We'll be able to tell her exact weight and everything then- hopefully we'll get some more good pictures of her, too. Cameron is now hoping she'll come this Saturday when Auburn plays their A Day Game- we'll see!