Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Beach Trip

The day after Cameron's graduation, we headed out to Orange Beach, AL for a weeklong trip. It was awesome!! We invited both sets of parents, so Presley and David were beyond spoiled all week. I am going to miss being so close to the beach when we move. 
  My parents ended up driving all the way to our house Wednesday night. They were just in front of the hurricane that hit New Orleans. It worked out great cause they brought me some of Liam's clothes and I sent back some clothes for Bryn. We do have a good system going with our clothing swap! After a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts, we caravanned down to the coast.
Presley and her new horse, Rainbow Sparkley, looking for the ocean.
Waking up at the beach 
 She loved the sand, beach, pool, everything we did this year!
 Throwing coins into the fountain in the lobby one night before dinner. We are so fortunate to both have great parents, but it's also wonderful that our parents get along so well and enjoy being together. It makes our big vacation lots of fun!
 Lea and David brought down some Disney VHS tapes for Presley to watch. She called her room her movie theater and watched a few movies over the week. Her favorite tapes were the Wee Sing Sillyville shows. She would dance and sing to them all! She even requested to watch these over Little Mermaid and her other Disney favorites!
 This girl loved the beach!! She has come a long way considering last summer she would not even walk in the sand. She had a ball playing at the ocean. She had a sea shell "collection" that she would wash with her paint brush and set out to dry. Her and Dallie made lots of sand castles.
 Catching a ride from Big D
Baby David even loved the water and sand. He crawled all over the beach and loved playing in the water. It didn't take him long to smash all the sand castles.
 I guess he fits in with his muscle tank and a case of beer...
 I think all the wind from the hurricane had misplaced a lot of sand. It created this awesome sandbar of like 6" of water. It was perfect for Presley to run around in and show off some dance moves.
 When he wasn't smashing her castle, they actually played together really well!
 Rachel was able to get out of New Orleans and join us. We were glad to get to spend some time with her since we don't get to see her a ton anymore. Presley called her my Rere all week, it was cute.
Feeding the birds with Rere.
Eating a banana/blueberry split, one of the many results of being spoiled by grandparents
Washing and drying her shells
 Daddy and Dallie built her a huge turtle, she wanted to see who was bigger.
 Then, they attempted Ariel, but got a little carried away when Pres lost interest...
Attempt at family pictures... first waving at one of her admirers, 
Next, striking a pose, 
and then we got it!
 D and G with the little man
Mallie and Dallie with the babies
 Playing with Rere at dinner
 ...and he's had enough!

 He has perfected his wave
We passed this souvenir shop one day and Presley talked about walking into the shark's mouth. She thought it was so cool, so we went on our last day. She was hilarious, getting nervous as we approached his mouth and saying how brave she was to walk in.  
Such a great vacation and great time with family!! So glad we got to enjoy some family time while Cameron was in between schools.