Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We've been pretty busy the past few weeks. Cameron has been home from his 9 week assignment at Fort Bliss. Presley has been attached to him since he got home. It's really cute to see her so excited to play with him. The first morning he went to get her out of bed and when he walked in she said, "Hi Momma.... wait, you're not momma, you're dada!" He is definitely her best friend right now.
He gets his hair done, gets to play princess and doctor and all her favorite games.

We went to Birmingham last weekend. Lea and David were watching Caden for the weekend so we got some quality time with him, too. He and Presley are so funny together. They both are obsessed with doing puzzles and games on the ipad. Thankfully, Cameron has one now so they didn't have to share. They were a big help icing Cameron's birthday cake, too!

We celebrated Cameron's birthday this week since he has to go to Fort Knox for 3 weeks. Presley was a big help making his cupcakes. After dinner and his gifts last night, she said "We had a great party tonight." We're sad we won't see him on his actual birthday, but we've had fun celebrating with him this week.

She's in a big princess stage right now. She loves watching the Tinkerbell movies or wearing her princess dress-up clothes. Mallie started giving her Princess Hair when we were in Dallas, so now she requests that almost on a daily basis. We even wear our tiara to the commissary sometimes. She still loves her dinosaurs and Lightning McQueen, though. Thanks to Liam, I think she will keep these interests for a while. It's really cute to see how excited she gets to show Liam her new Mater t-shirt when we skype. And Liam replies with "Wow, Pres, that is so cool." I'm glad we get to skype with them often cause they really are best little friends.

She's also really into playing doctor. She cracks us up by saying "You be the patient, I'm princess doctor. What hurts patient?" It's hilarious to hear her think about these things and know which tool checks blood pressure, temperature, etc. This is one of her favorite pretend games right now. She also enjoys her play kitchen. She will cook up a storm for us, then push the grocery cart full of play food around and us what we want to eat. She makes coffee for dada and water for mama. She even does her dishes now while we'll clean ours. She's at such a fun age and truly makes us laugh constantly by saying some of the funniest things.
I am now 25 weeks pregnant. I am so anxious to meet our little boy. Presley seems to like the idea of having a brother so far... I know that will probably change. She keeps saying "When Baby David come out of your belly, he gonna play with me." She really enjoys going to my appointments with me and hearing his heartbeat. So far, this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful. I still have a few weird food aversions and little bouts of nausea, but overall am feeling well. He was breach the past few weeks, but has now turned. Hopefully, he won't turn back. One of the ultrasound technicians took this 4D picture of his face for us. It's so precious!! Can't wait to see him in person!! He already seems to be extremely active...makes me a little nervous for my future!
Presley had her first dentist exam yesterday. She did much better than I expected!! We watched an episode of Dino Dan (yes, it's her favorite show) where he went to the dentist too. She kept saying that she was also going to see a T-Rex at the dentist. I decided to take her stuffed T-Rex from D and G. That seemed to work. It was a great office, though. She laid back in the chair, put on her headphones and watched Lightning McQueen! It was all good till the dentist moved the chair and she realized something was about to happen. She pulled it together though and thankfully, he was very fast examining her teeth! I can't believe how grown up she is!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Summer Pictures

Presley and I finished our summer travels last week. We had so much fun visiting family and friends all summer long, but it is nice to get home and unpack... and of course to have Cameron back home! He flew in last night and Presley has been attached to his hip ever since. It's really sweet to see how much she missed him and how excited she is to have him around again.
Here's the last of the pictures from our summer.
We went over to my best friend, Liz's house, in Dallas to swim one morning. Presley and Caitlin had a lot of fun in the pool together.
We went to the zoo with Mallie, Dallie, Emily, Nick, Liam and Bryn one weekend. It was a blast!! Presley just loves animals and it wasn't too hot since we got there first thing in the morning.

We met some of our great playgroup friends at the Indoor Safari park the day before we left. Always have fun with this group~ of course, Presley just wanted the pizza while we were there.

We had dinner with Dal, Emily and Nick's fam, and Daniel came to join the night before we left. Daniel read Pres and Liam some Cars books. It was a nice time right before we had to fly out the next morning.
When we got home, Presley was so excited to see all her toys and her room again! She got a letter in the mail from Bulldog and Nana. They sent her some coins for her piggy bank which she immediately deposited!
Here's some other pictures off Emily's camera from our summer trips to Dallas...

Hugs after bathtime one night. It's so nice getting to spend the night at Emily and Nick's, too. Liam and Pres have so much fun together and love seeing each other again in the morning.
Ashley and Mia had our playgroup over to their pool one Friday. I miss all these kids and their mommas a lot!! Such a great group!!

Our old playgroup also planned a shower for Lara and Alison (due in Nov and Aug) and included me and Baby David in that shower, too! I was so honored and touched they wanted us to join. We really had such a great group of moms in our playgroup in Dallas. They are all so sweet and thoughtful and truly care about Presley and me. We miss all our friends!! thank you all for the gifts and coming to play with Presley and I while we were in town!

Two good pictures to end on...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Weekend with Daddy

Cameron got to fly in and meet us in Dallas for the Fourth of July weekend. We had a great time with him and family. We took Pres to see Cars 2 Friday morning. It was her first movie ever and she did pretty well. I will say the plot was definitely not what I expected and really was meant for an older child. She loved the seats and the popcorn.

We spent the rest of the weekend in the pool.

Dallie got a new giant margarita machine so the boys were pretty festive all weekend :) Mallie and I enjoyed our virgin peach and mango drinks. This machine will definitely be going on our family road trips in the future.

Pres really has missed her daddy. It has been a month since we got to see him on Memorial Day. She snuggled with him and wanted him to put her to bed, pat her back, etc. It was really sweet to see her love on him. We're excited that he's almost finished with his assignment in El Paso and we'll be meeting back in Georgia soon.

We visited the snowcone lady one afternoon. It was very hot out and the snowcones were the perfect treat!

Presley even got a cool, tie-dyed Snow Cone lady t-shirt.
Dallie playing with 2 babies who each have an Ipad.

We celebrated the Fourth of July by dropping daddy off at the airport then heading to a waterpark. I didn't carry my camera around so I didn't get any pictures, but Presley had a ball! She was soaked by the time we left. She did the lazy river a few times and played in the kiddie splash park and slides all morning. That night, we went to the Frisco Roughriders baseball game. She loved the popcorn and hot dog and of course, the dip n dots.
Standing up to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

They played a song for each branch of the military and had the family of military in that branch stand up and clap. Presley proudly stood up for her daddy for the Army song. We are very proud of him for all his service and sacrifice over the years.

This morning, Mallie took me, Presley and Amelia to the American Girl store and Bistro. Presley put on her pretty dress, took Min Mouse and my Grannie's old leopard purse for her day out.
She was in HEAVEN at this store! She lined up all these baby dolls and would go down the row hugging them and talking to them.
Then, we went upstairs for lunch. If you don't bring a baby, they let you pick one out to borrow for lunch. They give you a highchair for the baby and serve them water in a cup and saucer.

We had a great time at the store!! It was so fun to see Presley light up playing with all the dolls. She's so maternal already. I know she's going to be a great big sister and can't wait to see her play with Baby David.