Monday, August 9, 2010


We flew to Vegas on Cameron's birthday last week. We went to celebrate his birthday and sister Rachel's 21st birthday. It was a great trip with the family. Presley stayed behind in Texas with Mallie and Dallie. I am so grateful my parents were able to watch her. It made me feel so comfortable knowing I was so far away, but she was in good hands. She was laughing in every picture mom sent me and sounded very happy when we talked on the phone. We had a wonderful vacation!! We didn't really sleep in too late, but we got to take naps, lounge at the pool, walk around Vegas all day, eat dinner later than 5:30pm... it was a really nice time!

We celebrated one night with dinner at an Italian restaurant at the Venetian...very yummy!

I had to take this picture for Presley. Mickey and Minnie (her favorite characters) were on the strip one day when we were out shopping.

I think this was Rachel's first Fat Tuesday of the trip!! A tradition!! Happy Birthday Rachel and Cameron! I had such a great trip and so much fun with everyone! VIVA!
We did have a little party for Cameron Sunday night before we left. He got a new Auburn picture and some gambling money for Vegas. His Auburn room is slowly taking over the whole upstairs...
Here's a really cute one of Cameron reading to Presley. She's almost 16 months old. She repeats everything these days and is so smart. She recognizes the letters P, G and S now when we do letters at bathtime. She knows all her animals and the noises they make. And, her appetite is still as good as ever. She eats almost anything I put in front of her and still loves her "nacks." She loves feeding herself and is really good with her spoon. I don't even assist her anymore. She still sleeps and naps with Minnie Mouse... it's her best friend. They snuggle together in her crib. Presley keeps her arm around her all night. She also has gotten extremely feminine... I love it. She carries Minnie or a doll and a purse everywhere she goes. It's funny because she doesn't even have a purse, nor have I shown her how to carry one. She will make buckets, bags, baskets into a purse and carry it on her arm. When we leave the house, she has to have a purse and a doll/Minnie go with her. Today, we went to the pool, splash park with friends and she put a water ring on her head like a headband. She loves her hairbows and hats, too. It's hilarious to watch her little brain work and watch her do things. I love her personality already and really love spending every day with her!