Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We got in from Vegas late last night- it was a rough Tuesday back at work. However, we had a blast in Vegas. I think our little girl enjoyed all the new Vegas noises. She even brought her daddy some luck when he was playing craps and really needed to hit that number 4! We met a lot of the family there and got to spend a lot of time with Baby Liam!! He is growing so big and is such a happy boy. It makes us so excited that Cuatra will be here soon. Time really is ticking down to her arrival, she will be here before we know it!
We also did finally pin down a name. Presley Elizabeth Smith! It's nice to finally be able to call her by her name. She's growing and moving right along. We go back to the dr. Feb. 10 so we will keep everyone posted.
Here's one of the best pictures of the trip! Liam really seemed to want Cameron's Fat Tuesday!! He kept reaching for it, probably because it was so cold, but that doesn't make the story much fun. He enjoyed a true Vegas buffet and his first pinball slot machine. He'll have to show Presley the ropes in Vegas since he is now a true pro!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

25 Weeks

We are now slowly getting closer to her arrival! We got another ultrasound last Thursday, which was a surprise. I guess with all my issues, though, we wanted to just check things out again. Mom went with me since Cameron already had meetings out of state lined up. It was so fun to see her again! She was playing like crazy and so active- she even punched at the camera and was moving all over the place. We didn't get a good profile picture, but here's some of her face when she was looking right at the camera. She must have been listening to her daddy also because she was so ladylike with her legs crossed! We did confirm now 100% that she is a girl, though, after nudging her a few times so the dr. could check for me. I also have included a new belly pic.- it's starting to stick out there. She's definitely grown a lot this past month. I've been feeling so much better, finally. I went back to the dr. today and got to hear her heartbeat again, a good 145. Things are progressing well. Cameron and I start our Childbirth classes Feb. 4 which I'm sure will be interesting. I did go to my first prenatal yoga class this week. It was interesting, but the stretching did feel good and it was so relaxing.
We're leaving Saturday to meet a bunch of the family in Vegas, so I'll post more pics from our trip when we get home. Thank you for the continued prayers!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


We went to Birmingham for almost a full week to celebrate Christmas. It was wonderful to see all the family and everyone get to feel Doubledown kick!! That's right, she started kicking about a week before we left Texas. We were really excited to finally feel her moving around a good bit. Madison, Caroline, Presley Elizabeth Smith (phew) got a ton of cute presents from Santa and the Smiths. Cameron's favorite is probably her all pink, Auburn onesie! I had a lot of favorites: her tiny ballet shoes/socks, some of her precious clothes and this calendar Craig and Charelette got us. It has stickers for every event in her life (first tooth, visiting a special friend, first day trip, etc.) I can't wait to watch her experience all these new things.... it'll be here before we know it!
While we were registering a few weeks ago, we found the cutest, girly bedding! Here's a picture.... I love the sheets (pink polka dots!!) The skirt is the stripes and the bumper is the other pattern. Thanks Mal and Dal for our bedding.... We get the crib this week and I can't wait to do the whole bed up! Although, we will probably wait a bit because if we do it now, the cats will just think it's somewhere else for them to sleep. Phil has already started bringing her toys from the nursery down the stairs one by one. Each morning we wake up to see a new toy of hers that he's just discovered.... not sure how we're going to get him to quit that other than just keeping her door closed.

And finally....the belly picture everyone's been waiting for! This is after work, so a little rough, but she's growing, that's for sure! Or it may just be the 8 ice cream balls with homemade hot fudge that Lea made for me while we were in B'ham. Either way, she's a full pound now!

We go back to the Dr. on Jan. 15 and we get our 4D ultrasound that same afternoon. I can't wait to get another ultrasound and get to see her again!! We'll definitely post more pictures that afternoon from the ultrasound! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the continued prayers!