Thursday, March 31, 2011

Settled in Fort Benning

We officially moved in our house at Fort Benninng on March 21. Moving was not an easy process. The first day Presley sat here with me as they carried the boxes and furniture in all day. They put together all the beds and furniture for me, though. They would have unpacked us, but there was really no where for all our things to go. Cameron and I took the week to finish unpacking everyday after he got home from work. We are both VERY glad to have gone through all our boxes and be pretty much finished with unpacking and moving in. I'll take some pictures this weekend to post.

Presley is adjusting really well. She likes her new room a lot. It helps that Shiney's barn is right next to her crib. She's also added like 3 animals to her bed, so there's not a lot of room for her. There's a park right by our house that we visit pretty much daily. We also have found a new storytime at the library on base. Cameron gets to come home daily for lunch with us and is usually home by 4:30 for the day. That's been really nice!!
She loved finding all her toys again as they were being unpacked and unloaded.
Our backyard- she loves sitting back here and watching all the neighbors' dogs.

This was today after nap... she woke up with a low fever, so we watched one of the movies we had checked out from the library and relaxed till dada got home.

Our Trip to Montgomery

While we were in Birmingham, we decided to drive down to Montgomery for the day to play with my best friend from middle school-college, Lindsey!! And her precious little boy, Pollard. He is just 3 months older than Presley. They played SO well together, I can't wait to hang out with them again!!

Yes, that would be my child trying to eat the bubbles.... she still is eating like a champ!
Making each other laugh.... they were too cute together!

Transition Mode

We are officially settled in Fort Benning, but I have a lot to catch up on how we got here... Our things were packed on Feb. 15. We moved over to Mallie and Dallie's house for about 2 weeks. Cameron left that first weekend to head to Georgia, but Presley and I got to squeeze in a few more playdates and some time with Brittany!! Brittany came in town and took me, Amelia, and Emily out to dinner and to a Body Art Ball sponsored by one of her products. It was a really fun night out for us girls and it was SO nice to catch up with Bitty!! Here's a pic of her and P at the bounce house the next day.
We went to our last gymnastics class with Mallie, Liam, Bryn and Em.
Attempted playing outside, even though it was pretty chilly still...
And got in as much playtime as possible with Liam and Bryn!
Then, we headed to Birmingham and moved in with the Smith's for 2 weeks while we waited for a house on base at Benning. We had a great time in Birmingham. We played with Caden almost every day!

This is Presley's new horse, Shiney. We found it shopping one day while I was looking at rugs for the new house. We left with the horsey and no rugs for mommy...
Presley is obsessed with dinosaurs right now (thank you, Liam :) She names most of them, or at least tries to. Charelette made her this precious shirt with a pink dino on it!! Presley was probably watching Dinosaur train in this pic below...
Here we are baking cookies with G. Lea was on Spring Break one of the weeks we were there. It was nice to get to play with her all day. We went to the park, lots of different story times and ate lunch out. It was a really fun 2 weeks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Presley has had some funny sayings the past few weeks. I wanted to remember these so here they are:

Me- What do you want for your birthday?
Pres- Pizza!
Me- Ok, what else?
Pres- And... birthday cake!
Me- What kind, chocolate or vanilla?
Pres- Vanilla!
Me- What do you want for your presents?
Pres- A Sucker
Me- Ok, what else
Pres- Hmm, let me think what else (complete with finger to her chin thinking)

Prayers at Night:
Now I sleep, Pray the Lord, Now I sleep... Amen
Who do you want to pray for? she'll list various members of the family, usually hitting everybody. Lately, Santa, Bear, Hairbow and Min Mouse get shout-outs

My favorite phrase she says: I hold you (when she wants to be picked up).

She'll brush Cameron's hair and say "Oh, soooo pretty." She was reading her picture Bible and asked who the baby was. I told her Baby Jesus. She replies "Oh, he's so cute."

We had our first playdate here with some new friends today. We dyed Easter eggs and played outside. We started going to the storytime on base and she has really enjoyed it. They have 2 computers she likes to play the Dora game on and she does a craft after the stories and songs. Here's some recent pictures:

Playing with one of my best friends' son, Pollard.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bye Bye Babu

Presley had a major milestone on her road to becoming a big girl on March 2... she got rid of her babu (pacifier). Babu has been a lifesaver for her (and me) since she was born! Since she was about 1, we only gave it to her for nap and nighttime (and the occasional public meltdown).

On this morning, I got her out of the pack and play (since we were staying with my mom) and took her to potty. While she was sitting on the potty, she dropped it straight in the toilet! She went hysterical and screamed "Get it, Mama, Get it... Wash it, Mama, wash it!!" I proceeded to tell her, it was gone and we put it in the trash can. We kind of laughed about it all day and I'd ask her to tell people where babu went and she would say the Bathroom or the Potty.

Then came nap time.... I was so dreading putting her down and was fully prepared for her to not sleep and scream the entire time. Needless to say, I was shocked when she only cried for 5-6 minutes, then fell asleep. She did ask for babu several times and I just offered to pat her back. I felt so horrible taking the paci away in the midst of all the transition we were going through. We were living at my parents (and had been for a week) since our house was packed, then we left that Friday for Birmingham. She has done wonderful though!! I am so proud of this milestone in her life... trust me, this was a big one for us!!

In other news, we are still in Birmingham living at Cameron's parents. Cameron is working at Fort Benning, already, so we're getting to see him on the weekends. We are waiting on a house and hope to be settled soon. I am SO grateful for all our family over the past few weeks. It has been great to spend time with all of them and live with most of them :) We are so thankful that everyone has been helping us with so many things and giving us so much advice about moving, selling the house, etc.