Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Festivities and Visit from Bulldog and Nana

We have been getting ready for Halloween in the desert. Anna was sick last week with a bad virus- awful cough and constant fever. We snuggled for 3 days straight and she was finally better! Since she was sick, the Weavers offered to take Presley and David to the Oktoberfest dinner and pumpkin painting event.  The kids had a great time, and I think the Weavers enjoyed driving the minivan, too! 
 Spider-Man and Belle were hungry!
 They even painted a pumpkin for Anna.
 Bulldog and Nana came over for a visit after their reunion in Las Vegas. We had a really nice time catching up with them. It was so great to see the kids interacting and playing with them. We are so grateful for the time we got to spend with them!
 Enjoying G and D's Halloween box of prizes!
 Presley and Nana did a lot of arts and crafts. They made placemats for dinner and lots of beautiful artwork.
 Nana and Bulldog really enjoyed watching the kids play in the background. David had all his construction trucks out there and went to town. 
 Presley had Red Ribbon Week this week and dressed up in a new theme every day. The first day was what you wanted to be when you grew up. She picked a veterinarian.
 Snuggling on the couch after school while watching a show with Nana and Bulldog.
 Anna got a new Elsa doll to sleep with so we decided it was a good time to trade babu for Elsa. She did pretty well the first night, the second night she was missing babu as she went to bed. I'm really proud of her, though. By the third night, she is sleeping great!  This milestone really hit me- she is no longer a baby without her babu :(
 Some pics with Nana and Bulldog before they left.
David loved being told Bulldog is 1, Big D is 2, Cameron is 3 and he is 4. He kept joking saying he was 3 instead of 4. It was really sweet seeing him really interact with Bulldog and Nana now that he's older. 
 Eating one of the halloween cupcakes Bulldog bought them.
 David had his Halloween party and parade at school today since he doesn't go to school on Fridays. He was so cute walking in the parade with his friends. 
 He loved cleaning out the pumpkins. 
 And was the last kid working on it...
 Heading home with all his loot...
 We went to a trunk or treat tonight and enjoyed getting candy.  It was a good trial run for the kids to remember to speak up and say thank you.
 And we carved our pumpkin tonight with Cameron. 
 It turned out great! Looking forward to tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Disneyland Day 3

We started off day three on the train to Toon Town. David had been wanting to ride the train all week. He loved every minute of it. Toon Town was a huge hit!! And, thankfully, it was empty! We barely waited in line to meet the characters. 
Sitting on Minnie's couch
So happy to meet Minnie Mouse (again)!!
Minnie kissed all over David. He was laughing so hard. 
Next, we headed to Mickey's house. Anna loved hugging him, but then wanted to tour his house, too. 
She was not happy to be pulled back in for a picture.
Goofy was a hit!!
My two sweet boys!
Mal and Dal watched David and Anna so we could take Presley on Splash Mountain. I am so glad that she loved it!! 
We headed back to Radiator Springs.
A major highlight for all the kids was meeting Tinkerbell! We had to wait in line for a long time, but it was worth it.
We got to meet Silvermist first.  David was a little jumping bean, just jumping up and down with excitement. Presley was just in shock, I think.
Then, we got to meet Tinkerbell. They were all so excited. I loved seeing their excitement and dreams come true meeting all the different characters we got to see.
David wanted to ride the pirate ship so we hit that up next. It was huge and took us around a little lake. He loved watching them set sail and ringing the bell.
Anna was not amused that I wouldn't let her walk around all over the boat.
Mal and Dal watched the Pixar parade again with the kids then took them back to the hotel. Cameron and I stayed at the park and enjoyed a nice dinner and a few rides. It was a lot of fun and we were grateful for some time to ride some big rides and wander the parks.
I was the big winner in the arcade games and got a stuffed animal for the kids. 
The next morning, we all got to sleep a little bit. Then, we headed next door to Denny's for breakfast before heading home.  Anna enjoyed having her own meal and devoured it!

The next day at school, Presley sported her new Boutique shirt.
David, Anna and I got to pick up Cobalt from the vet and take him home. David was so excited to have Cobalt sit with him. 
We had an awesome vacation and cannot wait to go back!! I am so grateful for the memories we made together and that the children had as great a time as I had imagined.  It was everything we wanted and more!!