Monday, November 29, 2010

A Lot to be Thankful For

We have had a great few weeks. Libby, John and Parker came up to visit us in early November. Emily and Nick had baby Bryn November 6 and we've spent time with Grandmom, Nana, Bulldog and Big D. It was a busy month!

Here's Presley pushing Parker in the car. This was really the first time they've actually played together. They're both at such cute ages and have the best personalities.

Pres and Liam on a rainy day riding together to Toys R Us.

Cameron's Grandmom came to visit us the weekend before Thanksgiving. We haven't seen her since July. We had a lot of fun!! She was a big help to us and Presley- even bathed Presley for us one night and took her to potty! Presley loved playing with her and showing her all our fun activities in Texas. We sure do miss her, but it was a great visit. Looking forward to seeing her again after Christmas.
We went to see Santa's arrival one night at the shopping center near our house. Presley was not amused with Santa (even though he was on stage), but she loved the big tree and puppet show.

Grandma Debbie was in town, so we had everyone over to dinner one night. She brought Presley an early Christmas gift that Presley LOVES! I swear, she played with these cookies for 24 solid hours. Thanks so much, Grandma! We can't wait to see you again!

Presley and Mia at the train park.

Grandmom and Pres at the train park.

We traveled to North Carolina for Thanksgiving to see Cameron's other grandparents, Bulldog and Nana and Big D. We had a really great trip! It was so nice to see trees changing color and real leaves on the ground. Presley loved playing outside. The neighbors all had horses, miniature horses and cows. We took walks most days to visit all the animals. It was a really great trip and we hope to go back to visit soon!
Presley and Big D had a big time playing together! We are so glad he got to come see us and visit with Presley.

Giving Nana BUMPS! Nana cooked for us all week. We all ate very well- especially the last night when we had banana splits and lasagna!

Watching the Auburn game with Big D. WAR EAGLE!

Throwing rocks/sticks into the creek was also one of her favorite activities.
Nana knitted Presley this cute scarf that came in handy when it turned cold on Thanksgiving Day.

Picking a flower for Nana.

Sweeping the deck of leaves. We definitely don't have that problem in Texas!

We flew in from NC and went straight to Mal's birthday dinner. We had a great dinner and even a champagne toast for Alex and Tiffany!! They got engaged over the holiday. We are excited for them and can't wait to hear the wedding details as they start planning. It was a great night. Happy Birthday, Mal!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas pictures

Presley got some Christmas pictures taken today and mommy went a little overboard... I was not expecting them to turn out very good. After our last experience in a studio, we only had one that was decent. These turned out GREAT! Presley was in a great mood and actually smiled in most of them! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I wanted to document some things you're doing now that you're almost 19 months old.

