Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August Was BUSY

I don't even know where this month went. Between starting school, Cameron's birthday, my birthday, David playing soccer, the month was gone in a flash! We have been enjoying Georgia and trying to get into a routine.

David finished his soccer camp with a game. He did an amazing job and definitely takes after his daddy. We were so proud of him. He assisted in two goals (the only two goals scored by either teams) and dribbled the ball halfway down the field untouched. He loved it and cannot wait to play spring soccer. 
After his game, we came home, did quick baths, had some cookie cake for my birthday and put the kids to bed  Cameron cooked me a wonderful dinner for my birthday. He got me this awesome spoon holder for my birthday. I inherited all my Grannie's spoons when she died and I haven't been able to display them for years. It is very hard to find one of these and I'm so glad a part of her is present in our house now. 
Cameron got me a cookie cake and let the kids decorate it for me. They loved helping and especially loved eating it for the rest of the week. David even told me he loved my birthday several times. It was a great day and so fun spending it with my little family.

We haven't seen too much of the ice cream truck in the neighborhood, but the kids LOVED it when they have heard it.
 These two being silly at David's soccer practice.
 These munchkins got to tag along with me one day to a doctor's appointment. Fruit snacks is the best way to have them sit still and quietly in a chair. 
 Scooter time after the doctor.
 He loves reading to her before naptime. Her favorite books for him to read are Polar Bear, Polar Bear, any of the No David books and The Very Hungry Catepillar. 
 Little man was SO excited to get to his preschool one morning when there was a giant crane there.
 We have quite a collection of Minions in the house right now! 
 Snow White and Snow Apple, as Presley named her
 Noodle Mustache
 He was so excited when Dinotrux (books we read) started a series on Netflix.
 I really don't remember the last time she fell asleep in her car seat. This was 10 seconds after she requested Elsa on the radio and that it be turned up louder. We were en route to pick up David from school- not great timing for a nap!
 Presley got sick last week and still wanted to play with David, so he pushed the train tracks near the chair so she could play while she rested. 
 Big boy and I had an eye doctor appointment. Happy to report he has 20/20 vision, just a little dry eye.
 After working out and playing at the park, Anna and I snuck in a visit to Chick-fil-A for lunch and more playtime before picking the others up from school. She LOVED it and felt very special having a treat just for her. She is really good on the days it's just her and I. She hangs out in the stroller so I can work out with my class, then she will run my errands with me without complaining. She deserves a treat!
 Enjoying the play area.
 I am so proud of Presley's work this year. She's gotten some great feedback from her teacher already this year. Her handwriting, spelling, punctuation... she has improved in all areas from last year. It makes me really glad we worked on school work this summer and kept up her reading. 
 This is David's work from school. I love that he is interested in coloring and doing work now. He loves bringing stuff home to show us. 
Leslie is supposed to be Presley...
 Aubrey is supposed to be Auburn. When I asked him about the sport, he said, hockey isn't really my favorite. When I asked him what is, he said soccer.
 Cameron and I got a weekend away to go to the Auburn game in Atlanta and D and G kept the kids for us. It was a wonderful weekend and we were so grateful for a getaway. Mal and Dal flew in from Texas and met us since we played Louisville. It was so fun to have some time with them and get to experience such a great game and atmosphere together. 
 Headed out to dinner
 Pre-game mimosas
 The morning we headed back, Presley lost her first tooth. She has been so anxious to have one that is even wiggly and she was so excited when it finally came out. I cannot believe what a big milestone this is! She's growing up too fast!
 The tooth fairy left her a note, two $1 bills and two gold, chocolate coins. In her Silverlicious book, she got a gold coin for losing a tooth so Presley was so excited to see if her tooth fairy would also leave her gold coins. Thankfully, the tooth fairy came through and made her day!
 These three, snuggled in G's chair on the ipads.
 My little diva
 Sweet Auburn kids!
 We had such a fun weekend away and are so grateful to G and D for keeping the kids! Especially since David had croupe and the girls were both still coughing! Thankfully, everyone is feeling better, but G kept them on schedule with their medicine and helped them get back on track.
The kids love going to our community center and playing video games after I workout. They are so cute playing and love it so much.
 David has been up and down with the croupe and virus... 
 Both kids love helping me in the kitchen. I let them ice cupcakes today for Cameron. Some turned out better than others....but they had fun!