Sunday, May 26, 2013

End of School and Dance Recital

Presley just finished up her second year of Preschool. It was a great year! We were lucky to get her into school in the middle of the year last year, but it worked out perfectly! She made some great friends, had two wonderful teachers, and she was so sad that school is over for the summer. We've been enjoying this awesome weather that has finally hit Colorado! We are outside pretty much all day.  It's hot in the sun, but the shade feels awesome! I think we're going to love the summer weather here. 
Last day of school pic

Presley had her dance recital last weekend. She has talked about this since she got fitted for her costume back in January. She knows the dance by heart if I play the song on my phone. She did such a wonderful job dancing on stage! We couldn't be more proud! Daddy bought her a big bouquet of roses that she loves!

David and I got to chaperone Presley's end of the year bowling party. He did great and was mesmerized watching the ball go down the alley. Presley had a lot of fun with all her friends!
More outside pictures!

Helping daddy water the flowers

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I have had a great Mother's Day this year!  It started with Presley's Mother's Day Tea at her school on Thursday. The children sang in the sanctuary to all the moms. Then, we had a tea in her classroom with all her friends. (Front row, white and gray chevron dress)
The children filled out a survey on their mother. 
Even at 35 weeks pregnant, I apparently weigh 0 pounds! 
Here is my invitation she colored so beautifully!
Loving her happy meal!
Saturday, we went up to the Denver Zoo. It was our first time and it was a lot of fun. The weather is finally getting a little hot.
Our kids love a good zoo!
Standing like a flamingo, her favorite animal.
Such sweet siblings! They definitely have their moments of not wanting to share with the other, biting for various reasons, and both wanting my attention at the same time. However, they have so many sweet moments that I love to witness!  
This morning, Cameron got up with both kids and made us all breakfast. We played outside for a while, then Presley and I went on a special lunch date to the grape restaurant (Olive Garden). I had thought it would be good for us to get some one on one time before Baby Lala makes her arrival. Presley was wonderful and had such a ball at lunch! We shared several bowls of salad and she loved her pizza and chocolate milk. She then went with me to get my bangs trimmed at my salon. We spent the rest of the day playing outside, riding her bike and enjoying a steak dinner Cameron grilled. He did all the laundry today and the grocery shopping. I am so lucky to have such a helpful husband!! He really does try to take some of the pressure off me, especially since I'm so pregnant these days. Thanks to my sweet family for singing me Mother's Day songs and for a great weekend all together!

David at 18 Months

David turned 18 months earlier this month.  He is growing up so fast. The past two months, he really seems like a true kid all of a sudden.  We had his check-up Monday morning. Unfortunately, he had a fever and is fighting a little bug this week. At least, he didn't have to get his shots. His fever lasted almost 3 days. He didn't play, barely ate and drank and just wanted to snuggle all week. It was so pitiful to see him like this. Once he finally broke his fever, you could tell he still didn't feel great, but I also think some of it is him showing signs of the terrible 2's! I may have just spoiled him too much though for those 3 days and he just wanted it to continue.

He is such a big kid now. He has added lots of new words and tries to repeat everything you tell him. He loves to see trucks on the road and has even started checking out library books for himself, Dump Trucks, Corvettes, Airplanes, Fire Engines- he loves all things cars! He pushes around Presley's Barbie car all day! He loves dump trucks and gets so excited to see construction. He is still sleeping great, and many nights tells us he's ready for bed before we are ready for him to go. He goes to bed about 6:30 and wakes around 7, 7:30. He is taking one good nap a day from 12-2. He loves to be outside, at the park or just pushing the crazy coupe around the driveway. He is still obsessed with his daddy. He greets Cameron at the garage door every night when he gets home from work. He follows him around all weekend. It's really cute to see how much he adores his dad. They watch all kinds of sports together, but so far, David loves to watch baseball and Nascar racing. He says Boom when batters hit the ball. He eats dinner early still, around 4:30 and usually eats again with us around 5:30. He is a good eater for the most part, but doesn't really like meats right now. He loves all fruits and any carbs! He especially likes eggs. The other night he ate 4 kiwi with his other dinner.  His favorite fruit is Purp (purple grapes).

He still sleeps in tornado position, we call it. He immediately rolls over after we lay him down and plays with the back of his neck and hair. He turns on his music machine in the middle of the night sometimes if we wakes up and turns it back off when he leaves his bed in the morning. He sleeps with Clifford and the Grinch every night.

Here's his stats from his checkup:
Weight 20lbs, 5 oz (just under 3%)
Length 30 1/8"
Head Circumference 19"

I love this little man so much! He brings so much happiness to our family!
 Picking out a new toy at Target.
 Mrs. Lynn sent Pres a gift card to McDonald's for her birthday, so both kids got to enjoy a Happy Meal. David loved his burger!
My sick man napping on mommy