-Counts 1-13 (eleven is my favorite... it sounds like evan)
-Sings all the time: Wheels on the bus, Take me out to the ballgame, Row Row Row your boat, Open shut them, ABC's (my favorite is after S you say YAYA- V... it's too cute!)
-Love storytime at the library with all our friends and Cousin Liam. You go on a bearhunt and love when you get to dance there. You also eat snacks the whole time they read stories.
-Love going over to Mia's house and get sad and cry "Mia" when we have to leave
-You say "Potty" and I ask if you need to go and you say "OK" and run in the bathroom. You have gone on the potty for a few weeks now. Mommy is going to potty train you as soon as we get home from North Carolina for our Thanksgiving trip- you are MORE than ready. Mallie bought you lots of Minnie Mouse underwear and you love them. You also love your Abby potty book that makes noises.
-You love Elmo's World. Your TV watching started with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then you were obsessed with Handy Manny.... now, it's all about Sesame Street, but really we have to fast forward to Elmo's World. You sing all the theme songs to these shows and Chuggington.
-You make mommy laugh when we are driving and you sing to me and do all the motions to your songs.
-You love riding in your car or taking the wagon to the park in our neighborhood. You now climb up the structure and slide all by yourself. Sometimes if I'm walking too close to you, you'll swat your hand and say No Momma. I know that means I just need to stand at the end of the slide to catch you cause you're too independent!
-You love the little slide we got you for your birthday. You go down it a million times a day.
-You loved saying your prayers for a while... now you enjoy playing while mommy or daddy says your prayers. Afterward, we ask who you want to pray for and you always have the most random people on your list. You always start with Mommy and Daddy, then it varies every night who pops into your mind.
-You talk in your sleep just like mommy :) I love hearing you at night over the monitor either singing or just babbling. Daddy and I always laugh at you when you wear your striped pj's cause you look like a jailbird in your crib. You still refuse to wear your new 24 month pj's. You pick out your jammies every night and always go for your older ones.
-You love sleeping with Min Mouse. You sometimes take a Care Bear with you in the crib, too, but you always lay down and pull Min Mouse in close and get rid of your bear. You also spoon her or put her in a choke hold every night... it's so sweet to see you laying there with her in your crib.
-You also now get a blanket to sleep with. We cover you and Min Mouse up every night.
-You get so excited to see Liam and now Bryn. Your little legs go crazy when I tell you we're going to his house or he's coming here. Today, you sat in mommy's lap while I held Bryn and read Bryn a story. You smile so big when you see her, it's so sweet.
-You love to change your baby's diapers. You lay them down and pull out all the different kinds of diaper creams we have and try to open them and put on your baby.
-You repeat everything!! It's great cause you are so smart and learn so much every day.
-You have learned almost all your letters. We have the foam ones in the bathtub and you now know all of them that we ask you during bathtime. You're so smart.
-You are still a great eater- You eat almost anything we give you. Your favorites are chicken, cheese, yogurt, blackberries- pretty much any fruit, you're obsessed with grapes right now. You still love guacamole and "ham and cheese."
-You love when we drive past horsies or school buses. It makes me laugh cause you'll still do the baby sign for more and say "more horses" or "more school bus". You're just so easy to please sometimes, it's precious!
-You love pretending to put on makeup. You know have your own brushes that mommy wasn't using. We pretend to put on blush and eye shadow. You even put makeup on mommy and daddy and say "Pretty" when you're finished. You are so detailed when you put it on us, it's funny to watch your face while you're working. You even close your eyes when you're putting on our "eye" makeup.
-You love our group of friends. It makes me smile when you call them each by name and smile when you recognize them and their mommies. Our schedule is usually to go to the train park on Monday morning, coffee and storytime Tuesdays, storytime or a playdate on Thursdays and playgroup at a friend's house on Friday. We stay pretty busy, but it's a lot of fun. We usually do the park in the afternoons or run errands.
-You love helping mommy. If I ask you to carry a bag or refill the fridge with waters, you get so excited and say Help momma. You also say "touch it" when you want to touch something in our hands or you'll see the cat and say "Pet her" or "I hold it" when you want something we have for you to hold.
-You love getting our finger and taking mommy or daddy over to look in the pantry when you want a snack. You could stand there for hours just smiling and staring at the food.

You are at such a fun age right now. You're pretty easy to take care of because you're becoming so independent. I love spending our days together and cherish all the memories we've made these past 18 months. I love you, Presley!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


We ended the weekend with Presley's first trick-or-treating tonight! She did great- Friday definitely was the warm up cause she was ready to get some candy tonight. She paraded around the neighborhood with Cameron in her witchy woman costume. She kept a close eye on all her candy when they got back to the house and she helped mommy hand out candy to the other kids. She was a little skeptical at first about handing out the candy to a pumpkin other than her own, but then she went with it. She also LOVED walking around with dallie to see all the decorations. We had a really great weekend and are so thankful for all the friends we've made in Texas that love Presley so much!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fun

We had a great weekend!! We went to the pumpkin patch Friday morning with our playgroup. All the kids dressed up in their costumes. It was so cute to see them all running around. Presley has two costumes this year: Minnie Mouse and Witchy Woman. We wore Minnie Mouse that morning and she was SO excited. She looked at it and said "Halloween." I was so worried she wasn't going to keep on a costume this year, but she loved the dress (not so much the ears). Here she is taking a pic with Liam before we left. Then, again with Mia, her BFF.

One of my FAVORITE pics of the day!

Liam with the 2 Minnies.
We actually got a good pic of most of the kids on the hay. Pretty easy when you give them all a granola bar to snack on.

Picking out our second pumpkin.

Alison, Jackson, Liam and Emily on the hay ride.
After naptime on Friday... love the bed head!
In our second costume later Friday night for our next event- Scare on the Square (Trick-or-treating in downtown McKinney). Presley liked getting things in her pumpkin, but did not enjoy people getting that close to her. She did not let that pumpkin out of her sight after she got some candy. We tried to drop it off at the car before we ate dinner and she was not having that.

Waiting to eat... sooo hungry!

This morning, Mommy went with Presley and daddy to get doughnuts. This has been their tradition every Saturday since football started. Cameron gets up with her, dresses her in one of her many Auburn cheerleading uniforms and takes her to the doughnut shop behind our house. Presley loves this tradition...not sure if its the doughnuts or the train and Mickey and Minnie that sit in the shop. She was so excited to be there this morning. She wanted to take Baby this morning too. It's a good thing Mommy still has an extra car seat for Liam because Baby got buckled in too. This next picture is her dancing while waiting in line. They now know her there and give her extra doughnut holes while waiting. She can eat 6 doughnut holes, then comes home and devours a few bowls of cereal. She is still living up to her nickname, Piggy!

Another great fall Saturday! Go AUBURN!