Monday, July 27, 2015

Alabama to Georgia

We got to play with Grandmom a lot while we were in Alabama. It's so nice to be close to family again! We have missed getting to see all our our family. 
 We also got to go to Caden's birthday party. It was so fun and great we got to celebrate with him this year.
 Loving the slip and slide and the bounce house!
 Such a big boy. He was running around with all the big boys. 
Playing in the pool with Cameron's cousins, Thad and Bentley.
 Moving in to the new house... helping Daddy hang pictures.
 We drove to Auburn one night for dinner and a trip to see the new scoreboard.
 Big girl wearing Daddy's hat.
 They are all obsessed with minions... this is our collection, thus far.
 I took the kids by the house we lived in 4 years ago when we moved here and the park we used to walk to. Presley seemed to remember it. She called the fire engine Rescue Squad Mater.
 Anna loved the swings.
 David loved the tire swing
 Pres still loves to dress up and Anna is really enjoying it, too.
 We drove by the house I lived in in Auburn my junior and senior years.
 We went to our new movie theater for a kid showing one morning.
 Unpacking is hard work...
 Sweet sisters
 This little man cracks me up!
New slide on a hill at our park
Went to see the minion movie when daddy was off work. 
 These kids can tear through some popcorn. It was a 3D movie, which was funny to watch with them.
 Waiting for Mallie and Dallie to drive up. They came over to see our new house and play for a week.
 Dallie brought David some new construction vehicles and a table to display them in. David was beyond ecstatic.
 Someone else was VERY happy to see her visitors.
 Presley did another ballet program for us, Anna helped out in a few songs.
 Reading to Mallie
 David played trucks all day with Dallie.
 Prelsey attended Vacation Bible School on post and LOVED it. I am so proud of her- she was not shy or scared at all. She was very excited to go and made a few new friends.
 They loved getting some new minions in the mail from Grandmom.
 Dancing at the end of the week.
 The kids enjoyed this one night when we went to dinner with Mallie and Dallie. We had a great visit. Played some cards, watched some shows, got to show them around our new neighborhood, took them swimming in our new pool and Dallie and I got to run together every day. It was a lot of fun having them here. Glad they were up for the drive across country to come play with us!
 One last night of cards... the kids learned Crazy 8's, War and the Old Maid. David, in particular, loved the Old Maid and would grin and scream whenever he got it. 
 My big boy!
 He loves practicing hitting on the tee Craig and Charelette gave us.
 Presley and David play so well together, it amazes me. I love that they are so close. His excavator is loading up My Little Ponies right now. They're so sweet 
 Sleeping Anna has taken over the house... she loves to pretend she's asleep when it's time to leave the dinner table or get out of her carseat.
 One more snapshot of our family photo shoot from Texas.
 We've had some serious construction on our street earlier. David was really enjoyed watching the paver make the new road.