Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Preschool pictures... they are so grown!
 I got to enjoy my annual girl's trip to Florida with my best friends from college! It's always such a wonderful trip... we get to relax and catch up! I love these girls so much!
 While I was gone, Cameron took the kids to 3 birthday parties and held down the fort at home! So appreciative for a getaway!
 David has played a great baseball season so far. He is usually outfield, but has also gotten to play pitcher and catcher. He is loving baseball and is so focused while he's out there. He is a great player.
Scoring as he runs across home plate
 He's the youngest BY FAR and is always the most focused and ready
 The big girls were off school so I took Pres and some friends back to the humane society to visit Lily again
 Presley has totally taught Anna to ride her bike while I have been helping David practice baseball.
 We went to the pumpkin patch one Sunday afternoon with our good friends, Brancieris, Yaun's and Muskus families.
Had a great time riding the train, petting some farm animals, bouncing, picking out a pumpkin, picking cotton, shooting at a haystack, eating a funnel cake and having some great family time.
Running through the corn maze
 Exhausted on the way home...
 David won the game ball this night when he played pitcher. He had some great hits early on, played outfield, then the last few innings he got to play pitcher. He caught a grounder and threw it to first to get the batter out. He was so proud of himself and made such a wonderful play. We couldn't be more proud of his positive attitude and willingness to play any position. He was very excited to earn the game ball that night.