Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 2012 and Father's Day

We've been busy enjoying summer in Georgia! Lea and David came down for a night and brought Presley a new bubble blower. She had a BALL!
 Exploring the beer bottle.... David is in such a great stage right now. I think it's safe to say he is sleeping through the night!! YEAH!! He is sleeping on his tummy most nights. He is SUCH a great eater, eats any jar we put in front of him, cold, room temp- it doesn't matter. He has been saying dada for a while, but we don't think he relates that to Cameron.  He started saying "da" when he talks about Cameron this week. It's really sweet to see him making that connection. His personality is starting to really come through. He bangs on his highchair tray during meals and cracks himself up, he loves bathing with Presley. He loves to explore everything and always wants to see what she is doing.
 She doesn't mess around when she's watching a movie.
 We had a playdate at our house this morning. As I was setting out the food, Presley came in and told me she finished decorating the table.
 Here she is ready to play, heels and all!
I was able to rock him one more time!!
 Modeling before hitting the pool
 First time in the swing... he looks SO tiny!
 He held on the whole time and watched Pres who was in the swing next to his.
 We had a really nice Father's Day and are so thankful Cameron was able to be home for it this year. Presley was so excited to give him the card and gifts she made him first thing in the morning. Then, we went to Chuck E Cheese.
 These two are already two peas in a pod. I have a feeling David will soon be Cameron's shadow. Cameron is such a great dad, our children are so blessed to have him in their lives.
Watching cartoons together. Love their sibling love!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rest of Dallas pictures

I know my pictures are all pretty out of order, but I'm doing good just to get them on the blog some days :) Here are the rest of the pictures from my phone and camera. I love my new iPhone!! I took all the video from her dance camp on it and love that I can get the pictures off my phone now and put them on here! Pres loved snuggling in Mallie and Dallie's bed and watching movies. She even got in there one day while Mallie and Dallie were both gone to watch a show!
Roughriders game
I left Dallie to babysit while the girls went to get mani/pedis and Dallie said David didn't want to nap in his bed... he wanted to watch Nascar.  
These cousins love building a fort in the dining room at Mallie's.
 Alex and Tiffany brought back some sparklers from a wedding for the kids to watch.
 Uncle Felix stopped by for a visit!
 Princess Playdate with some of our best friends!!
 Ready to hit the mall...watch out dada!
I am so glad that I got to spend some time (even if it wasn't much) with my best friends from college!! I LOVE these girls and love that we are still so close! Can't wait for our next reunion!!