Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's a...


Since Cameron is in El Paso for 9 weeks, we met in Dallas for Memorial Day weekend. We were going to find out the gender in June. Since Cameron was going to be gone then, we were just going to get them to write it down and open it up when he got back to GA. I decided to get a basic 2D ultrasound just to determine gender. I uploaded the picture on Cameron's Ipad that we got him for Father's day. So, he opened it Thursday night when he arrived in town and it's pretty safe to say he was shocked! We would have loved either, but a boy was a huge surprise. Anyway, we are already starting to collect some blue since our house is totally covered in pink now! I've just started to feel his movements and kicks. We are really excited to meet him!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rachel's Graduation and Texas!

Rachel graduated from Auburn two weeks ago. We are so proud of her and can't wait to watch her in action as a nurse!! It truly seems to be a perfect field for her. Congratulations, Rachel, on such a wonderful accomplishment!!

Cameron had to fly out that morning so Presley and I went to Auburn and really enjoyed the day! Presley and Caden did wonderful through the whole ceremony. It helps a lot that Lea brought the ipad, new coloring books, popcorn, etc. and it was outside so they could be loud and move around.

Here's Rachel on the jumbotron... just like Cam Newton :)

Here's Presley pretending to be a lion tamer to Phil. Flashback to Cameron when he was younger...
Since Cameron was going out of town for a while, Presley and I headed to Texas to visit family. We have been hanging out with Liam a lot. Emily had our old playgroup all over Friday morning. It was a blast! It was so nice to see all my friends and I know Presley really enjoyed seeing her friends, too!
Pres and Mia, BFF for Life!
Presley and Bryn wore their matching outfits from Grandma Debbie! Precious!

I think a minivan might be in Emily's future... we managed without it today, though!
We ventured out to a new indoor trampoline park today. Emily took more pictures, but I have one of Pres flying down the slide.

We're having a great trip and are excited to see Cameron, Mal and Dal this week!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day weekend

I've had a really nice Mother's Day weekend! Unfortunately, Cameron and Presley have both been pretty sick. Presley's thankfully over hers, but she passed it on to Cameron Friday. We've been snuggled up in the house watching a lot of movies. Last night, we watched Tangled. Presley watched the entire first hour completely enthralled with the princess and castles.

We also played out side yesterday with her water table and the sprinkler. She had a BALL! It was really our first day of hot weather.

She's been watching Sid the Science Kid and learned what a magnifying glass was. Yesterday, she told us she was looking at the bugs with her magnifying glass (mirror). It's so neat to watch how her little mind soaks up information she hears once or twice.

Cameron's parents and Rachel came in town today for our Mother's Day brunch at the Officer's Club. It was really nice... Presley and I may not be invited back to a buffet. She ate one really good plate of veggies and meat. Then, she found the dessert/doughnut table and there was no turning back. I think she had 4 plates of desserts! Her favorite was the pretzel sticks dipped in the chocolate fountain, her powdered doughnut and the eclair.

Having a dance party with Rere at the house.

I've had a great Mother's Day!! I wish I could've seen my Mom, but I'm glad she had a nice brunch with the rest of the family. Thank you to all the great moms who are role models in my life. Happy Mother's Day to all of you!