Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anna at 4 months

Anna is 13lbs, 6oz (37%), 24.2" long (44%) and 40.75cm head circumference (40%), She got four shots yesterday and was pitiful after that. She has a low fever today, but should be better by tonight. She is growing up so fast.  She usually naps once in the morning around 9 or 10am for 30 minutes, again after lunch around 12, 12:30 for about 30-45 minutes (longer if I hold her) and again around 5pm. I usually put her in her bed for all naps except her lunchtime one. She'll start in the crib and usually wake after 30 minutes. She'll go back to sleep downstairs rocking. She's eating every 2 hours and not doing too much better through the night.  One night last week she was up every hour! Not hungry, just ready to play for some reason. Usually, she'll go down for the night around 7pm, eat at 9, sleep till 11 or sometimes later. She's up for the day anywhere from 7-8am. Hopefully, she'll start eating less at night soon!  She has stranger anxiety already, like all our kids have at a young age. She really just loves her mommy too much! She did let Grandmom hold her for a while when they were in town, though. She still refuses a bottle, which is my fault. I haven't even tried to give her one at all this month. She is still sleeping in our room, which is also why I think she wakes up so much. But, I'm not ready to move David out of his crib and room yet. Eventually, he and Presley will share a room with the twin beds, but we have such a good arrangement with them sleeping right now, I'm not ready to mess that up. And, David really still needs to be in the crib. We'll see how long we can go with this arrangement...

She manages to find her thumb despite my best efforts to keep it out of her mouth. I bought this outfit for David when we lived in Georgia. I think she looks a lot like him in this picture.
She still loves to stretch out on the floor and grab her feet.
 she also loves sitting up on the couch and eating sophie.
 David loves to help with Anna. He points out birds, trucks, motorcycles and anything else we see while driving in the car to her. He also fills her car seat with all her toys when I get her buckled in to leave anywhere. 
 And she rarely does tummy time alone...
 All bundled up to go to the zoo with Julie and Sammy one morning.
We love you so much, Anna! You are growing up so quickly! You are such a sweet, happy baby!

The Smith's come to town

Craig, Charelette, Caden, Adelyn and Grandmom all came to visit us last weekend. We had a lot of fun watching the kids play and catching up with everyone. we were also glad to finally meet Adelyn!
 Anna went right to randmom as soon as she woke up that morning.
 Their first morning here, we had our first snow of the season. The kids were so excited! 
Uncle Craig got a workout pushing them all down the little hill in our front yard. 
 Grandmom made them each their own flavor of kool-aid playdoh.
 The girls were so cute together! They would (accidentally) hold hands and rolled around on the blanket together.
 Thankfully, the snow was just enough to play in and not keep us stranded at home. Wewent to Bear Creek after lunch and toured the nature center and went on a short hike looking for wildlife for Caden. He wanted to see any form of wildlife.
 The next morning, we went to breakfast at The Pantry in the mountains, then headed to the zoo. Caden got to feed an elephant at the zoo. 
And he and Presley touched a lizard.
 The tiger gave us luck that day for Auburn to beat Texas A and M!!
 Adee took a great nap on her mommy and missed most of the zoo... I don't think she minded, though.

 We went home and got pizza for dinner while watching the Auburn game. The kids played, all napped and did more play-doh. It was a great visit! Wish they could've stayed longer, but so glad we got to see them. It had been too long! We are so excited to get together again at Christmas!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Fall started off with a BANG in our house! Presley got pneumonia, three days later David had croupe and one week later, Anna had croupe! Presley and David were both out of commission for 12 days straight. They had constant low fevers, both sleeping 12-14 hours a night with a 2 hour nap during the day. It was no joke! I'm so glad the we are all on the mend finally! 

While they were sick, we didn't really leave the house. Presley missed a week of school and we kept our germs at home. We watched a lot of movies (Anna included)
Tried to find new things to do... like color the inside of an empty diaper box!
Lots of snuggling!
And lots of coloring!
When everyone was finally better, Presley went back to dance class. This year she is doing tap and ballet. She loves it and is a natural!
Anna is doing great! She was pretty pitiful with her nasty cough, but she finally seems better. She weighs 12lbs, 12oz and is 24" long.
We went to a pumpkin patch with some friends last weekend. The kids had a blast! David was obsessed with the calves and this huge camel!
Presley has always said she wants to ride a pony, but she actually did it this time after her friend, Sammy, got on the pony first. David insisted on following Presley and Sammy in there. I don't even think he knew what he was about to do, but he did really well! He just grinned the whole time.
Tractor/hay ride
I thought this was hilarious... I walked upstairs one day to see David putting his little tank next to Cameron's big one.
Such sweet siblings...sometimes
Presley picked out this dress for picture day at her school. 
Sweet Anna is all about her toys these days!
This weekend we went to the Bear Creek Nature Center. They had lots of animals and some great trails. We did a mile loop hike and the kids did great. Cameron had to carry David up some of the stairs, but they loved it. Presley kept saying, "I hope we see a bear or a fox." I'm glad we didn't see either...
And I'll end with my roly poly who loves to hold her feet right now!