Thursday, September 30, 2010

17 months

Here's some recent pictures of Presley. She's getting so smart and communicating so well. Tonight in the bath, she showed me Q and R... I had no idea she knew those two letters. She's getting really good at following simple directions, too. She continues to amaze us!

We have been busy these past few weeks- playdates with friends, lots of walks and trips to the park, hanging out with Amelia and Liam, watching lots of football and getting doughnuts with daddy and lots of storytime playdates.

Hanging out on the "ducks" with our favorite toddler group.

We threw a baby shower for Emily and Kristy last weekend. Kristy went into labor early, though, so she was unable to make it :( We missed her a lot, but are so excited to meet baby Sophie!!
Presley and Jackson hanging out after storytime this week.
Trying to take a picture of herself on my phone.

Monday, September 20, 2010

G Comes to Visit!

Lea came to visit last week and we had a blast!! Presley woke up Thursday morning and got to play and enjoy a lot of new presents G brought. She got a ton of new dress up things (necklaces that she wears daily, tiger sunglasses, new Auburn cheerleading uniform that has already scored a win, headbands for dress up, and new fairy wings) and this awesome tunnel. We went to storytime, out to eat, watched Auburn pull off a victory and played at the house a lot. It was a great few days that went by too quickly! We wish G and Big D and the rest of the family all lived closer.
Presley crawling through her new tunnel.

Sorry again- forgot to turn this one before uploading. Here is Presley trying on some of her dress up things all at once.

G putting "lipstick" on Presley while we're out at lunch. She loves playing makeup...already!!

Watching the Auburn game.

Eating one of Amelia's yummy cupcakes!
Next week Presley will be 17 months! Don't know where the time goes. She started singing this week. We have a CD that Grandma Debbie gave Presley of kids songs. I play it in the car a lot and Presley has started singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Take me out to the Ballgame this week. It's the cutest thing I've ever heard!! She tries to hold the beat the music and it's so funny to watch her sing. I will try to get this on video.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

16 Months

I can't believe it's been over a month since our last post! We have had a very busy August since our Vegas trip! Presley has been pretty sick too! She had roseola virus, a secondary bacterial infection, a urinary tract infection and thrush the week of my birthday...she does like to get sick on holidays so I guess she thought my birthday counted! Anyway, it took a full week to get her back to normal! It was definitely worse than the swine flu and I hope she never gets anything close to that again.

We celebrated Liam's birthday in mid-August, took a trip to Fort Hood to visit Libby and John on Labor Day weekend, went to the Acquarium, gone to many playdates, had a cookout at the pool with our playgroup friends and just enjoyed the end of the summer. The weather is still so hot, so we haven't gotten to play outside as much as I would like. Our computer also crashed so I've been busy trying to regain all the pictures that we lost. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad since I got an external hardrive for Christmas and have transferred most of my pictures to that already.

Anyway, sorry these pictures aren't in order or facing the right direction. It has taken forever to upload them already so I'm just going to post. Lea is coming tomorrow to visit for the weekend and we cannot wait to see her! When I ask Presley who's coming to see her, she screams "G!"

Her purse makes an appearance in almost all these pictures. It was a gift from Mallie for the horrible week she had when she was so sick! It is definitely her new favorite accessory!

Here we are at the aquarium. Check out this humongous turtle above our heads. Presley did not like this area. It was a tunnel you walked through with water and animals all around us- including lots of sharks!

We still LOVE our tutus from Rere.

Celebrating the first gameday this fall with daddy!
Hanging out with Parker in the pool!

We tried out pigtails for the first time. I cannot believe her hair is so straight! They were precious, though!!

Watching football with Uncle Nick one night.
Our little cheerleader!

She LOVES the bounce house and literally, walks around like she owns the place when we arrive. This was the slide at Liam's birthday party.

Presley is up to so many new things:
-recognizes 5 letters G, D, P, S and M... we're now working on Z
-points to things while I'm driving and says "Look Mama, birds" or horses, trees, school bus... whatever she sees. It's the most precious thing to hear!! She gets so excited
-She absolutely LOVES horses right now. She looks for them whenever we pass a field.
-She also loves playing dress up. Aunt Rere made her 2 tutus that she loves to wear. She also loves the bumblebee wings she got from Cousin Caden's birthday party.
-She's still a GREAT eater! Her favorite is Amelia's homemade guacamole. She also loves ham, cinnamon rolls, cheese, any fruit particularly blackberries and blueberries.
-She recognizes so many animals and all their noises: rooster and chicken are my favorite that she says
-she can count but she says 1 and 3 (doesn't like 2 right now)
-loves to help mommy and daddy. She gets so excited to help with anything: moving laundry from washer to dryer, handing water bottles to mommy to re-stock the refrigerator. She also now pretends to vaccuum and even has pushed our vaccuum once or twice... she LOVES it!
-She loves the cats. She calls them both Marge... poor Phil.
-Still sleeps great, in pack and play or at home. She's sleeping a solid 12-13 hours a night and takes a 1.5-2 hour afternoon nap- I couldn't ask for more!
She is such a blessing to us! I absolutely cannot imagine my life without getting to spend every day with her. She is so much fun and such a happy little girl.